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New Report Raises Even More Questions About Hillary Clinton’s Corruption

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A new story just released in Politico details a juicy new twist to the Hillary Clinton ‘pay for play’ corruption story.

One of the questions that has been in play since the beginning of Hillary Clinton’s email scandal problems has had to do with all of the money that the Clinton Foundation was raking in during Hillary Clinton’s time as Secretary of State. Many observers wondered if Hillary was so reticent to part with her private server because there was incriminating evidence on it linking Clinton to criminal activities. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had many interactions with foreign nations (and their businesses) that were simultaneously giving copious amounts of money to the Clinton Family Foundation. While no clear evidence exists of wrongdoing – the optics of a government official being given hundreds of thousands of dollars by the very entities that she is supposed to be negotiating with (in our interests) is, at the very least, incredibly stupid and demonstrates highly questionable judgment.

However, coupled with the ever-unfolding email scandal, it begs some serious questions about the disposition of Hillary Clinton’s ethical compass.

Politico has now uncovered even more reason to question the ethics of the folks in Camp Clinton, with newly discovered emails between a consulting company and the Clinton Team. At some point, all of the smoke is going to lead us to a fire…

From Politico:

A spring 2012 email to Hillary Clinton’s top State Department aide, Huma Abedin, asked for help winning a presidential appointment for a supporter of the Clinton Foundation, according to a chain obtained by POLITICO.

The messages illustrate the relationship between Clinton’s most trusted confidante and the private consulting company that asked for the favor, Teneo — a global firm that later hired Abedin. Abedin signed on with the company while she still held a State Department position, a dual employment that is now being examined by congressional investigators.

Abedin’s status as a “special government employee” has been questioned by Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), who has raised concerns about any overlapping duties and whether they posed potential conflicts of interest. Abedin also worked as an adviser to the Clinton Foundation, the nonprofit founded by former President Bill Clinton.

Abedin’s legal team maintains that the part-time jobs were appropriate and approved by Abedin’s supervisors at State and that she did nothing wrong…

Read the Rest of the Lurid Story at Politico

The Clinton campaign is not going to be happy about this.

*Article by Onan Coca

The Washington Standard

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