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Liberal Colleges’ Trans-Gender Confusion Gets A bit Racist

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Wellesley College has historically been one of the most important “Women’s” colleges in America, making it also one of the most important such institutions in the world. However, in recent years the very liberal college has had more than a few difficulties keeping its tradition of women-centered focus while also embracing an illogical fascination of the trans-gender community. A series of unfortunate events have unmasked the stupidity of the leftists attempt to redefine society and throw away all of the “old,” “traditional” views of morality and sexuality.

A recent New York Times piece about the struggle that historically all-female colleges are having should give pause to the liberal elite who have been pushing our nation headlong into the canyon of immorality, but it probably won’t.

Of late, Women’s Colleges have been experiencing some pushback for being very willing to accept Trans-men (women who identify as men) but being reticent (and even obstinate) when it comes to accepting Trans-women (men who identify as women). While the double standard may shock us conservatives who fail to understand how these liberals can so breathlessly argue the “reality” of trans-sexuality while simultaneously engaging in such hypocritical behavior… it really is par for the liberal course.

While trans men are allowed at most women’s colleges if they identify as female when applying, trans women — people raised male who go on to identify as women — have found it nearly impossible to get through the campus gates. Arguably, a trans woman’s identity is more compatible with a women’s college than a trans man’s is. But most women’s colleges require that all of an applicant’s documentation indicate the candidate is female. That’s a high bar for a 17- or 18-year-old born and raised male, given that so few come out as trans in high school. 

So now they are moving toward accepting anyone who is biologically female or self-proclaimed female. They will only reject applicants who were born “biologically” as male and still “identify” as such. (How these people ignore the insanity of all this, is beyond me.)

Last month, Mount Holyoke College announced a more far-reaching policy: It would admit all academically qualified students regardless of their anatomy or self-proclaimed gender, except for those biologically male at birth who still identify as male. In a list that reflects just how much traditional notions of gender have been upended, Mount Holyoke said eligible candidates now include anyone born biologically female, whether identified as woman, man, neither or “other” and anyone born biologically male who identifies as a woman or “other.”

While the debate over trans-gender issues among the liberal academic elite is interesting (if also very frustrating and unnerving), the best part of the Times article comes while discussing one particular Trans student at Wellesley College.

She is a biological female who identifies as a “masculine-of-center genderqueer” who goes by the name of Timothy, and she is a student at Wellesley. Last spring she wanted to run for the position of “multicultural affairs coordinator” (or MAC) and was under serious consideration. Except for one problem… now that “Timothy” was identifying as a male, this meant that the very important position of MAC would be held by a white male at a Women’s College.

Two liberal worlds came crashing together as the anti-patriarchal women’s college students considered electing a “white man” to be their MAC! It was enough to make heads explode as students considered the implications of “white privilege” and “genderqueer” civics. (This is the perfect storm of examples that many conservatives warned would come to pass as liberal academic elites keep pushing our culture towards oblivion.)

Along with Timothy, three women of color indicated their intent to run for the seat. But when they dropped out for various unrelated reasons before the race really began, he was alone on the ballot. An anonymous lobbying effort began on Facebook, pushing students to vote “abstain.” Enough “abstains” would deny Timothy the minimum number of votes Wellesley required, forcing a new election for the seat and providing an opportunity for other candidates to come forward. The “Campaign to Abstain” argument was simple: Of all the people at a multiethnic women’s college who could hold the school’s “diversity” seat, the least fitting one was a white man.

“It wasn’t about Timothy,” the student behind the Abstain campaign told me. “I thought he’d do a perfectly fine job, but it just felt inappropriate to have a white man there. It’s not just about that position either. Having men in elected leadership positions undermines the idea of this being a place where women are the leaders.”

I asked Timothy what he thought about that argument, as we sat on a bench overlooking the tranquil lake on campus during orientation. He pointed out that he has important contributions to make to the MAC position. After all, at Wellesley, masculine-of-center students are cultural minorities; by numbers alone, they’re about as minor as a minority can be. And yet Timothy said he felt conflicted about taking a leadership spot. “The patriarchy is alive and well,” he said. “I don’t want to perpetuate it.”

Isn’t this just delicious?

Did you see what just happened?

Non-white women got mad that a white girl who calls herself a dude was about to be elected to be the multicultural affairs coordinator so they played the sex and the race and the white privilege cards! Pure genius! Pure illogical, insane genius.

Steven Crowder’s take on this is just as laughingly confused as my own:

I mean, how do you take this seriously? It’s bad enough we humor the guys who think they’re girls and girls who think they’re guys, just because… intolerance or something, I don’t even know anymore. But to then turn around and be intolerant because a girl choses to “self-identify” as a guy and she happens to be too white?

Like I’ve said, the identity politics will eventually lead to the self-destruction of the left. It will become a game of “Minority King of the Hill” so to speak, where they’ll slaughter one another to achieve the highest victim status. Sure, it’s hilarious, but there’s only so much irony my brain can process at one time, and this one’s causing overload.

Modern American liberals should be sending me money to pay my chiropractor, as I am constantly needing adjustments because of all of the hours I spend shaking my head at their foolishness.

*Article by Onan Coca

The Washington Standard

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