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Minnesota, This Is What the Mainstream Media Was Suppressing (Covering-Up) During The Last Session…

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“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” -Martin Luther King, Jr

Below, you will find what just took place in the state of Minnesota over the last session.

These said bills stand in stark contrast to the U.S. Constitution, as well as Minnesota state law.

These bills were not accidental but deliberate and criminal at every given step.  They have no lawful standing because they transgress constitutional law (1 John 3:4).

Here is the list of bills that were rushed, passed and pushed upon the people of the great state of Minnesota.

  • May 24th, two colleges filed a lawsuit against the State of MN – Post Secondary Enrollment Option, which bars religious schools from having students sign a statement of faith (This violates the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights).
  • Passed a bill to provide driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants (This is treason; Article III, Section 3, Clause 1).
  • Passed a bill to provide health care to illegal immigrants (This is allocating Minnesota tax-payer dollars to pay for what they have not delegated to their said representatives).

  • Declared MN to be a Trans Sanctuary State – the State of MN would create a refuge state for children seeking sex changes. (The state has no children and no authority whatsoever has been given to any representative to pass such legislation.  Minnesota law condemns these crimes).

Gov. Tim Walz – “His Desk Is Surrounded By Trans Activists & Children Wearing Dresses….” – This Is Very Telling, As Well As It Is Criminal!

Said Representatives In Minnesota Want To Strike Anti-Pedophile Language From State Statutes: They Are Revealing Themselves To You…

  • Increased government spending by 40%.
  • Elections – passed many new laws like pre-registration of 16 & 17-Year-Olds, and expanded early voting, and other new laws that only loosen up the election processes and make them less secure.
  • Passed Universal Background Checks – MN has gun laws.  This is so overreaching that if a person were to loan their gun to an uncle or neighbor, they would need to get a background check.  If they do not, it could be a felony offense to have a gun without the transfer background check.
  • Passed Red Flag Laws – a judge could rule to take someone’s guns without that person knowing (No innocent until proven guilty.  No right to defend oneself until afterward.  This clearly violates everything American law is to prevent and a clear violation of the Second Amendment).

  • Established new system for prosecutors to seek lower sentencing of criminals (Soft judges are creating hardened criminals; Psalm 94:20).
  • Created a new database that will assign “Climate ratings” to large businesses.

  • Funding a new Bias Registry Database that will track “incidents” of people who don’t think or act the way that an arbitrary panel deems to be “correct thought processes”.
  • Mis-gendering someone.
  • Posting on your social media the Bible verse saying that marriage is for one man and one woman.

Minnesotans, Are YOU Paying Attention?

  • New Abortion Law – allows for minors to have abortions without parental consent (Example: This opens up sex traffickers to impregnate minor children, then take them to have abortions without parents’ knowledge).
  • New Abortion Law (because it is labeled as health freedoms) – allows MINORS to medically transition from one sex to another sex (Something that cannot actually occur) without parental consent. (Example: This is opening up school counselors or others, taking children to be mutilated, under the delusion that they can actually change their sex, without parents’ knowledge). This is a usurpation of parental rights.  This is criminal.

This was a damaging legislative session for the State of Minnesota and should be a warning to the rest of the United States about how quickly a small group of radical activists can take our government down a rapid decline away from our constitutional rights and God-given freedoms.  That is if the people tolerate this sort of criminal behavior from their said representatives.

Conclusion: If I have said it once, I have stated this a thousand times, The representatives that have illegally pushed this through must be held accountable for their crimes against “We the People.”

They must be impeached, every one of them, and prosecuted (Article II, Section 4; Article I, Section 3, Clause 7; Isaiah 26:9).

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media.  Article by Bradlee Dean.

The Washington Standard

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