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Bombshell: Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno Puts People In Danger By Violating Florida Law Concerning Illegals

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The more you uncover, the more you understand why you must deal with criminals as soon as they are discovered, especially those who attain positions of authority in government like Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno.  Marceno not only committed a felony under Florida law for 16 years in impersonating a police officer, but now due to that fraud, he has put his own people in danger in Lee County by not complying with US Immigration and Customs Enforcement concerning illegal aliens.

I was the first to report on this matter on my radio show Setting Brushfires on Red State Talk Radio.

On July 15, 2019, I wrote, “Another bombshell dropped this weekend on Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno, and this one directly relates to his impersonating a police officer for more than a decade. That bombshell is that it appears that Lee County is, by default, a sanctuary county, meaning that Marceno is not following federal law concerning illegal immigrants.”

You can watch the episode below.

According to the Delegation of Immigration Authority Section 287(g) Immigration and Nationality Act at the ICE website:

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) 287(g) Program enhances the safety and security of communities by creating partnerships with state and local law enforcement agencies to identify and remove aliens who are amenable to removal from the United States.

The Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 added Section 287(g), to the Immigration and Nationality Act. This section of law authorizes the Director of ICE to enter into agreements with state and local law enforcement agencies, that permit designated officers to perform limited immigration law enforcement functions. Agreements under section 287(g) require the local law enforcement officers to receive appropriate training and to function under the supervision of ICE officers.

The 287(g) Program continues to receive overwhelmingly positive feedback from its partners. The mutually beneficial agreements allow state and local officers to act as a force multiplier in the identification, arrest, and service of warrants and detainers of incarcerated foreign-born individuals with criminal charges or convictions. Those deemed amenable to removal are identified while still secure in state or local custody, potentially reducing the time the alien spends in ICE custody. The state and local partners benefit by reducing the number of criminal offenders that are released back into the community without being screened for immigration violations. Gang members, sex offenders, and murderers are often identified and taken into ICE custody after serving their criminal sentences, thus being removed from the community. The efficiency and safety of the program allows ICE to actively engage criminal alien offenders while incarcerated in a secure and controlled environment as opposed to the alternative of conducting at-large arrests which can pose safety concerns for the officers and the community and may result in collateral arrests. Federal, state and local officers working together provide a tremendous benefit to public safety through increased law enforcement communication and overall community policing effectiveness.

The ICE website goes on to state:

Memorandum of Agreement

ICE and the requesting Law Enforcement Agency (LEA) sign a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) that defines the scope, duration and limitations of the delegation of authority. It also sets forth the training requirements, the terms of ICE supervision, and requires the partnering LEA to follow DHS and ICE policies when its designated immigration officers (DIOs) perform delegated immigration enforcement functions.

How to Participate

Officers participating in the 287(g) Program must possess U.S. citizenship, complete and pass a background investigation, and have knowledge of and have enforced laws and regulations pertinent to their law enforcement activities at their jurisdictions. If interested in becoming a law enforcement partner under the 287(g) Program, please send your inquiry to [email protected].

Types of Models

  • Jail Enforcement Model 
    The 287(g) Program utilizes the Jail Enforcement Model (JEM) to accomplish its mission, which is designed to identify and process removable aliens with criminal or pending criminal charges who are arrested by state or local LEAs. The JEM Program is supervised by the local ICE Office of Enforcement and Removal Operations Field Office. Under the JEM, nominated state and local law enforcement officers will be trained, certified, and authorized by ICE to perform only those immigration functions that are established on the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) of the Memorandum of Understanding. ICE provides a training program conducted at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center ICE Academy in Charleston, SC.
  • Warrant Service Officer Model
    The 287(g) Program developed the Warrant Service Officer (WSO) model to provide an opportunity for jurisdictions to participate in a narrower cooperative agreement with ICE. Under the WSO model, nominated state and local law enforcement officers will be trained, certified, and authorized by ICE to perform limited functions of an immigration officer within the law enforcement agency’s jail and/or correctional facilities as set forth in the Standard Operating Procedures of the Warrant Service Officer Memorandum of Agreement.
    ICE provides a training program conducted by certified instructors at a location most convenient for the participating LEA.

287(g) Successes

In fiscal year (FY) 2018, the 287(g) Program encountered approximately 700 aliens convicted for assault, 670 convicted for dangerous drugs, 150 convicted for sex offenses/assaults, 150 convicted for obstructing police, 125 convicted for weapon offenses, and 13 convicted for homicide.

Additionally, consider that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently signed a bill into law banning sanctuary cities.  However, Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno, as the “top cop” in the county, is in clear violation of that by default.

Not only is Marceno thumbing his nose at ICE, but also the law.  The following cities are in Lee County and by Marceno’s lack of co-operation, due to his criminal background concerning his impersonating a police officer all those years, and failing to comply with the law, he is putting them not only in violation of federal law but also in danger.

The day after my radio show aired, Peter D’Abrosca at The Rundown News reported:

According to a local resident who has had trouble with the Sheriff in the past, Marceno’s lack of law enforcement qualifications has disallowed his office from working with ICE to deport illegal aliens.

Now, the source says the Sheriff – also the subject of a long form investigative report by Fox4 – is hampering his county’s ability to work with ICE. That report claims, among other things, that Marceno did not have the requisite experience as a sworn police officer when he moved from New York to Florida to work for any Florida law enforcement agency, much less to be appointed Sheriff.

“One of the consequences of not being a legally certified law enforcement officer and having falsified employment documents is that Lee County cannot pass the rigorous background check required to participate in the law enforcement program that assists in the deportation of illegal aliens,” the source told The Rundown.

Indeed, an official ICE list of partnerships with counties across America does not include Lee County. ICE did partner with the county as late as January of 2018, but Marceno was appointed Sheriff in September of that year, and the county no longer works with ICE.

Why It Matters: “Lee County is a Conservative Republican area,” the source said. “Lee County has been rocked by crimes committed by illegal aliens. Effectively being a sanctuary County because of the sheriff’s fraudulent activities is of public interest.”

An illegal alien who killed a police officer in Florida last year had an ICE hold in Lee County, but was never deported.

While there are people who would support Marceno if he murdered someone in the streets with the cameras on him and smoking gun in hand, the law should be the objective standard, despite our bias, in determining whether someone is fit for office.

Carmine Marceno is a liar, a sexual predator, a fraud and a felon under Florida law for impersonating a police officer.  Now, as Lee County’s top cop, he is in violation of Florida law once again.  This time that violation is in connection with his violation of impersonating a police officer which has resulted in him not working with ICE agents to apprehend illegal aliens and thumbing his nose at the recent law signed by Governor DeSantis.

To demonstrate the point, just look at Collier County, a county that Marceno unlawfully served in as a sheriff’s deputy under Sheriff Kevin Rambosk, who knowingly brought the terminated Naples Police Department employee to Collier County Sheriff’s Office to offer him a job due to his ability to raise money for political purposes, the same reason that former Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott brought Marceno aboard at the sheriff’s office in Lee County.

Here are the documents in which Collier County is complying with federal law.

Activists seeking to expose the criminal actions of Marceno have also promoted videos to inform that public about his crimes against the people.

The truth is here at the I.C.E. website. The appointed Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno does not participate! https://ice.gov/287g

Posted by People Of SWFL on Saturday, July 13, 2019

Posted by People Of SWFL on Thursday, July 11, 2019

The Lee County Sheriff's Office is scheduled for an on-site assessment as part of a program to achieve accreditation by…

Posted by People Of SWFL on Wednesday, July 10, 2019

When are the people of Lee County going to have enough? When is Governor DeSantis going to stop shirking his responsibility to deal with this criminal? When are people going to wake up to the fact that if Marceno was dealt with lawfully and judicially over a decade ago, Deanna Williams, a crime victim of grand theft and rape, would never have been preyed upon by him, impregnated by him and had demanded she murder her unborn child by him? And does anyone in Lee County really think she is the only female victim of the criminal sheriff of Lee County when there are dozens of women claiming that Marceno has pursued them in the same fashion as he did Williams?

More to come because the people will not demand justice against their “top cop.”

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Article posted with permission from Sons Of Liberty Media

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