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Florida Bar Drops The Ball On Attorney Grand Theft Of $200,000… Again!

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The following is a brief update on the ongoing reports concerning Deanna Williams in Florida.  Once again, the Florida Bar has dropped the ball in her pursuit of justice.  In the latest evidence of a lack of justice in the Sunshine State, a Florida Bar investigator completely dropped helping Ms. Williams file a complaint against her previous attorney without warning and without reason.

As I reported earlier, Ms. Williams was assigned by the Attorney Consumer Assistance Program of the Florida Bar state attorney Amira Fox’s husband, Mike Fox.

Obviously, that assignment was a conflict of interest due to the close relationship of Amira Fox and Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno.

Once that was made known to the Bar, it still took them several weeks to assign a new investigator to aid Ms. Williams in her complaint against Ware Cornell, her previous attorney who stole $200,000, of which $100,000 was given to the man who bought the rights to sue her, Scott Mager of Mager Paruas.  Mager is in possession of at least $100,000 of stolen funds that were ordered to be turned over to him by Judge Jay B. Rosman against a higher court’s ruling just weeks before he was busted in a prostitution sting.

Williams was assigned James Monroe.

Mr. Monroe told Ms. Williams that he would do all he could to see things through, even visit her in the Lee County jail to make sure her complaint was heard.

However, after taking over a month to get in just a couple of hours of interview on behalf of Ms. Williams, Mr. Monroe said that he would be contacting her on a Friday a few weeks ago.  He failed to keep that appointment and finally called nearly a week later with no explanation and no apology for his unprofessional conduct.

As I have been reporting on this for some time, I asked if it was ok to phone Mr. Monroe and ask why the unprofessional conduct, considering that he knew the seriousness of the situation.

I was told that he did not speak to reporters and that I could simply “write what I wanted to write.”

Following that conversation, he continued to fail to contact Ms. Williams.  He also failed to inform her that he was no longer going to work with her.

So, on Monday, Williams reached out to him via text message and asked for him to let her know when he would be available for her to call.

“Regarding?” was Mr. Monroe’s reply.

Williams reminded him of who she was and that it was related to bar complaints.

Monroe then informed her with the following message:  “I have been instructed to inform you that someone from the Attorney Consumer Assistance Program of the Florida Bar will contact you regarding your complaints.”

Monroe never informed her of this until she asked for contact.  He simply dropped the ball, again.

James Monroe has literally wasted a month of Williams’ time and has shown nothing for it.  This is valuable time she invested to file a complaint and now he has just dropped her without explanation.

That ACAP are the very people who have assigned her Mike Fox and James Monroe.

What in the world is going on in Florida?  Is there this much corruption in the Bar too that a woman who has had $200,000 stolen from her by an attorney and given to her opponent can’t get any help?  Where is the integrity of these “investigators”?  Do they have such an ego that they drop a woman because they don’t keep their word and then feel like a chip is knocked off their shoulder because a reporter questions their behavior in a very serious, ongoing injustice against a citizen of Florida?

Personally, I’m not out to be their friend.  I’m out to report on whether or not they are doing their jobs, and at this point, I can’t see anyone in the state of Florida, with regards to Ms. Williams, doing their jobs whether in the governor’s mansion to the sheriff, the state attorney, the attorneys she has hired or the judges in Lee County.

Calls by The Washington Standard to the ACAP, specifically to Ann Marie Craft, who Ms. Williams has spoken to several times, have gone unreturned.  Also, the Bar itself is not answering questions related to the unprofessional conduct of Mr. Monroe and the handling of Ms. Williams attempt at providing a thorough complaint of grand theft by an attorney in their state and possession of stolen funds by another attorney in their state.  Those messages have been forwarded to Ms. Craft’s superior, Shanell Schuyler.

Where is Governor Ron DeSantis?  Where is Attorney General Ashley Moody?  This is going on in your state people!  It’s time the woman was given a bit of relief and a lot of justice administered on her behalf.

In my next article, I’ll be reporting on state attorney Amira Fox‘s derelict of duty in the matter of charging Ware Cornell with grand theft and seeking to push this matter off to the Florida Bar.  As of yet, her office has not returned The Washington Standard‘s phone calls.

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Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost

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