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Pfizer/FDA Corruption, Lethal Batches, and Autopsies Reveal Covid-19 Jab Genocide

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Not only were Pfizer’s trials a fraud, but the FDA knowingly approved it, putting millions of people at high risk. This report will show how autopsies reveal that the Covid-19 jabs are in fact killing otherwise healthy people, how there were intentional lethal batches released, and provide an incredible tool showing Pfizer trial fraud and the FDA’s negligence, so that people are armed with some of the most critical data to date in order to fight against this tyranny.

Former Pfizer Chief Scientist Dr. Mike Yeadon confirmed that 90% of vaccine side effects came from less than 10% of the batch lots, which is documented and calculated directly from CDC’s VAERS, and means the batches do not contain the same ingredients. This shows solid evidence of foul play that was done intentionally, and is the biggest smoking gun to date.

Death by Covid jab is not being tracked through to medical examiners. The deaths aren’t even being questioned or documented as Covid-jab-related. One U.S medical examiner took the time to trace 3 deaths between the ages of mid-30s to mid-50s that died from the Covid jab, and the autopsies verify this.

Top German pathologist Dr. Arne Burkhardt’s autopsy research shows clear evidence that all gene-based vaccines, independent of manufacturers, produced the same result in the vaccines. In the organs of these people, in 90% he found autoimmune self attack by killer lymphocytes on the tissues. The main ones being the heart, the lung, then other tissues such as liver, etc. Dr. Bhakdi confirms these vaccines are killing the young and the old.

In one central U.S. state, all-cause deaths didn’t fluctuate between 2015-2019. In 2020, it increased by 15%, and AFTER over 62% of Americans received the jab in 2021, the total deaths jumped a whopping 12% over and beyond 2020s 15% increase.

Pfizer has paid out over $10 billion in fines for false claims, bribing doctors, manipulating studies, as well as deaths due to their drugs – and their Covid-19 trials were a complete fraud. The Canadian Covid Care Alliance put together a brilliant video presentation breaking this all down and provides an illustrative pdf as a tool.

The claim by Pfizer was that the inoculations were safe and showed 95% efficacy 7 days after the 2nd dose. But that 95% was actually Relative Risk Reduction. Absolute Risk Reduction was only 0.84%.

A Federal judge refused the FDA’s request to keep Pfizer documents from the public. Instead of the 75 years the FDA requested to produce all documents submitted by Pfizer to receive the Covid-19 jab approval, the judge ordered 55,000 pages be released each month, which should be completed within 9 months.

The CDC Director admits that 75% of all Covid-related deaths have at least 4 comorbidities, and that the jab does not prevent transmission.

According to CDC’s VAERS reporting system, In under one year, more people have died from the Covid jab than all other vaccines put together, for all time, and they still haven’t shut it down.

Autopsies Reveal Covid Jab Deaths Despite Attempts to Suppress

I spoke with a medical examiner who I’ve been communicating with for two years, to get a sense of what they are seeing during autopsies, as well as how tracking of deaths from the Covid jab are being handled, and how death certificates are being recorded. It was quite an informative discussion, and included much of what I have suspected.

There is a major flaw in the system. It is not setup to catch “vaccine” injury, for several reasons:

1) In many cases, jurisdiction has to essentially be waved by the medical examiner in the case of hospice and nursing homes, which means the medical examiner never gets to see the medical records, but still have to sign the death certificates.

2) There are investigators in the medical examiners office that contact the facilities where the death took place, and simply get a short narrative about the descendant’s past medical diagnoses from whomever answers the phone, and these investigators don’t dare ask about the “vaccine.” If a patient had Covid at the time of death, that will be added, but there is never any mention of complications after receiving the jab. So when the documents are passed on to the medical examiner to sign, they have no way of knowing if the person had been vaccinated.

3) In cases of deaths outside of nursing homes and hospice, such as from hospitals or residences, many families don’t even think to mention that their loved one recently received the jab because they believe it to be safe, so once again, when the documents reach the medical examiner, they would have to physically call the family with follow up questions and ask that specific question.

Quite frankly, none of this surprises me. I recently communicated with an individual whose job included the responsibility of logging adverse event reports for a large hospital network. However, any death-related cases were held by the higher-ups, and only adverse events were handed down to be entered. I imagine that is likely the process at most networks. But that all came to a halt when this person was told in early November to no longer enter the data, and without explanation. How many other hospitals and networks were given the same instructions, and are the deaths even being reported?

How do they control the narrative and push propaganda to stoke fear? A perfect example is the article in The Times of Israel that just published on January 10, 2022, headlined ‘First case reported in Israel of heart inflammation linked to Omicron infection.’ They state that a “previously healthy 43-year-old man who received a booster shot in August, hospitalized at Tel Hashomer in intensive care unit; doctors call it a worrying development.” But the “worry” is over the alleged variant Omicron, not the Covid jab. Dr. Shlomi Matetzky, head of the ICU at Sheba Medical Center (Tel Hashomer Hospital) told Channel 12 news about this man being treated for myocarditis, claiming “this is the first time we have seen this with Omicron. This is a worrying development that we need to think about.”

Completely disregarding the fact that this man has received the jabs and booster, they immediately sound the alarm that Omicron is the cause. Israel is the first country in the world to roll out a fourth booster. Many, including Corey’s Digs, has long warned that they would create false variants and allege how deadly they are so as to create a cover story for those really dying from the Covid jab itself. Sadly, we are seeing this all roll out in real time now.

So how do you push this propaganda out? Coincidentally, a 60-second search reveals that Bill Gates happens to have a connection with Sheba Medical Center, in Israel, through joint investments. Is this a stretch? Absolutely not. When you understand the reach, the pull, and the control these elite globalists have in place to coordinate such propaganda, this sort of connection becomes very relevant, especially when their false narrative against the science, is what’s coming out of this hospital.

Cases of deaths have significantly increased and it is clear that the Covid jab is having an impact:

1) Between 2015-2019 the total number of deaths in this specific location held at a steady rate each year, with minimal discrepancy, all with varying causes. In 2020, the year Covid hit, they saw a 15% increase in the total number of deaths. In 2021, after allegedly 62% of the U.S. had received the Covid jab and become “fully vaccinated”, they saw an additional increase of 12% over and above what they saw in 2020. That is substantial, especially when the FDA and CDC insist that the jab will prevent deaths.

2) The majority of nursing homes, and even hospice, are all injecting their patients with the Covid jab, and there has been a significant increase in deaths at these locations in the central part of the U.S. where the medical examiner works, but has also been reported on in many other areas of the country.

3) This medical examiner made it a point to contact 15-20 families who had lost a loved one. Some cases were obvious suicide or specific causes of death that wouldn’t raise a red flag for the Covid jab playing a role. But a few were quite telling, and so the medical examiner asked if they had received the Covid jab and what date they had received it. Three individuals ranging between the ages of their mid-30s to mid-50s had all received the jab within weeks of their death, one who had suffered a great deal immediately following the injection.

To illustrate one case, this person had developed mild myocarditis/pericarditis. Despite cases of myocarditis and pericarditis in children after receiving the Covid jab, the FDA and CDC insist on injecting children when they aren’t even at risk of dying from Covid-19.

Small area of myocarditis/pericarditis. The pink area is the myocardium, and the white area is the epicardial fat. The purple cells are the lymphocytic inflammation.

This isn’t what killed this otherwise healthy person – a heart attack was. It is likely that either the spike protein made its way into the heart and lining of the blood vessels, which ultimately caused the ruptured coronary artery or, a recent study also shows that “vaccines” based on mRNA-containing lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) are highly inflammatory, and led to a high mortality rate in mice. Another recent study shows an increase in protein inflammatory biomarkers.

Ruptured and occluded by a blood clot. The bright pink in the middle is the clot.
This one shows the inflammation and particularly the inflamed endothelial lining.

” The mortality rate is up to 20% at 6.5 years.”

The FDA isn’t concerned, according to their December 8, 2021 decision.

The medical examiner did their job and included the Covid “vaccine” as cause of death on the death certificates. But the question is – how many other medical examiners are doing their job? How many other investigators are refusing to do theirs? Is there any level of tracking of deaths by Covid jab taking place, because it seems our government and other “health” officials are doing everything they can to bury this information, and those that should be documenting it are too afraid to do so.

Critical Evidence and Resources Pertaining to Autopsies

Below are critical resources for both the public and for medical examiners so they know exactly what to be looking for, and going forward – could become the voices who put an end to this genocide. There are additional resources at the end of this article.

“The facts are damning. All gene-based vaccines, independent of manufacturers, produced the same result in the vaccines. In the organs of these people, in 90% he found clear evidence for autoimmune self attack by killer lymphocytes on the tissues. The main ones being the heart, the lung, then other tissues such as liver, etc…these vaccines are killing the young and the old.” – Dr. Bhakdi speaking about the evidence from one of Europe’s most experienced pathologists, Dr. Burkhardt’s

On Covid vaccines: why they cannot work, and irrefutable evidence of their causative role in deaths after vaccination – Dr. Bhakdi and Dr. Burkhardt

Dr. Bhakdi video on pathology results by Dr. Burkhardt

Dr. Bhakdi and Dr. Palmer video summary on autopsy reports – Doctors for Covid Ethics

Notes and recommendations for conducting post-mortem examination (autopsy) of person deceased in connection with Covid vaccination – Dr. A. Burkhardt

The FDA Approved Pfizer Covid-19 Jab Knowing Full Well The Rushed Trials Were a Fraud

The Canadian Covid Care Alliance, a group of 500 independent Canadian doctors, scientists, and health care practitioners produced an incredible, evidence-based presentation of the Pfizer trials submitted to the FDA, breaking it all down with precision and charts, and showing the timeline of the process leading to the FDA’s approval, and statistics that followed. It is an eye-opening, easy-to-follow, short video that must be watched and shared by the world.

The claim was that the inoculations were safe and showed 95% efficacy 7 days after the 2nd dose. But that 95% was actually Relative Risk Reduction. Absolute Risk Reduction was only 0.84%.

AN INCREDIBLE TOOL: They provide a complete PDF of the presentation for everyone to download, print, and share, which I recommend everyone getting this into the hands of all legislatures, mayors and local gov offices, healthcare workers, medical examiners, friends and family, schools, and place of business. Share the video and PDF far and wide across social media, post to your website, and never stop talking about it.

The FDA is not only complicit, but are the most instrumental player in committing genocide because they gave the green light, and THEY KNOW what they did. Everyone needs to hold the FDA accountable and keep the heat on them through mail, email, and phone calls, until the Covid jabs are halted altogether. The Covid jab AND the vaccine ID passports both need to be stopped to prevent genocide, and a human enslavement system for those who managed to survive.

The FDA approved an experimental gene therapy produced by a company that has paid over $10 billion in fines since 2000, for lying, safety-related offenses, manipulated studies, bribing doctors, false claims, and people dying from their drugs. Paying fines and a slap on the wrist still keeps big pharma in business, when any other company would have been shut down and the owners serving time in prison. Instead, the FDA wants them to inject your children.

Pfizer has made over $33.5 billion in 2021 alone. They hold no liability for the Covid-19 jabs.

They know exactly what they’ve done, and yet on January 3, 2022 their press release is headlined: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update: FDA Takes Multiple Actions to Expand Use of Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine, which includes adding a third primary series dose for immunocompromised children ages 5 through 11. WHY would they inject a child with toxins who is already immunocompromised, and has no real threat of adverse events or death from Covid?

How many people have already suffered from the FDA withholding treatment from Covid patients? How many people died by being given lethal Remdesivir and put on ventilators when it didn’t have to happen? Why did the CDC change the definition of a “vaccine” after decades? Because, the Covid jab is gene therapy, does not prevent infection, does not prevent transmission, and most certainly does not prevent death – quite the opposite.

What Does The Injury and Death Data Tell Us?

In just one year, the death toll from the Covid jab has far exceeded all other “vaccines” combined, for all time in the U.S. alone, according to the CDC’s VAERS underreported system.

The FDA would have you believe that “side effects are uncommon” and these Covid jabs are “safe and effective. Given what we’ve already learned above in regards to the lack of reporting adverse events and deaths, the current numbers reflected in the CDC’s VAERS system are a mere fraction of the actual cases. That said, there are currently over 1.8 million adverse events reported, with over 113,000 hospitalizations from the jab, plus 21,382 Covid jab deaths, which is totally underreported. Many scientists and medical professional estimate the number of deaths to be upwards of over 400,000 in the U.S. alone.

Former Pfizer Chief Scientist Dr. Mike Yeadon confirmed that 90% of vaccine side effects came from less than 10% of the batch lots, which is documented and calculated directly from CDC’s VAERS, and means the batches do not contain the same ingredients. This shows solid evidence of foul play that was done intentionally, and is the biggest smoking gun to date.

The entire introduction to this is a must listen to, for those who are beginning to understand the bigger agenda being rolled out. The specific details regarding the different batches begins at 40 min. This is an absolute must watch and MUST SHARE.

Below are three very significant charts explained by Dr. Yeadon in the above video that must be shared with the world.

To review in-depth information and charts regarding specific batches, statistics, and demographics, go to HowBad.info. If you are a healthcare worker with access to batch lot numbers, please see the whistleblower section. You have the ability to help millions of people.

Why haven’t all of the Covid jabs been pulled from distribution? It should be obvious by now. Who is paying to assist those who are having adverse events? Who is capable of treating those adverse events to an experimental gene therapy? Who is paying for the funerals of those who have died, and assisting the families left behind? Everyone, including big pharma, hospitals, and healthcare workers, are all exempt from any liability. The only avenue is the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program which happens behind closed doors, through our government. To date, they have paid out over $4.7 billion in injury and death claims, with a total of 8,504 awards and 11,996 dismissed claims, none of which indicates a single Covid-19 related payout thus far because it’s a lengthy process. That said, 2,057 petitions were filed in 2021, the largest number since 2003, and already 245 petitions have been filed in 2022, on their document that is dated January 1, 2022. Everyone who has suffered from these jabs or lost a loved one to them, should file a petition, if for nothing else – to get it documented and on the record.

According to the WHO’s Global Database of Reported Potential Side Effects (which excludes deaths), there has been nearly 3 million reports, which is clearly “the short list” when one begins reviewing adverse events on a country to country basis.

In September 2021, ABC News posed a question on Facebook, asking people, “After the vaccines were available to everyone, did you lose an unvaccinated loved one to Covid-19? If you’re willing to share your family story, please dm us your contact information. We may reach out to you for a story that we are working on.” They wanted to build a propaganda piece, and instead, were absolutely hammered with over 194,000 comments of angry people sharing their stories about themselves and family members who were harmed by the so-called “vaccine,” and loved ones that died from the “vaccine.” It was a pivotal and incredible sight to see the comments come in, in real time. This is how much damage the jabs are doing. (video from September 2021)

Just last week, the CDC Director stated that “over 75% of deaths had at least 4 comorbidities.”

The CDC Director has repeatedly stated that the Covid jab “does not prevent transmission.” Why the need for a vaccine ID passport? You know why.

Federal Judge Rejects FDA’s Request To Hide Pfizer Covid Jab Documents for 75 Years

Why would the FDA want to hide the documents submitted by Pfizer to license its Covid-19 jab, for 75 years, if their main concern is truly about the health of human beings, as opposed to protecting big pharma and the globalists?

Through a FOIA request, Siri & Glimstad LLP had requested that the FDA produce all of the data Pfizer had submitted to them, but the FDA asked the court for permission to only be required to produce 500 pages per month, which would have taken over 75 years to release all of the documents – long after people have suffered adverse events and death by Pfizer’s jab.

On January 6, 2022, the federal judge ordered the FDA to produce 55,000 pages per month, beginning with the first lot of 12,000 pages by January 31, and production of the first set of 55,000 pages beginning March 1, and continue at that rate of production every 30 days, taking 8-9 months overall. This a big a win, but does allows for redaction of privilege, exemption, or exclusion as asserted, of course.

So What is This Really About?

Simply put: the pandemic is to mandate an experimental gene therapy that the CDC and FDA like to refer to as a “vaccine.” That “vaccine” is for purposes of getting everyone onto a vaccine ID passport. The passport is to force everyone into the new global social credit system. That system is to bring the global population to full obedience, as the globalists control everyone’s access and spending to anything and everything in life, through the use of the new CBDC (central bank digital currency) system they are building toward. And, the icing on the cake for the globalists who orchestrated this – is depopulation.

The survival rate from Covid-19 is 99.98%, and that is based on recorded deaths of people “with” Covid, not “from” Covid. The CDC Director has already stated that 75% of all Covid-related deaths were in people with at least 4 comorbidities. Hospital networks, medical examiners offices, nursing homes, hospice, and healthcare workers are being told and intimidated to not report to VAERS, not to question whether a deceased person had recently received the jab, and not monitor deaths from the jab. The FDA and CDC have done everything in their power to inform hospitals and physicians that they should not treat Covid patients unless they “can’t breathe.” They have refused to suggest or prescribe zinc, quercetin, vitamin C, vitamin D, Ivermectin, or hydroxychloroquin, all of which are well known to work. They have gone so far as to discredit brilliant scientists and doctors from Harvard, Oxford, Stanford, and others, while trying to destroy doctors’ livelihoods and strip them of their medical licenses. When all of this is factored in, who is really dying from alleged “Covid?”

We have so many smoking guns with irrefutable evidence that this is genocide and if people do not stop complying, entire countries will crash and burn, and there will be nothing left to fight for beyond the ashes.

For all of those in the scientific and healthcare communities who are fighting to expose this genocide, and doing everything in your power to stop it, including treating patients – the world owes a great deal of gratitude to you all, and you should know how much you are appreciated.

If you are confused as to why the Media continues to push false data and news around the Covid-19 topic, this might clue you in:

Key Scientific Documents, Statistical Data and Information, Plus Vital Resources:

SARS-CoV-2 Spike Impairs DNA Damage Repair and Inhibits V(D)J Recombination in Vitro – Hui Jang and Ya-Fang Mei

Abstract 10712: Observational Findings of PULS Cardiac Test Findings for Inflammatory Markers in Patients Receiving mRNA Vaccines

The mRNA-LNP platform’s lipid nanoparticle component used in preclinical vaccine studies is highly inflammatory

Why mRNA vaccine are a very bad idea – Doctors for Covid Ethics

mRNA toxicity and the political agenda behind vaccine passports – Dr. Michael Palmer and Catherine Austin Fitts

List of over 75 athletes collapsing, with some dying, in the last 5 months – German news site

21 Sudden deaths of of members of the International Football Association, when average between 2000-2020 was only 4.2 – Israeli news site

The Global Landscape on Vaccine ID Passports and Where It’s Headed (4-part series) – Corey’s Digs

22 Ways to Stop Vaccine ID Passports in 2022 and Why We Must! – Corey’s Digs

Covid Resources: Medical, Legal, Forms, Job Boards & Other Critical Info – Corey’s Digs

Covid-19 Real Data, Hidden Data, and Fear is The Real Killer (5-part series) – Corey’s Digs

Article posted with permission from Corey Lynn, originally published at CoreysDigs.com

Corey Lynn

Corey Lynn is an investigative journalist who digs for truth in a world where nothing is as it seems, and then connecting the dots and presenting her findings to you. You can follow her work at CoreysDigs.com.
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