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Obama-Appointed Judge Hopes Biden Saves Monster Who Cut Open a Pregnant Woman and Stole Her Baby

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What’s the difference between this and Planned Parenthood?

The behavior of an Obama judge demonstrates that lefties don’t draw the line at horrific crimes where you would think they might. This is a horrifying and sickening story, but it’s important to know this because this is the horror that the political and cultural elites are determined to protect and defend.

Since the lefty media keeps telling the story of the monster, and claiming that she was the victim of every possible abuse, let’s start by telling the story of the real victim.

Shy, kind, intelligent, trusting, and protective of her younger brother, Tyler, Bobbie Jo was a cheerleader before she graduated from high school with honors in May 2000. She lived in the small Skidmore area all her life. April 26, 2003, she married her childhood sweetheart, upperclassman, Zebulon James Stinnett. Thrilled to be expecting their first child, they were saving up for a home of their own home.

Bobbie Jo worked at Earl May Garden Center, a pet store and plant nursery where she loved working with the fish and birds until she left to take a production job at Kawasaki Manufacturing, where Zeb worked.

Online Montgomery and Bobbie Jo discussed their pregnancies.

The rest is a reminder of how incomprehensible human evil can be.

Montgomery drove from her Kansas home to Stinnett’s house in Skidmore under the guise of adopting a rat terrier puppy, prosecutors said.

She played with the dogs in Bobbie Jo’s backyard and then…

Montgomery used a rope to strangle Stinnett, who was eight months pregnant, but Stinnett was conscious and trying to defend herself as Montgomery used a kitchen knife to cut the baby girl from the womb, authorities said.

Prosecutors said Montgomery removed the baby from Ms Stinnett’s body, took the child with her, and attempted to pass the girl off as her own.

Everything afterward has been a litany of claims that Montgomery had been abused as a child and was mentally ill. Now that she was scheduled to finally be executed, lefties rallied to her defense.

“Executing Lisa Montgomery Would Be One of Trump’s Final Cruelties,” The Nation squealed. The same lefties who can’t recognize the horrors of her crime as cruel are accusing those trying to finally end this long nightmare for the family of the victim of being “cruel”.

And they came up with a gimmick.

Against CDC guidelines, her lawyers repeatedly visited her in prison, claimed that they had caught the coronavirus, and then demanded an extension, claiming that the lawyers were bedridden.

The DOJ should have sent someone to check on them and bring them chicken soup, but it was otherwise occupied.

Judge Randolph Moss, an Obama appointee, who’s been a reliable member of the anti-Trump resistance, repeatedly wrongly blocking administration moves, intervened to delay the execution of this monster until after the inauguration, hoping that Biden saves the Left’s favorite new monster.

Article posted with permission from Daniel Greenfield

The Washington Standard

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