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Nancy Pelosi’s Son Now Implicated in Biden Ukraine Pay for Play Corruption

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This audacious left wing across-the-board conspiracy is something the media doesn’t discuss, covers up and always has covered up (something only conservatives discuss and believe) is being laid bare for all to see and process, a real (partial?) draining of the swamp because we have a president who doesn’t back down, calls them out, jumping up and down on Twitter repeatedly asserting they’re all crooked forcing the debate, throwing down facts along the way and pointing out vaunted media figures by name belittling them.

He not only has the whole of media against him, he has lost Drudge and is losing Fox and the internet companies are silencing conservative voices in their news feeds and browsers, yet he still is effective in unearthing corruption that would strain credulity and he is waking up the people like a Moses or George Washington and we are seeing how deep the deep state goes and went for so long and the players and how crappy Obama was.

He’s laying it bare.

This type of news is something normally we’d know as information junkies and no one else would buy.

The effectiveness of Trump is extraordinary and not likely to ever happen again.

“Wow, Crazy Nancy What’s Going On?” – BOOM! Trump Exposes Nancy Pelosi and Son Paul’s Shady Dealings in Ukraine

By Jim Hodt, December 28, 2019:

President Trump hit the Bidens and Pelosi families tonight in one tweet!

President Trump shined light on Paul Pelosi’s shady dealings with Ukraine!

Trump linked to an OAN video of Paul Pelosi’s shady deal with Ukrainian energy companies.

As The Gateway Pundit reported back in November Quid-Pro-Joe and his son Hunter are not the only Democrat family members cashing in on their prominent positions.

Like many Democrats Paul Pelosi Jr. has made a career off of his mother’s political stature. Shortly after his mother became the first woman speaker, Paul Pelosi Jr., was hired by InfoUSA for $180,000 a year as its vice president for Strategic Planning.

Nancy Pelosi’s son Paul is also on the board of an energy company.
Paul Pelosi Jr. also traveled to Ukraine for his work.

AND — Better Yet — Speaker Nancy Pelosi even appears in the company’s video ad!

According to Patrick Howley at National File Speaker Pelosi’s son Paul Jr. was an executive at Viscoil.

Paul Jr. traveled to Ukraine in 2017.


As President Trump said, maybe somebody should look into this – huh, Nancy?

Article posted with permission from Pamela Geller

The Washington Standard

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