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Local Sheriff Not Too Happy About Biden Dumping 16,000 Afghans In His Backyard

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The massive Afghan migration, of “refugees” who were vetted by the Taliban, not by us, is coming as a huge shock to local areas who suddenly have a swarm of people from a very different culture and in need of a lot of services show up. Hospitals, schools, and social services are overburdened.

While I’ve written extensively about the effects of the Afghan surge in Wisconsin, this story from Kyle Shideler of the Center for Security Policy actually takes place in Virginia. The state already has a large Muslim population, but this is a whole lot of people suddenly arriving and with no real coordination with local authorities.

Sheriff Michael Chapman, of Loudoun County, in Northern Virginia, is raising questions about the Department of Homeland Security’s decision to temporarily house 16,000 Afghans, more than 1,000 per month for the next 7 months, in a local convention center not far from two local schools.

Chapman raised questions about the decision in a press release after he says he was contacted by members of DHS’ Federal Protective Service and given the news. Chapman highlighted the DHS’ lack of planning, saying:

A follow-up conference call with a senior member of FEMA occurred the following day where he raised concerns about DHS’ lack of communication, lack of planning, language barriers, a failure to communicate with a myriad of potential stakeholders, and the NCC’s unfenced proximity to a residential neighborhood and two public schools.

Chapman published his list of follow up questions and DHS’ unsatisfactory responses in his press release. Notably, when asked about the vetting process, DHS informed Sheriff Chapman that the refugees were U.S. military translators. When asked how it was possible they were translators when only a small percentage spoke any English, DHS shifted to admitting that most were “family members” of translators.

Here at Front Page, we’ve already covered the fact that this is a lie. There are a tiny number of translator visas. The vast majority of SIV visas were not given to translators, and the majority of the Kabul evacuees don’t even have SIV visas. So the lie here is breathtaking and it’s unbelievable that there are no consequences for federal officials employing those lies.

While DHS told the Loudoun County sheriff that refugees would not be permitted to leave the facility, it’s not immediately clear how this would be done

That’s also clearly not true.

Afghans brought here are on humanitarian parole while they file for asylum or they are here on visas. There’s no basis for restricting them to any base.

Article posted with permission from Daniel Greenfield

The Washington Standard

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