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Natural Rights and Man-Made Anti-Rights Part 3

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What happened to bring us where we are today – on the brink of social, moral, and financial collapse?

We forgot the Principle set forth in our Declaration that the sole purpose of civil government is to secure our Natural God-given rights by protecting us from those who seek to take these rights away from us. We were seduced and deceived into believing that civil government should 1) Provide for our needs; and 2) Protect us from the risks and uncertainties of Life.

The belief that government is responsible for all our needs is self-destructive. Historically, when this ideology has been implemented, it has destroyed countries and individual Human Souls.

A government that provides for some must take from others. How else do governments PAY for safety net programs? They take money from some people by force and give it to others in exchange for more control of us all.

When safety net programs were new, the money to fund these programs was first taken from those who paid taxes.  When that pot of money ran out, the government borrowed additional money on OUR behalf to fund the welfare programs. Now, the federal government has devised new methods of creating massive debt to be heaped on the backs of our grandchildren and great grandchildren.

All these “safety net” programs: Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, aid to families with dependent children, free day care, head start, forcing hospital ERs to provide free medical care, unemployment compensation, and the like, are all based on taking money from some people (born and unborn) by force and giving it to others. The politicians who promote these programs are ensured that the recipients will vote to keep them in office.

The welfare state is not based on “compassion.”  The welfare state is based on envy, coercion, theft, and greater government control. THIS is what has set us at each other’s throats: The misuse of government control to rob some of the People for the benefit of favored groups.

The welfare state with its “safety nets” negate Natural rights and violate Constitutional laws protecting private property, prohibiting theft – and it promotes envy. And when a culture is based on envy, coercion and theft as ours now is, it is impossible for the People to live in peace with one another.

We have been seduced into believing that the federal government should protect us from the risks and uncertainties of Life. Can you think of even ONE human activity that is not in some way, directly or indirectly, regulated or taxed by our federal government?

The modern American role model is portrayed in the “Life of Julia”: a single mother dependent on the federal government throughout her life, who lives in a cocoon woven around her by government safety net programs and paid for by others. When we exchange our responsibility for the cocoon, the price is personal liberty and dignity. The inevitable fallout is the collapse of morality.

The test for us is this: Have we become so dependent on handouts, and are we so indifferent to the fate of our grandchildren, that we refuse to take responsibility for keeping the precious gift of liberty? Will we continue to help the government We created to forge the shackles of our own bondage?

Or will we get off our collective backsides and work to keep the government We created within its Constitutional boundaries? Do we want to live as free and independent men and women who take responsibility for our lives or not?

America was made great by our Forefathers. They valued freedom so much that they faced danger, peril and uncertainty. There was no job, no home, no “safety nets,” no nothing – but God, wilderness, freedom, and opportunity.

During the late 1880s, Progressivism with its meddlesome and unconstitutional policies arose. The Progressives were going to “fix” everything and everybody by “regulating” everything and everybody. They would get “experts” to manage all the programs and tell us all what to do.

The Progressives initiated our abandonment of God’s Model for Civil Government, the abandonment of our Constitution, and our descent into the cesspool of envy, coercion, theft, and dependency.

Today, we are laboring under the ridiculous notion that we have a whole host of “rights” to stuff which is paid for by other people: the “right” to a free public school education; the “right” to a “fair” wage; the “right” to an income for when you are old, unemployed, sick, disabled, or whatever; a “right” to a “decent” standard of living, medical care, and other social services.

What’s wrong with all these “rights”? What they all have in common is a claimed “right” to live at other peoples’ expense. They elevate parasitism into a “right.” Our Declaration says “all men are CREATED EQUAL.” It does NOT say “all men must have EQUAL OUTCOMES.” We are given liberty as a gift so we can have the freedom to determine our own outcomes.

We are not endowed by our Creator with the “right” to demand that other people be forced to pay our living expenses and give us free stuff. We do not have the “right” to force others to subsidize our own failures, vices, weaknesses, or irresponsibility.

Our Creator’s Natural Laws uphold the sanctity of private property. Two of the 10 Commandments deal with the sanctity of other peoples’ property.  Not only are we forbidden to steal other peoples’ stuff, we are forbidden to covet what belongs to others.

The welfare State (socialism, communism, fascism, “redistribution,” “fairness”) are immoral concepts because they are based on the violation of Natural God-given laws granting us Liberty, upholding the sanctity of private property, and condemning envy and theft.

What Should We Do? We must turn away from the immoral “Progressive” mindset.  We must return to Natural Law, our Founding Principles, and our Constitution. We must acknowledge that the present system cannot continue, and that our “precious” safety net programs have done much to destroy the Family and the concept of personal responsibility.

We have spurned mankind’s “owner’s manual,” the Bible, for a very long time. It instructs us that Families and the Church are the primary welfare institutions, not the government. It is the responsibility of the Family, with the help and encouragement of the Church, to take care of their own and to educate their own children. And prior to the Progressives’ meddling in the 1880s, Americans actually followed these principles with great efficiency and success.

So we must phase out the unconstitutional safety net programs in an orderly manner. All taxes need to be reduced dramatically so that people can be free to keep the fruit of their own labor; to take care of their own families, have the time or resources to educate their own children, set aside money for their own retirement, and choose to give to those less fortunate.

Americans were once know around the world as remarkable and exceptional People; primarily characterized by our independence, our ingenuity, our strong work ethic, our prosperity, our generosity, our morality, and our charity to others on an individual basis. These attributes can only thrive in an environment of economic Liberty. We must begin to strengthen and pull together within our families once again. We must rediscover personal responsibility!

Article by Publius Huldah

The Washington Standard

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