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NSA Whistleblower Pens Letter To Military: Remember Your Weapons Going Off Course Like There Was Interference With Their GPS System?

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Dear military, who invaded Iraq in early 2003, do you remember some of your weapons initially going off course like there was interference with their GPS system?  There was. Some may remember that the mainstream media briefly mentioned that. I had worked on a series of Top Secret reports at the National Security Agency for about 6 months delineating the production of and specs of GPS jammers manufactured by a private Russian company that intended to and did sell the jammers attuned to our weapons to Iraq secretly so that the pre-announced (by President Bush) invasion would be a fiasco. Iraq was placing defenses in towns, near schools and mosques to discourage our attacks but accepted the GPS equipment offer to use them to make our weapons go off course and slaughter civilians, making us look like monsters.  Luckily, the 200-person team my reports eventually engendered was able to reconstruct the jammers and thwart all but 2-3 of them by the start of the invasion, but Special Forces soon knocked them out. The invasion according to mainstream media went much better than expected by anyone. Backdrop: did you know that the head of the NSA Weapons & Space Directorate in 2002 tried to squelch the reports? He and other cronies wanted the invasion death toll to be much higher “to embarrass Bush”. A coworker of mine, an ex-marine, called the Pentagon, a certain general’s aid called me, confirmed the facts, then demanded NSA release my reports. Later the Pentagon confirmed they thought my reports had saved about 2,000 lives or more.

To “repay me”, the head of W&S removed my name from a promotion write-up and put that of a no-talent honeypot sleeping her way through W&S to give her a rare double promotion meant for me (confirmed by a promo board member)from GS-12 to GS-14.  When I found out and asked for an investigation, corrupt W&S people, the infamous NSA IG later fired for whistleblower persecution, and NSA “Security” and SES managers linked to Mossad, set me up to be stalked, harassed, vilified, fired just two years before I could have retired on full (GS-14) pension. When I sued through the EEOC, NSA tried every trick in the book to sabotage the lawsuit but failed. Meanwhile, since the traitors were in danger of being outed, they had the DHS FBI Fusion Center network list me as a “terrorist” and had contractors and mercenary civilians stalk and harass me 24/7. In late 2015, they added DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS ASSAULTS to their “program” at the behest of the former NSA Deputy who oversaw the squelching of 9/11 warnings for 6 months. But though I have significant health damage, they still had the looming lawsuit. So, in 2018, they emptied or had someone empty my lawsuit file at the EEOC. The corrupted, complicit, or moronic judge who had accepted the suit on its merit in 2010, dismissed the case, refusing to allow my lawyer to just resend the contents of the lawsuit. That is how desperate the traitors inside NSA were and still are.

I have written the newer IG Storch and newer DIRNSA’s Rogers and Nakasone and been IGNORED in regard to espionage, treason, my torture, persecution and attempted and intended murder to shut me up. Tell me again how NSA has white hats working there? In charge? No. One or two may help a man of wealth and power like Trump, but a nobody who served her country 28 years then was fired for trying to reveal corruption? Oh hell no. And, no whistleblower organizations are legitimate. No Qui Tam lawyers are legitimate. No mainstream, obviously mockingbird, journalists have any interest in this story though alt media has been good to me (except for one immigrant from India who was a CIA plant who tried to involve me in something unsavory to compromise me). Years later I told this story about NSA trying to squelch this intelligence to a former Special Forces guy, who teared up to know NSA managers wanted to blithely sacrifice their lives for mere politics. I have tried everywhere to get help but am ignored, by militia, by military, by politicians, by authorities, by so-called patriots. I guess I signed up to die for my country like military does, but did not imagine by my own countrymen and the most vile of the vile.

In this journey I discovered that I was not the only innocent person targeted by infamous and parasitic Fusion Centers; however, they are, and were always designed to be Trojan Horses secretly persecuting and murdering good Americans one by one, hoping no one would quite notice the silent holocaust taxpayers were funding. Fusion Centers are actually quite sophisticated “Revenge for Hire” entities for the self-appointed elite. Their victims are known as Targeted Individuals. The Police State needs scapegoats to grow and expand and these are the grist they are using as the premise to working into targeting  all of America, i.e. anyone who will not join them in subverting and destroying America. And the number of civilian sell-outs among us, happy to help murder innocent people for under-the-table gift cards, and to help traitors escape justice, as well as succeed in their treason, would break your heart… or maybe, stop it completely.

Karen M. Stewart
Intelligence Analyst, ret.
National Security Agency

Karen Stewart

Karen Melton Stewart worked as an intelligence analyst with a Top Secret security clearance for the National Security Agency for 28 years when she was suddenly slandered, libeled, and forced out after reporting a honeypot being run in the NSA Weapons and Space Directorate by a compromised Security Group and IG Office to entrap and blackmail senior management. NSA has been so desperate to destroy her to keep her quiet that they instructed the FBI Fusion Centers to target her as a “terrorist” to include utilizing electronic weapons, for merely asking why another woman received credit for her award-winning work on a project saving thousands of lives and her double promotion for it.
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