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Retired Major Joins Chorus In Calling For Resignation Of “Corrupt” Lee County Sheriff Over Fraud & Ethics Violations

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As the cries from retired Lee County Sheriff’s Office deputies grow for the investigation and resignation of appointed, interim Sheriff Carmine Marceno due to his fraud, perjury, unethical behavior and criminal activity, another voice has joined that chorus of honorable men:  retired LCSO Major Carmen McKinney.

On Sunday evening, McKinney sent out a letter to media outlets in the area calling on Marceno to resign, and though he has not thrown his hat in the race nor has a desire to be in it, he did say he was leaving that option open should Marceno not do the right thing and step aside.

In a letter dated October 1, 2019, to Sheriff Marceno that was sent by certified mail, McKinney gave Marceno two weeks to resign.

“I have over 34 years of experience as a law enforcement officer with numerous assignments within the Lee County Sheriff Office that include (3) years with Internal Affairs and over twenty (20) years in various commands,” McKinney wrote, showing that he is an able and competent person to review and investigation the fraud and ethics violations of Marceno.

“Your actions involving a female victim that was seeking law enforcement assistance and your falsified applications and work history are clearly violations of the prescribed standards of professional conduct,” McKinney continued.

“While assigned to Internal Affairs, I handled similar cases that involved the types of behavior you have displayed,” he added.  “The officers involved in this non-professional conduct were relieved of their duty and in some cases arrested.”

He then pointed out the seriousness of Marceno’s behavior.

“What compounds this issue is that you have been entrusted to the position of Interim Sheriff and with that entrustment comes an obligation on your part to not only enforce professional conduct but also to comply and adhere to that professional conduct,” McKinney wrote.

He then gave Marceno two weeks to comply with his request or he would make the request known to the general public.

“I have no desire to cause damage to your reputation but I do have a strong desire to protect the reputation of the Lee County Sheriff Office and those that are currently serving and those that have served,” the letter concluded.

Too late, his reputation is already damaged, but everyone gets the point.

Letter to Carmine Marceno by Tim Brown on Scribd

Additionally, McKinney provided a letter to the editor of media outlets, which you may read below, as well as his own resume to demonstrate that he is not only qualified to investigate and come to conclusions concerning the behavior of Marceno, but also qualified and experienced enough to be sheriff, should he decide to pursue that route.

Mr. McKinney rightly calls on churches, the business community, politicians, and member of law enforcement and citizens of Lee County to expect and demand moral and ethical standards, of which Carmine Marceno has not measured up.

He also asked why the free press in the area has failed to do their job and report on this important story to inform the people of the crimes being committed in their midst by the appointed “top cop” in Lee County.

Finally, McKinney appealed, “Those that are in public offices have an accountability to the citizens that they serve and those that are in leadership of a public office have even a higher accountability; not only to the public but to those employees that are a part of that public office.  The first step in corruption is the decay of moral and ethical standards.  It is the pathway that will get you there.  If this conduct goes unchallenged you will have opened that pathway.”

Amen!  That’s exactly right!

Letter to Media concerning … by Tim Brown on Scribd

Resume of Carmen McKinney by Tim Brown on Scribd

Former Lee County Sheriff Rod Shoap has also written numerous letters to Governor Ron DeSantis, FDLE, the Criminal Justice Standards & Training Commission and the Florida Commission on Ethics.  They have resulted in at least two investigations, possibly three being opened on Marceno’s ethics violations, as well as his criminal fraud.

Last week, retired Lieutenant and Dr. Lee Bushong penned a lengthy letter, and documented Marceno’s felony fraud.  He explained it in two radio interviews that you can listen to here.

Marceno Complaint No Add1 by Tim Brown on Scribd

For more documentation into Marceno and the investigation that led to uncovering his fraud, crimes and corruption in my reporting of the story of Deanna Williams, visit these previous reports.

Article posted with permission from Sons Of Liberty Media

Tim Brown

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