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Former Lee County Sheriff Calls Out Lazy, Corrupt FDLE Regarding Investigation Of Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno & Calls On Criminal Justice Professionalism Division To Pull His Certification

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Of course, Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno wishes this whole thing would go away, just like Governor Ron DeSantis, Attorney General Ashley Moody, State Attorney Amira Fox and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, but with the latest failure of FDLE to properly investigate the claims and documentation from former Lee County Sheriff Rodney Shoap, it looks like they are now complicit in a full-fledged coverup of Marceno’s crimes; and Sheriff Shoap wrote a letter to call on the director of FDLE’s CJPD Dean Register in a letter on Monday to pull Marceno’s certification.

The following is the text of the letter Shoap provided to The Sons Of Liberty Media. 

To update you, I filed a complaint with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement against  Lee County Sheriff, Carmine Marceno. The nature of my complaint was that he fraudulently obtained a Florida police certification and has been using it for about 17 years to practice law enforcement. I am filing the same complaint with you and asking that Marceno’s certification be removed permanently.

A couple of weeks ago the Executive Investigations Unit cleared Sheriff Marceno based on lack of criminal predicate to move the investigation further. To this date I don’t know what that means since I was never contacted and have only read their summary investigation. Getting a complete copy of the investigation seems to be difficult since they have had computer problems and they are overwhelmed by the number of requests for that same information. I thought, since I was the complainant, someone would contact me but they did not; and, I have information that may have helped them obtain authenticated records.

I would like to organize the information into numbered paragraphs for you.

  1. By introduction, I have over 30 years of law enforcement and public safety experience. That experience includes retiring as the Sheriff of Lee County, Florida; serving as the Director of Planning and Research for the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office located in Franklin, Tennessee; serving as a Magistrate for the Maury County, Tennessee General Sessions Court; and, serving as the Police Chief for the City of Crossville, Tennessee;
  1. Sheriff Marceno received his position from Senator Rick Scott, when he was the Florida Governor and when Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott retired early. It was purely a political appointment since I believe Marceno was never vetted for the position. Other more qualified applicants were overlooked who had college degrees, actual command experience and one had been an elected Sheriff with prior experience. But they were overlooked for Marceno who has issues with his certification, issues with prior law enforcement employment applications and a man who ran from the news crews at FOX 4 television in Cape Coral, Florida so he would not have to answer questions. In addition, Marceno refuses to give FOX 4 an interview to discuss his issues. News stories detailing this issue can be found on the FOX 4 website;
  1. As I looked at the FDLE criminal investigation summary, I find it conflicts with actual evidence. I believe the investigator(s) had issues authenticating the evidence I sent them copies of. They contacted the Suffolk County, New York government and were told the records/evidence had all been destroyed due to age. However, last year FOX 4 news reporter, Frank Cipolla (contactsmedia.com) filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request and received payroll records and Human Resource Registration Form. Since that information was obtained last year, you can also retrieve the same records/evidence by referring to that request. Cipolla can be reached at the website above;
  1. Brown, a PASS background investigator at the Police Academy located at St. Petersburg, Florida Junior College, signed the FDLE Form 76 for Carmine Marceno. According to Mr. Brown’s statement, he said he had no specific recollection of Marceno’s case. However, after being questioned about Marceno only a part time police officer with Suffolk County Park Police, how Marceno had one full year of full time public safety experience, Brown stated that he added up the part time experience and converted it to full time experience and it was the equivalent of one full year (Paraphrased).

The Federal Wage and Hour Division defines full time employment as someone employed providing services to an employer averaging 30 hours weekly; or, 130 hours monthly or, 1,560 hour annually. The Internal Revenue Service and the State of Florida use the same definition.

I have copies of payroll records for Sheriff Marceno when he was employed by Suffolk County Park Police. The dates match his employment records for all employment applications completed by Marceno. Marceno worked 16 weeks  out of 72 in which he had 30 hours or more; 3 months out of 17 in which he had 130 hours or more; and, he totaled 1,246.5 hours during the entire 17 month period, not 12 months or even the calendar year. Marceno averaged 17.31 hours per week and this is far from full time service. I have copies of the payroll records I will furnish with this request and the breakdown I prepared in an easy to follow format.

So while Marceno did meet requirement one (1) for Form 76 of completing a recognized police academy, he did not meet requirement two (2) of 12 full months of full time public safety experience and the form was either a mistake or an intentional fraud.

  1. When Sheriff Marceno was employed by Suffolk County he completed an Article 15 Human Resource Retirement Registration form. The form registers Marceno as Part Time Seasonal  in section 7 and on line 10 he is listed as a Park Ranger Seasonal.

The FDLE investigator spoke with the Deputy Director of the Suffolk County Park Police. According to the investigation, the Deputy Director said he was his Sergeant when Marceno was employed by the Park Police and that Marceno reported to him for two years. Hr further said that Marceno was a full time employee but the records clearly do not reflect that nor does Marceno’s own words. Marceno has never publicly claimed to have been a full time Park Ranger that I am aware of, other than to perhaps told Mr. Brown that.

On Marceno’s payroll form dated 09/16/99 it is clearly written part time money and it give the line item number 76-7113.

  1. Ultimately Carmine Marceno, because of his FDLE Form 76, the Equivalency of Training (EOT), is hired by the Naples Police Department. Marceno has one year to train and pass the state exam. However, Marceno takes the exam two times and fails on both attempt. Since there is not enough time left on the year of EOT, the Police Chief terminates Marceno’s employment.

Marceno now has to attend academy classes but we find no record of that happening. What mystifies his certification is that no record of Marceno attending classes at a Florida police academy are found. We do not know how he was able to take the exam the third time, when it was passed. We do know that he took the test twice using a fraudulent mistaken/FDLE Form 76.

During the FDLE investigation, the agent asked Marceno is he purposely gave false information and he replied, ”No.” I think he replied a second time, ‘Not Knowingly.’ (Paraphrased).

  1. On his employment application with the Collier County Sheriff’s Office, the background investigators did not recommend Marceno’s employment due to their drug use policies and no one takes account for his hiring.
  1. On his employment application for the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, we found on Page-9, marked Previous Employment, he left blank his part time/full time service at Suffolk County. He completed the same blank for other employment and even left out other employment records. I suspect this was intentional due to the surrounding issue of this letter, but Marceno denies it.
  1. Marceno was appointed by Sheriff Mike Scott and shortly was promoted to Chief Deputy. While in that capacity Marceno used his position to date a victim of a currently being investigated Theft. As they dated they became sexually involved and routinely had sexual intercourse in his assigned police vehicle. According to statements of the woman, Deanna Williams, she said she didn’t want to go out or have sexual intercourse with him but he told her he would help with her theft case. Subsequently, Ms. Williams became pregnant and Marceno attempted to get her to have an abortion. All of this banter can be found in text messages back and fourth between Ms. Williams on her phone and on Marceno’s Sheriff’s Office assigned phone.

I am going to conclude now by saying that as a Sheriff I had a deputy who had a fraudulent form 76 and I terminated his employment. The Commission removed his certification, forever. The Commission has set precedent with numerous others having lost their certifications. Even if FDLE is unable/unwilling, whatever the case may be, to criminally sanction this man, perhaps his certification can be removed. It won’t stop him from being an appointed Sheriff, but it can stop him from making arrests and perhaps remove some liabilities.

It is clear that based on the evidence and witness statements that significant conflict exists. In my opinion, Marceno was never qualified to take the exam to begin with and a correction is due.

Please contact me if I can provide additional information. 


Rodney Shoap

Included in the letter was a two-page, eight-point bulletin of the evidence submitted for the Marceno investigation that clearly was not performed, as I have already reported.

The points Shoap referenced were as follows:

  1. FDLE Form 76 for Carmine Marceno, signed by PASS background investigator John Brown.
  • Clearly marked compliant with both requirements of (1) passing a FDLE recognized out of state academy and (2) have served a public safety organization for 12 full months as a full time employee. Conflict: Marceno has never served as a full time employee of a public safety agency as of the time of this form being signed.
  1. Summary of hours worked at the Suffolk County Police Department by Carmine Marceno, prior to the FDLE Form 76 being signed.
  • Conflict: Of the entire 17 months employed as of the signing of FDLE Form 76, Marceno worked 16 weeks of 72 with 30 or more hours, 3 months out of 17 with 130 or more hours and a total of 1,246.5 hours for the entire 17 months all in conflict with Federal Wage & Hour rules for full time employment.
  • This summary was prepared by Retired Florida Sheriff Rodney Shoap based on payroll forms submitted by Suffolk County, New York.
  1. Payroll forms for Carmine Marceno depicting hours worked while employed with Suffolk County Park Police.
  • These forms show employment for Marceno before he filed for EOT and his return following his EOT. Regardless, all employment was part time as evidenced by payroll forms.
  1. Two forms for Carmine Marceno depicting hours worked while employed with Suffolk County Park Police.
  • Conflict: Two payroll forms for Carmine Marceno depicting hours worked while employed by Suffolk County Park Police. Both forms show the part time budgetary line item Marceno’s pay came from listed as: 76-7113.
  1. Suffolk County Park Police Human Resource Article 15 Union Membership Form for Carmine Marceno.
  • Conflict: Line 7 lists Marceno as Part Time/Seasonal. Line 10 lists Marceno as a Park Ranger I and Seasonal.
  1. Copy of Marceno’s employment termination form from Naples Police Department.
  • Conflict: According to the file and Marceno’s training Sergeant, Marceno failed his two attempts at passing the Florida Police Officers certification exam that are granted by FDLE Form 76 and was terminated for lack of time to attend the police academy and retake the exam. 
  1. Lee County Sheriff’s Office Page-9 (Employment History) of the employment application.
  • Conflict: Blank depicting part time/full time employment at Suffolk County left blank. All others were marked correctly. Other previous employment was also left out.
  1. Copies of text messages sent back and forth, between Carmine Marceno and Ms. Deanna Williams, concerning her pregnancy with Marceno’s child. I received these from Ms. Williams and she is more than willing to make original copies for you or show them to you on her phone.
  • Conflict: At the time of this dating and sexual intercourse, Ms. Williams was the victim and had reported a Theft of six figures. According to Ms. Williams statement Marceno told her he would help her with her case (found in text messages as well) and she dated him only for that reason. He used his department car to discuss her case as they drove around and he had sexual intercourse with her while in that car, assigned to him by the county as an official police vehicle.

No explanation has been given to the massive weight of evidence against Marceno, and Shoap is demanding that Marceno’s certification be pulled.

The question is, why?

This story isn’t over by long shot and before it’s through, we may just find evidence of corruption right up into the governor’s mansion… wait, I think we already have.

For my previous reports with full documentation on Marceno and the corruption in Lee County, including the case of Deanna Williams, see below.

Article posted with permission from Sons Of Liberty Media

Tim Brown

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