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Patriots Come Together In San Diego & This Woman Let’s The Tyrants Know What Is Ahead Of Them! (Video)

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Patriots from ReOpen San Diego, Let Them Breathe, and San Diego Rise Up all gathered together with many in their own community of San Diego to stand against their representatives in the County Board of Supervisors.

One lady in particular, Brittany Mayer, wearing a yellow shirt that read, “If you’re not angry, You’re not paying attention” lit into the board and especially Supervisor Nathan Fletcher, who can’t keep his family together nor does he know how to be a man.

Take a look at what this arrogant, pompous, little boy wrote to those he is supposed to be serving in response to their criticizing of his tyranny.

Take a listen and be encouraged because the final warnings have been given to these criminals in government. The next shot is going to be justice!

Additionally, there were others who spoke.

Here’s Louis Uridel, a Metroflex Oceanside owner who said, “I will never submit to any request to requirement to wear masks or vaccine mandates. I will never submit to rules, that segregate or dismantle people and put them against each other.”


The Times of San Diego reported:

Several speakers called for board members to be arrested or resign or screamed at them.

A few speakers also called on county public health officer Dr. Wilma Wooten to resign.

Audra Morgan, who has spoken against the county’s COVID policies at previous meetings, accused supervisors of violating their oaths.

“We’re coming after every single (expletive) one of you,” she told the board.

More than few accused supervisors of not being in the chamber during the meeting or ignoring them. Supervisors Terra Lawson-Remer and Nora Vargas left the chamber at some point and participated remotely during certain periods of the meeting.

According to his spokesman, Fletcher left the dias “to help make sure people who felt like they were left off the speaker list were signed-up and allowed to speak.”

Lawson-Remer’s spokesman said she had to leave the meeting for a certain period to care for her toddler.

Eli Komai, a San Diego resident, credited county staff members with doing a good job listening to what he and others had to say. “We’re not doing this for ourselves, we’re doing this for our community,” he added.

Then look at what this criminal board did right after the meeting.

Again, from The Times of San Diego…

Following the hearing, the board unanimously approved allocating $104.8 million in federal and state Emergency Rental Assistance Program funds.

The money will be spent to continue a wastewater testing program at schools and childcare centers in connection to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The board also extended a contract for the Safer at School Early Alert System, a partnership with UC San Diego to test wastewater and an additional $2.7 million for nearly 50 locations.

The board also voted to approve $4.6 million in funding from the California Department of Public Health to “establish, expand and sustain a public health workforce,” according to information on the county board meeting agenda.

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

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