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Iraq War Hero Who Saved 30 Lives, Detained, ‘Humiliated’ by Authorities Over Travel Ban

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Article first appeared at The Free Thought Project.

Johnson Beharry was on his way to a veterans’ event in New York when he was detained by authorities at JFK airport. Thanks to the nature of the travel ban in the United States, Beharry would miss that event — where he was the guest of honor.

In 2004, Beharry was awarded the Victoria Cross, the highest award of the United Kingdom honors system. Only 15 medals, 11 to members of the British Army, and four to the Australian Army have been awarded since the Second World War. Beharry was one of those.

In 2004, Beharry was seriously injured while saving the lives of 30 of his fellow soldiers.

However, his valor and gallantry in the face of the enemy meant nothing to the modern police state who detained him for hours because he had brown skin and a stamp in his passport from Iraq.

“I think they held me because my passport showed I had been to Iraq,” Beharry told ITV. “Maybe I am a bit Asian-looking but that doesn’t mean I should be treated with the same suspicion as a terrorist.”

Beharry noted that officials were unapologetic about their newly defined duty to detain anyone coming from one of the seven countries on the ban. “I explained that I had been in Iraq fighting for the British Army but they didn’t seem to care.”

“The officials only let me in after I kicked up a fuss. It was the worst travel experience of my life,” explained Beharry — who’d flown all over the Middle East.

“It’s how his (Trump’s) orders were implemented,” explained Beharry as he noted that there is still a need for security. And this is the problem with such a sweeping ban. There is no absolute way to enforce it.

This travel ban is being enforced by other human beings. Because they have a badge and a gun does not mean that they will all of the sudden be able to carry out this order flawlessly and without mistakes, like some computer program.

Beharry’s case shows exactly what this kind of ridiculous order causes — a bunch of airport security and police on power trips stopping every brown person they see and demanding they prove they are not a terrorist. It is despotism.

“I’m not political so don’t want to get into an argument with Donald Trump,” Beharry recalled. “I understand the need for security but it’s how his orders were implemented.”

“I feel for the other people being held with me,” Beharry said, noting that he witnessed lots of “Middle Eastern-looking passengers” being pulled aside by officials and given the same degree of harassment.

“The experience has made me think twice about going to New York again, that’s for sure.”

When war heroes, who fought alongside US troops, for the same cause, fear coming to the ostensible Land of the Free because there is a real chance they might be detained, harassed, or worse — something is seriously wrong.

Also, as the Free Thought Project has reported, out of the 43 foreign people who carried out terrorist attacks on US soil, only three of them came from the seven countries on this ban list — the other 40 terrorists came from countries who were not banned.

This handful of attacks on American soil hardly justifies restricting the travel from these countries once we look at the countries Trump did not ban — who are responsible for 93% of all foreign terrorism in the United States causing death on a massive scale.

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During the same period those three terrorists mentioned above attempted to cause harm to Americans, 40 terrorists from Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Kyrgyzstan, Kuwait, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Lebanon, and Guinea wreaked havoc in America.

However, people from those countries are still welcome to apply for U.S. visas and travel permits.

So why is it that all these other countries were left off the ban list when it is common knowledge that they are responsible for the overwhelming majority of the terrorism within the United States?

Well, if we zoom out again, we can a propose a potential reason for Trump conveniently leaving these known producers of terrorism off the list.

Trump, being the international businessman that he is, has business holdings worldwide. None of those holdings are in those seven banned countries. On the other hand, however, Trump holds major business stakes in several of the countries absent from this list. 

To read that full report, click here.

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