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‘Justice or Else’: Million Scum March Helps to Ramp up Racial Tensions

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One of the international news agencies that covered this past weekend’s Million Man March anniversary commemoration was the Agence France-Presse, which carried an article with the title “Black Americans Gather on 20th Anniversary of ‘Million Man March.'”

What they missed – or intended to miss, I’m not quite sure, and it’s not terribly relevant – was that this gathering wasn’t representative of Black Americans at all. It was a million scum who happened to be black, listening to the racist, anti-American, and generally subversive rants of black nationalists, Islamists, and communists.

Of course, there is nothing with which Nation of Islam cult leader Louis Farrakhan associates himself that can ever be considered legitimate, benevolent, or constructive. Farrakhan organized both the original 1995 march (which, in fairness, boasted markedly less scum) and this year’s “Justice or Else” gathering.

But Justice or Else? No mistaking what that means…

“If we are denied what is rightfully due to us, then there has to be unified action that we take that will force the justice that we seek,” Farrakhan told the crowd from a podium at the foot of the US Capitol building. “There must come a time when we say, enough is enough. It must change, and I am willing to do whatever it takes to bring about that change.”

Obviously this is a lie, because bringing about the change Farrakhan claims to want would render him and the pantheon of angry black racist charlatans irrelevant – not to mention broke.

Perennial anus-brain, the doddering Rev. Jeremiah Wright, showed up as well. Bathhouse Barry Hussein’s former pastor declared at the podium that Jesus was a Palestinian, whatever that’s supposed to mean.

Soon, all it will take is the “right” racially-charged incident to touch off rioting among blacks nationwide so that Bathhouse Barry can declare martial law and dispose of his enemies – as well as the last of our liberties – with impunity.

And sometimes I wonder if there’s anyone left in our government who’ll lift a finger to stop him…

*Article by Erik Rush

The Washington Standard

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