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Lighting the Fuse! The COVID-19 Lockdown, the Dynamite & The Killing of George Floyd

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If you did not know it, the Minneapolis Police 3rd Precinct was sacked and burned last night. 

“Minneapolis Police spokesman John Elder said all staff was evacuated from the building around 10 p.m. and that protesters forcibly entered the building and ignited several fires.” 

The Saint Paul Police Department stated: “More than 170 businesses damaged or looted. Dozens of fires. Thankfully, no reports of serious injuries. Calm on the horizon.” 

The media I am listening to this morning are throwing a tantrum complaining that the police allowed this to happen and complaining that the police should have cracked down sooner and arrested the bad protesters. Most of the news people continually mention that there is a difference between the bad people getting violent and the good protesters.

Unfortunately, as usual, the media is missing the big picture. The Minneapolis police have 4 precincts with 800 sworn officers. The population of Minneapolis is 425,403 people.

If you do some quick math, you realize the Minneapolis Police are outnumbered by the people 531 to 1. So the question is: How many people did the police anger to the point of violence by killing George Floyd on video and then saying the charging decision in George Floyd’s death could be months away? Well, I guess there are a certain amount of people in Minneapolis who are going to make Minneapolis pay now.  

Do not mistake my comments for approving or not approving of anyone’s behavior. Obviously, I do not approve of the killer cop’s behavior, but I am just stating what should be obvious as to the protesters’ behavior. People are mad. The question now is, how many? What I saw last night looked like thousands. Even if you bring in highway patrol, and the sheriff’s department, it appears that law enforcement is seriously outnumbered. It does not matter if anyone approves or not, outnumbered is outnumbered. You cannot send the message that this is the only way the people can make the police pay for the police killing a man while being videoed.

It has been said: “Justice delayed is justice denied.”

Obviously, telling the people that the charging of the police officers decision in George Floyd’s death could be months away, is being considered “Justice delayed is justice denied.” Anyone who is being honest would admit that anyone who kneeled on a police officer’s neck until he died would be arrested immediately. It would not matter if there was a video or not. These protesters have no faith in the judicial system or the police. The protesters do not care if the media throws a tantrum. They are going to make people pay.

I am not saying it makes sense. The protesters are punishing the business owners for allowing the city to be this way. I am not saying the business owners deserve this, but George Floyd did not deserve to die either. This is what payback looks like. This is why it is so important for the police to enforce the laws and obey the laws themselves first, and then force the public to obey second.

I was telling my friend, who is a county sheriff, the other day before any of this happened how important this was to do. We were discussing how wrong it was for that judge who harassed the hair salon woman for wanting to work and feed her children. We both agreed that it was wrong. I told my friend, “Do not be offended, but when I look at all the bulletproof windows on your courthouse, I think it is silly. If you start beating women for not wearing their masks right, as some police have done in the big cities, someone will shoot you in the head when you are home mowing your lawn.” I am not saying that would be right.  In fact, I believe it would be wrong.  I told him that we want the public to like us, they outnumber us. My sheriff friend is a nice guy. We need men like him to be in law enforcement. However, all of us in public safety need to remember that if the people start hating us, we are in trouble. Minneapolis proves that to be true.  Those people hate the police. What the tantrum-throwing media people fail to see is that the police using more force only will escalate things.   

People have been locked down by the state for too long and they are mad. People have lost faith in their government. You cannot beat love and respect into people, but you can beat the people so a war starts.

The National Guard has been activated.

Will that cause peace or war?

People want to be left alone and to live their lives without the government micromanaging their every move. When people have had enough, more force will most likely escalate things. 

The governor should resign. The mayor should resign. The Police Chief should resign. They need to arrest the police officers who held George Floyd down while that office killed him with his knee on Floyd’s neck, immediately. The only way to get people to trust the government again is to get the government to obey the Constitution again.

Force will not restore order.

A government that does not obey the Constitution is not order. The COVID-19 lockdown has been quite a chaos. The Minneapolis riots are what chaos looks like when chaos gets loud.

People need to understand the problem to solve the problem. Here is the link to Tim Brown’s article about the death of George Floyd.


Here are the links to some of my articles explaining why it is so damaging for the government to fail to follow the law when they are enforcing the law. 




We need to make things better, not worse. The COVID-19 economic destruction was a lot of damage caused by government in response to a virus. It remains to be seen just how much money and lives have been lost because of what the government has done.

I hope these riots can be ended without a lot of bloodshed, but given our government’s past behavior, I am not optimistic.   

Article posted with permission from Steve Richards

The Washington Standard

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