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More Inflation Incoming: Biden To Announce Another $800 Million Aid Package To Ukraine

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The United States’ dictator, Joe Biden announced that he is going to continue to spur inflation with an $800 million aid package to Ukraine. This is after the ruling class already sent about the same amount of fiat currency to Ukraine earlier this month.

According to a report by ZeroHedge, this month’s first aid package included artillery and anti-artillery radar for the first time. The White House is searching for strategies to help deliver the military aid to Kyiv as quickly as possible because the White House and Biden’s military advisers believe the conflict has reached a ‘critical stage’.

Pentagon To Keep The War Going, Sends Weapons To Ukraine

We know the U.S. is broke, so all of these dollars are being created out of thin air, so expect inflation to continue to destroy your way of life as the ruling class gets more and more wealthy. Considering they don’t actually have to work for the fiat currency, all they have to do is create it out of thin are, we are the ones who will pay the ultimate price for these actions.

The Biden administration also announced new sanctions Wednesday against Russians and Belarusians who have allegedly committed human rights abuses along with companies and individuals who have sought to evade sanctions.

The actions of the American ruling class come as the Russian ruling class has declared a “victory” in Mariupol over the Ukrainian ruling class. Russian ruler Vladimir Putin urged Ukrainian troops holed up in the Azovstal steel plant to surrender, promising “decent treatment” for all and medical attention to the wounded. He ordered Russian troops to blockade the plant.

This war is only just beginning and the U.S. is insisting on keeping it going and ramping up tensions as Russia tests “Satan” missiles and Ukraine’s master warns of a nuclear war.

Russia Tests Nuclear-Capable ICBM As Putin Warns Enemies It’s “Food For Thought”

Zelensky Warns: “Prepare” For Russian To Use Nuclear Weapons

Prepare for everything you can. There’s little else we can do until enough people open their eyes to what is really going on, and realize this system is the problem.

Article posted with permission from Mac Slavo

The Washington Standard

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