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Police State Ramps Up In Sydney, Australia As Order Followers “Crackdown” On Others

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The police state in Sydney, Australia has ramped up to ridiculous levels.  Upon commands of the ruling class, the order following law enFORCEment agents of the state is “cracking down” on their fellow human beings who no longer want to be ruled and owned.

Additionally, Australian authorities on Tuesday vowed to crank up policing of anti-COVID lockdown rules in Sydney. But in spite of the abject enslavement of an entire swath of the population, the masters have dismissed suggestions that tougher measures, including a curfew, were needed after the city reported its biggest single-day new case number yet.

In the midst of the most draconian and dystopian reality Australians have ever faced, and increasingly restrictive lockdowns, the cases of COVID-19 are still rising. So have we been lied to about “germ theory” and how viruses spread? Since those locked down and not in contact will anyone are contracting viruses such as the common cold (for which COVID is a synonym for) does that mean germ theory is wrong? Can we really “catch” a virus from someone else just from being near them?

“What I’m concerned about is the crowding in shopping centers and places where we have seen transmission events in small shops,” state Chief Health Officer Kerry Chant told reporters.

With more than five million residents of Australia’s biggest city now in lockdown for more than six weeks, Sydney reported 343 new infections in an outbreak stoked by the spread of the highly transmissible Delta strain of COVID-19, up 66 from the day before and topping the last one-day peak set on Saturdayread more.

We will do the math again, and remember, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention actually admitted that COVID-19 and the common cold are synonymous (meaning they are the same thing.) So, 343 people have a cold out of 5 million, which is .00686% of the population. Again, a rounding error. And the police are enforcing the most draconian restrictions at the commands of the ruling class. Where are the morals of these people following the orders? Without the teeth, the enFORCEment class, the rulering class is nothing and they have no power.

Stay prepared. It could still come here.  The only chance we have is to stay strong, not comply, use critical thinking and refuse to live in fear. They will stop at nothing to enforce whatever they need to in order to maintain control over the human population of all countries.

Article posted with permission from Mac Slavo

The Washington Standard

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