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Is “Women’s Rights” Attorney Gloria Allred Responsible For Leaving This Woman To Face Over A $1 Million Judgment?

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As I have reported on the story of Deanna Williams and the subsequent uncovering of corruption in the state of Florida, I’m amazed that people simply act like they don’t care for the most part. Whether it is the media in Southwest Florida or alleged Republicans who won’t lift a finger to help this woman, whether it is the governor’s office, the attorney general, the Flordia Department of Law Enforcement or the Florida Bar, they all seem to think this is no big deal, but it is. However, nothing that Ms. Williams has faced since 2013 would have ever occurred if the attorney she hired, a self-professed “women’s rights” attorney named Gloria Allred would have simply paid Ms. Williams’ previous attorney fees as she agreed to do in her retainer agreement with Ms. Williams. Now, Ms. Williams has not only given birth to a stillborn child, but she is about to lose any material possessions she has on the earth, has judgments against her for over $1 million and an arrest warrant issued against her all because her attorneys were never paid by Ms. Allred and her associates.

Ms. Allred has been hailed in the media as an attorney who comes to the aid of women, and no doubt she did so in the matter of Ms. Williams, but Ms. Williams claims that Allred failed to honor her retainer agreement by making sure that previous attorneys were paid.

Ms. Williams has desperately attempted to have attorneys come to her aid after numerous attorneys she employed acted inappropriately, unprofessionally, negligently and even what seems to be criminally, according to Williams.

Ms. Williams retained Ms. Allred as an attorney, along with her partner Nathan Goldberg and they brought in Florida attorney Jonathan Heller to work for them in Florida representing Ms. Williams.  Ms. Williams was concerned that her prior attorneys’ fees would be handled in a settlement case they were engaged in with reference to rape.

The specific words of the retainer agreement dated August 14, 2012, read exactly, including underline, as follows under the heading “Attorney’s Fees.”

“As for attorneys fees, you agree to pay us a fee equal to forty (40%) percent of the gross amount recovered.  This percentage constitutes the entire amount of fees you will be responsible to pay us, as well as all your prior counsel.  Towards that end, we will take all reasonable steps to negotiate prior counsels’ undetermined fees which they may claim by way of their respectively filed charging liens.  This includes the claim of your first layer, Peter Itzler.”

As you can see from the direct words of the retainer, which is not part of the non-disclosure agreement in the rape case, attorneys Jonathan A. Heller, Gloria Allred and Nathan Goldberg agreed to receive 40% of the final settlement in the case, which they were able to resolve in a matter of weeks.  Part of that money was to pay previous attorney fees, which were never paid, and emails confirm that all parties were aware the Michael Dolce and John Clune were prior attorneys who were to be paid.

While the amount of the settlement remains a mystery, the fact of the matter is that Ms. Williams claims that hundreds of thousands of dollars were paid to Allred and her associates with the expectation that they would be paying the previous attorney fees, something they failed to do.

As a result, the attorneys sued Ms. Williams for fees and she now faces a judgment against her for over $1 million.

When contacted, Ms. Allred responded to The Washington Standard by stating the following:

We represented Ms. Williams approximately 7 years ago.  She has had a number of lawyers since then.

Any legal problems that Ms. Williams faces has nothing to do with our representation of her and there is no factual basis for the assertions set forth in your email.

We suggest that you review the public documents in the case of Victim Justice, P.C., et al v. v. Deanna Williams, Case number 13-CA-003181 pending in Lee County, Florida, prior to making any further false statements.

Also, you do not appear to have possession of all the relevant confidential documents. Your statements are based on incomplete information which has led you to a false and misleading conclusion. Ethical rules which prohibit disclosure of attorney client communications preclude us from providing additional documents to you or commenting further.

I have reviewed the case extensively and the fact that Ms. Allred has hung this woman out to dry, not even returning her calls and pleas for help and pay the fees she agreed to pay and then claim that the ongoing case, arrest warrant, loss of child and other things Ms. Williams is facing somehow don’t have anything to do with her representation of Ms. Williams, seems to be outlandish.

Ms. Williams has faced the theft of at least $200,000 from one of her attorneys, the swindling of another $200,000 from another attorney, which appears to be collusion between that attorney and the plaintiff who seems to have illegitimately inserted himself into the case under the watchful eye of a judge busted in a prostitution sting, and nearly another $200,000 that was taken by another attorney involved with Ms. Allred point to the fact that had Ms. Allred simply fulfilled the agreement instead of pocketing the extra money, Ms. Williams would not only not be in the situation she is in, but I wouldn’t even be writing the reports I’ve been writing on the case.

In this writer’s opinion, it appears that Ms. Allred is more concerned with her own finances than she is doing the right thing and caring for a woman she was supposed to represent and gave her word to ensure her previous attorneys were paid.  She failed to do that and now this woman’s life hangs in the balance.

If you would like to help Ms. Williams not only survive as she has had virtually all her money stolen in the process of this, but acquire an attorney to fight back because they demand a retainer fee to take the case, there is a Go Fund Me page set up here, which she is attempting to retain an attorney outside of the corrupt Lee County system to aid her in fighting back.

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