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Military Leaders Call for Draft of Women – Feminists Silent

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Feminists wanted equality. They wanted it so bad they were willing to figuratively castrate, emasculate, and marginalize men to get there. But, for all the bra burning and rallies, these femi-Nazis only wanted to pick and choose their “equality” — the same for all of those who supported this movement.

Today, feminists can unite in cheer as the military has opened combat positions to women. Generals in the Army and Marine Corp indicated it would take about three years to fully integrate women into combat positions. In the meantime, to truly support women’s equality, Army and Marine Corp generals contend that women should also be required to register for the selective service draft.

According to The Blaze:

The military service leaders repeatedly vowed that they will not lower standards to bring women into the more grueling jobs. But they warned that inherent physical differences and different injury rates between men and women will have an impact on how the integration moves ahead.

The selective service question revealed differences between the military chiefs and their political leaders. Army Gen. Mark Milley and Marine Gen. Robert Neller both flatly said that women should be included in the requirement to register for the selective service at age 18. But Navy Secretary Ray Mabus and Army Acting Secretary Patrick Murphy would only say that the issue should be discussed. Political leaders overall have so far been reluctant to endorse the draft requirement.

The contentious hearing during the Senate Armed Services Committee exposed the reluctance of Marine Corps leaders to admit women to the more grueling combat roles in “demanding infantry, armor and special operations jobs.”

In December, Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter ordered all combat roles be made available to women without lowering any standards. Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus agreed despite opposition by Marine Corps leaders and a study indicating that combined gender units are less effective than male-only units.

For Sen. John McCain, who supports the integration of women into combat roles, the announcement of opening of combat jobs to women through the media before being allowed to read and study the Marine Corps study has complicated the issue.

There should not be a problem here for those who believe women should be as equal as men. Feminists should be out in droves convincing these Senators, Representatives and military heads to “get going” with the integration as they have waited for quite some time for true equality. Moreover, they should be out in force supporting the selective service registration for women. All those supporting Hillary Clinton for president for no other reason than being female should likewise welcome having to register for the draft and have access to combat roles.

So, where are all the reports covering the rallies in support of all of this? A Blaze reader mentioned in the comments section that this has been in the works now for about three years. Where are all the feminists and femi-Nazi rallies in Washington, DC to push this all along? There is none or the media would flood the TV, internet and print venues with pictures and human-interest stories of supporters.

Equality is great; but, only when the feminists can choose where the “equality” begins and ends. Well, it doesn’t work that way. So, when individuals like Phyllis Schafly came out with scenarios such as the possibility of drafting women into the service, the feminists and femi-Nazis, along with their supporters, labeled her predictions as “fear mongering.” It looks as though Ms. Schafly has been vindicated.

Not surprisingly, some of the individuals commenting on this story at The Blaze support the draft for women, as it is only fair.

This is what happens in a society that rejects God. God created male and female, assigning roles to each. Woman was created to be companion to man, to be by his side, close to his heart, protected and provided safety. Therefore, physical attributes were created differently, as well as a different mindset among women versus men. By rejecting these roles, this nation has descended into confusion about males and females, along with the roles for each.

What is to happen to women who reject the feminist and femi-Nazi mindset of “equality” in favor of more traditional roles based on their religion? Are they to be afforded the opportunity to opt out of the draft? Some of the comments on the article suggest no.

U4eeeahhh wrote, “Your daughter is just as useful as a solider as another parent’s son is. Women have achieved equality and this is only fair payment. Also when a return to the draft was discussed 10 years ago, a group of lawyers prepared to sue to require the draft be gender neutral. Only fair.”

FrosttheBANished penned, “A child can fire a gun, why can’t a woman? I am tired of men being scapegoated and being sent off to die disproportionately.”

Terry_Daktyl agrees as well, writing, “Shouldn’t be looked at that way. They take advantage of the same freedoms as the men so why shouldn’t they do their part? Hopefully we don’t need to resort to a draft but if so, just as the men had to sign up, so should the able women. Not really a lot of question in my mind about this.”

So, there you have it. All women have the feminists and femi-Nazis to thank for this total equality coming soon. And, don’t look for many men to defend against women in combat or the draft. A good many of them, sick of the bullying, gave in to the feminists; more than likely just to shut them up and keep from being pounced on at every turn for their views.

All in all, this is another attack on the family since it is the cornerstone and stronghold of a society. It is also an attack on the traditional roles of men and women in society established and ordained by God. If a government can replace this fact with whatever farce they want to replace it with, then government can dictate all to a society devoid of God since government will eradicate more and more of His commandments and laws.

The Washington Standard

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