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Former Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel Lied On FDLE Application Similar To Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno – No Justice Brought In Either Case

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I haven’t written on Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno in some months as we are awaiting the verdict of the Florida Commission on Ethics’ report, but it’s clear that Florida Department of Law Enforcement whitewashed his crimes against the people of Florida in his perjury and ethics violations and they failed to properly investigate the charges.  Now, former Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel has been found to have lied on his FDLE application, but so far, neither men have been held accountable.

If you recall, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis made a political move, not a lawful one, to remove Sheriff Israel from office and replace him with Sheriff Gregory Tony, a man who shot and killed and 18-year-old man in Philadelphia in 1993 and photos captured him at a swinger party in Miami with his wife sometime between late August 2015 and April 2016.

As Israel is running for sheriff again in this year’s elections, vital information about him has come to light.

Floridian Press has the story:

Israel is now running in the 2020 presidential cycle to win back his seat in Broward. Being steadfast in his belief that he was wrongfully fired. In just the past couple of weeks, Sheriff Gregory Tony’s past has come to surface, a move that many believe Israel has orchestrated to diminish Tony in what is proving to be a very contentious Democratic Primary race.

The most poignant accusations made against Tony in the media is that he failed to disclose on a Coral Springs Police Department employment application his involvement in a shooting incident that occurred when he was a 14-year-old minor. Tony was found innocent after witness testimony. It has also been reported that Tony omitted past drug experimentations in another job application.

But now it appears that Israel himself has failed to disclose information deemed relevant of his prior law enforcement employment application.

On a 2004 FDLE application, Israel responded “NO” to the question “Ever Been A Plaintiff Or Defendant In A Court Action (Include Any Liens, Lawsuits, Bankruptcy, Domestic Violence Injunctions, Etc.)?” The FDLE application further asked, “Ever Been A Plaintiff Or Defendant In A Court Action (Include Any Liens, Lawsuits, Bankruptcy, Domestic Violence Injunctions, Etc.)?”

Scott signed the application and acknowledged the truth and accuracy of all of his responses. The attestation read in pertinent part, “I agree to these conditions and I hereby certify that all statements made by me on this application are true and complete.”

Scott, however, did indeed have prior liens against him. In 1990, Israel was subject to a claim of lien of $975 paced by The Tree Garden Condominium Association for an unpaid assessment. More substantially, in 1993, a $48,295 lien was levied against Israel by Glendale Federal Bank in a Foreclosure Judgment.

In addition to the liens, Scott was listed as a Defendant in 6 additional cases which he absolutely should have disclosed on his FDLE application. They are as follows:

  • Hall v. Fort Lauderdale, Officer Israel and Officer Lemon, 1986 (Voluntary dismissal)
  • Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services v. Israel, 1985 (Voluntary dismissal)
  • Kaplan v. Fort Lauderdale and Israel, 1982 (dismissed for failure to show good cause)
  • Lieder vs Israel, 1986 (paternity case, with filings through 2003)
  • Tree Garden Condominium Association, Inc. vs. Tommie B. Butts, Jr., and Scott Israel, 1992 (return of title)
  • Glendale Federal Bank, Federal Savings Bank vs. Tommie B Butts, Jr., Scott Israel, Tree Garden Condominium Association, Inc., and Melanie Lieder, 1993 (Foreclosure)

While many of these cases were ultimately dismissed, FDLE requires applicants to disclose all cases. Scott failed to do so. Scott Israel, if he is behind the accusations against Tony, should heed the advice of old proverb, “those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.” From the looks of it, Israel is living in a house made of thin, weak glass.

I have no great love for Scott Israel, as he is most definitely a coward and a corrupt politician, but it is the responsibility of the people that elected him to remove him unless he was removed for an actual crime, which he was not.

Put that alongside the current sheriff of Lee County and you have not only corruption within FDLE, but it’s going right into the governor’s mansion.

DeSantis knows about both, which makes him just as corrupt, and yet, in one case, he clearly did it for political reasons while in the other, he continues to look the other way. For my previous reporting on Sheriff Carmine Marceno’s crimes with full documentation, check out the below articles which began due to his abuse of authority in telling a woman he would help her with her criminal complaint and then began to pursue her for sex.

Tim Brown

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