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Florida Department Of Law Enforcement Or Department of Whitewashing & Coverup?

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In the long, continuing story of the corruption in Lee County that surrounded Deanna Williams, I uncovered that the sheriff of Lee County, Carmine Marceno, never actually met the requirements to be a police officer from out of state when he moved to Florida from New York, according to Florida law.  Since I’ve been reporting on this story, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) has submitted two responses to claims against Marceno and in both of them, though they were provided evidence of wrongdoing, chose to not investigate either of the matters.

The first was concerning threats against a former girlfriend he impregnated and then demanded she murder their unborn child.  When she would not comply, she alleged that he made threats that “there are other ways of ending a pregnancy than through abortion.”  FDLE chose not to actually investigate her claims not only of that but how he abused his power to pursue her for sex and ultimately dropping her claim she filed with the Lee County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) for grand theft committed by her attorney in the amount of $200,000.

The second regards what appears to be impersonating a police officer by Marceno.

I have provided documentation that demonstrates that he was, in essence, committing a felony for more than 15 years before he became sheriff.  He did this by not meeting the standards of Florida law and engaging in 12 months of full time sworn duty in his prior employment as a part-time police officer for Suffolk County Parks & Recreation.  To see the documentation view this article and this article.

I’ve also provided documentation that Marceno continues to this day to perpetrate a fraud concerning his education on the people of Lee County via a government website funded with taxpayer money.

However, he was provided an opportunity to respond, but chose to remain silent knowing that there was nothing he could refute.  In fact, he blocked The Washington Standard so that calls go straight to his voicemail and has apparently instructed his Press Information Office not to respond to that “Tim Brown guy.”

All of that is fine as it allows me to set the narrative, to provide the documentation without refutation so that the people can see.  Marceno is a fraud.

In the latest evidence that FDLE is nothing more than a bunch of lazy, corrupt unelected bureaucrats, they responded to the documentation in usual fashion.

When presented with the Marceno’s CJSTC 76 form and his timesheets from Suffolk County, New York in which he never worked over 20 weeks full time at a part time job that though he was designated a police officer was nothing more than a mere park ranger, FDLE said, there’s nothing to see here, move along.  There’s no need for a criminal investigation.

Here’s Marceno’s CJSTC 76 form.

Notice that John Brown, the processor at PASS, who is now retired and bears no records to confirm that he actually checked Marceno’s prior work hours, attests to the fact that Marceno completed 12 months of full time sworn duty.  He never did, as I pointed out in a previous article.   According to records, he worked 20 weeks worth of full time at a part time job, and then years later, another 20 weeks, but Florida law indicates that 12 months of full time sworn duty must occur within 18 months in order to be eligible for the equivalency of training test, which he failed twice and FDLE has on record.

This document, along with the timesheets from Suffolk County clearly demonstrate a discrepancy and something that should be investigated as unless there is something that is missing, Marceno engaged in a felony in the state of Florida for more than a decade by impersonating a police officer.

FDLE Inspector Mechelle F. Pittman wrote the following by email to basically ignore what was right in front of her face.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) received your complaint regarding Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno.  Based on a review of the documents you provided and information received from the FDLE Criminal Justice Professionalism Division, it was determined that a criminal investigation was not warranted by the FDLE at this time.

A review of Sheriff Marceno’s Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission (CJSTC) 76 form, revealed the form was submitted by the Police Applicant Screening Service (P.A.S.S.) agency and was completed and signed by John Brown on September 20, 1999.  Based on a review of the CJSTC 76 form by the FDLE Criminal Justice Professionalism Division, Sheriff Marceno was allowed to be exempt from the basic law enforcement training in Florida.

By law, criminal justice employing agencies or selection centers are responsible for reviewing out-of-state or federal officer’s employment and training to initially determine eligibility for exemption.  Upon collection, verification and authentication of documentation which establishes that an officer meets the training and experience requirements, the criminal justice employing agency or an assessment center must submit the completed CJSTC 76 form to the FDLE for approval. (The applicant does not complete the CJSTC-76 form).  FDLE does not determine a person’s eligibility.

She reviewed nothing.  She merely saw an X on a form, but she was unable to actually answer as to why his timesheets do not bear out the reality of that form.

Additionally, FDLE does not have on record Marceno’s return to take courses that they said he had to take, which he failed.  These tests should never have been issued to him in the first place.  They also do not have a record of his passing the EOT, but claim he did.

It’s noteworthy that Jane Monreal of Fox4 in Southwest Florida, the only outlet that has actually begun to pursue this case, sent me the following in which Marceno’s test scores were not available.  Now, why is that?

By the way, Collier County Sheriff’s Office, along with Lee County Sheriff’s Office do not have his CJSTC76 on file, nor his 76A, as stated in the above document.  If they do, they certainly have not provided it and claim that they don’t have it.

Why is this important? First, this demonstrates a corruption in FDLE to pass the buck when they clearly have irreconcilable documents for which they cannot answer.  So, they merely say, it’s someone else’s problem, not ours.  No, it’s FDLE’s problem as this is clearly a case that involves what appears to be a felony and they are “law enforcement.”

Second, Deanna Williams was pursued by Carmine Marceno when he was undersheriff.  He used his position to pursue her for sex, then dropped her criminal grand theft complaint of $200,000 against her attorney once he got what he wanted, but FDLE wanted to hear nothing of his unethical behavior and the Southwest Florida media rubber-stamped their pitiful “report.”  

Had Marceno been dealt with a long time ago because he never met state law requirements, Ms. Williams would not have been targeted by him, pursued by him, impregnated by him and have her baby’s life demanded by him because he never would have been in law enforcement to begin with.

Additionally, she would have never had to endure much of what she has had to endure, and she would not have lost the life of her baby in the process.

But Florida dropped the ball then, and they continue to drop it now, endangering other women in Lee County at the hands of a man that preys on them.

Meanwhile, Ms. Williams’ life has been turned upside down by the Lee County judicial system and the sheriff, and her life is in danger despite whether people believe it or not.  This is why she is seeking representation in her matter and has a GoFundMe account set up specifically to aid her in that endeavor.  

By the way, Williams’ case dwarfs anything that Michael Avenatti did to Stormy Daniels.

FDLE failed to ask a simple series of questions in the matter:

  • What documentation led to John Brown’s claim that Marceno had worked 12 months of full time sworn duty?
  • Was that documentation fabricated?
  • How would it compare to the documents presented to them and I’ve provided in several articles?
  • Did Marceno, like Robert Logdson who was busted after years of service at LCSO for overlaying his McDonald’s W-2 form over his police officer W-2 form in order to bypass the same criteria, do the same thing?
  • Did John Brown simply take Marceno’s word for it?

One thing we know for sure:  Marceno’s timesheets contradict the CJSTC 76 form that Brown signed in 1999, and Ms. Pittman owes the public an explanation as to why the conflict is there and she failed to investigate.  She also owes an apology to Ms. Williams for the careless slap in the face to her this is that she would not even pursue it enough to verify the documentation, but this is how corruption works in Flordia… a whitewash.

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