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North Carolina: 30 Illegals Raped & “Sexually Assaulted” 77 Kids Last Month!

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Like some other conservative sites, I thought we had been keeping a close watch on the illegal child rape epidemic in Maryland, where multiple kids are being raped by illegals.

But Maryland may pale in comparison as to what is happening in North Carolina

77 kids were raped or otherwise sexually abused in North Carolina, BY ILLEGALS, last month alone.

I found a full report from NCFire, please visit them after to get involved with their cause.

Here is their October 2019 report, of child rapes and sexual abuses in North Carolina. I’m going to show a couple of screenshots and let you visit the site if you’d like to see all the data.

In all there were 30 individuals who raped or otherwise inappropriately touched 77 kids.

You can see the full report and past reports at NCFire.info

Democrats want to continue to allow these people to come across the border and they are raping America’s children, among other things.

How long do we continue allowing this to happen?

These are not all good people crossing our border and we must find a way to get the truth out to ALL Americans, not just those who visit alternative media sites like mine.

Stop kidding yourself and stop making excuses to lay back.

We need everyone who cares to get loud.

Immigration is not really about helping those in need for the Dems and they don’t care how many of our children are raped.

Article posted with permission from Dean Garrison

The Washington Standard

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