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Tonight’s The Night Lee County Sheriff Gets Exposed For The Fraud He Is By Local Media

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For months, I have covered the story of Deanna Williams, a rape victim who has not just bee physically raped, but the attorney who claims she is a defender of women, Gloria Allred, left her open to be raped judicially by corrupt judges, corrupt and criminal attorneys and sexually pursued by an undersheriff who was appointed sheriff by then Florida Governor Rick Scott.  During my reporting, I had to deal with Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno’s unethical behavior and pursuit of a victim of a crime for a sexual relationship.  In the midst of that, I not only discovered that Marceno was perpetrating a fraud about his education on the people of Lee County and using a public website to commit that fraud, but that he never met the requirements to be a police officer from out of state in the state of Florida.  That means for 16 years, Marceno was impersonating a police officer which is a felony in the state.  Now, the only media outlet in Southwest Florida to actually report and tell the people the truth about Marceno by providing the documents I’ve been in possession of is airing their exclusive investigation tonight at Fox4Now.com.

I reached out to Jane Monreal, reporter and anchor at Fox4, several months ago with the documents I had and filled her in on what was going on.  I did so due to the fact that she provided an outlet for Deanna Williams during her pursuit of a paternity case involving Marceno after his sexual pursuit of her and subsequent demand that she murder their unborn baby, even though he claims to be pro-life.

Monreal has been the only Florida reporter to actually take the documents and do her own investigative work to uncover the truth for herself and the people of Lee County and she has knocked it out of the park!

In a teaser, which I posted on Tuesday, Jane and her team only whet people’s appetite for the mountain of evidence she is about to unleash tonight at 10pm on Fox.

FOX 4 Investigates LCSO Sheriff

A Fox 4 exclusive. Frank Cipolla – Fox4 and I spent months investigating Lee County's top cop. What we uncovered, Wednesday night at 10.

Posted by Jane Monreal Fox 4 on Monday, July 8, 2019

Here’s the raw footage from the teaser, which shows how Sheriff Marceno is afraid to even answer a simple question and would not even schedule an interview to be questioned about the fraud and felony that he has committed.

While I will link to my previous articles on the subject with the documents and evidence, I wanted to point out a few things that Ms. Monreal did in going the extra mile.

Evening anchor Jane Monreal turned to Walter Zalisko, a now-private investigator and long-time law enforcement professional for his expertise. Zalisko is a former police chief from New Jersey who had to go through EOT himself in 2004, when he moved to Florida. In the goal to get an unbiased opinion, Jane did not disclose who she was referring to in her line of questioning.

Zalisko says it takes two steps to land a job with a Florida law enforcement agency. “Once they complete that equivalency training, they can then be qualified to be employed by that agency. But, they still have to take a written test. And, they have one year to take that written test from the day they get their equivalency training certificate.”

Pamella Seay is an attorney teaching criminal law at Florida Gulf Coast University, to students planning to go into law enforcement. She confirms that process is an absolute must for out of state officers to work in law enforcement in Florida. “So, you have to go through a class and you have to take this (EOT) and show it and get authorized. Once you’re authorized, you take that exam.”

Requirements can vary by state. But in Florida, in order to even qualify for the EOT, the state’s top police agency, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, or FDLE, says officers must have worked at least 1 year, full time as a sworn officer.

Zalisko stresses, “You can’t be part time. You can’t be an auxiliary or anything like that.”

So, she got independent people who are in the know, but didn’t know who she was referencing and they came to the same conclusion I did.

She and Frank Cipolla also went over the same documents I did and came to the same conclusion and that is that Carmine Marceno never met the requirements of an out of state police officer coming into the state of Florida being eligible to bypass the police academy and take the Equivalency of Training test.

Yes, there is a document signed by John Brown in 1999 that claims with nothing more than an “X” in a box that Marceno was full time in police work for 12 months, but he wasn’t.  He only worked full time in a part-time, seasonal job at a park ranger in Suffolk County for 20 weeks when Brown signed that document.

While Florida Department of Law Enforcement says they don’t see a need for a criminal investigation given the evidence presented, that is just pure laziness and corruption.

They have a man’s signature and an “X” but have been presented with documents that refute that which means one of several things.

  1. Marceno faked documents he presented to Brown.
  2. Brown was bribed.
  3. Someone called in a illegal favor on behalf of Marceno.
  4. Brown failed to actually verify what Marceno told him.

In either case, Marceno knew the state law and requirements and knowingly put on a uniform, badge and gun and impersonated a police officer for well over a decade before becoming sheriff.  That’s a felony in the state of Florida.

In my opinion, every person pulled over, given a ticket, arrested or charged in anything that Marceno had anything to do with should immediately hire an attorney to go after the offices he worked in.  Those are Naples Police Department, Collier County Sheriff’s Office and Lee County Sheriff’s Office.

Additionally, as I pointed out, Marceno failed to complete a relevant section of his applications pertaining to his employment.

Again, Monreal reports:

Zalisko, experienced in the hiring and firing of officers before, believes the people doing the hiring should have noticed the missing response in the application. He says, “If I was reviewing that application, I would ask that individual, “You need to check that off,” or, “Why aren’t you checking it off? What is the issue?”

Seay says that while some of this seems technical, there’s a bigger and more important picture here, and Florida law clearly states what qualifies and disqualifies a person from being a sworn officer in Florida. “We have a rule of law here. The law applies to everyone, including law enforcement officers. Otherwise, we lose respect for the law itself.”

The former law enforcement chief Zalisko says something like this could point to a leadership problem that would affect rank and file officers. “As a police supervisor somewhere, and the issue of your qualifications comes up, it would be in the best interest of the entire department or agency to say, ‘Look, here are my qualifications. There’s no issue here.’ Clear it up, because that could affect department morale.”

While some think this is much ado about nothing, according to Dr. Dave Thomas, it’s all about ethics and the very foundation of the profession that Marceno is involved in which is law enforcement, something the FDLE simply didn’t get when Deanna Williams attempted to report his unethical behavior when she simply tried to report a theft of $200,000 by her attorney.

“Understand that the position of chief, or sheriff, or whatever we’re talking about – that position is always respected,” said Thomas.  “It’s not necessarily the person in that position (who) is respected. So, respect the office but you don’t necessarily respect the person who sits there and for whatever reason. And, you’ll see where the agency is divided. Where people respect that person and other people think that individual is useless.”

Multiple organizations who should speak to this matter passed on giving a response, just like the did with me.  FDLE and Florida Sheriff’s Association both declined interviews.

While the governor’s office said they would provide public documents to Fox 4, they have not been received as of the writing of this article.  Those documents were to contain any correspondence between the governor and Marceno.

I say, good luck with that.  The governor’s office didn’t even have the courtesy to email me “no comment” when I requested one on over half a dozen attempts.

I’ll be live streaming the Fox4 report here tonight beginning around 10:20 EST with my thoughts and commentary.

As a final thought, Monreal just contacted me and informed me that the station’s “power at transmitter is off and generator by transmitter failed.”

Interesting, isn’t it?  How that just happens at this time.  Perhaps, it’s because I called Sheriff Marceno to invite him on my radio show on Thursday for an interview about tonight’s bombshell there in Florida.

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Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

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