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President Putin Calls Out Joe Biden In Debate Challenge: ‘Live, Online, Without Any Delays’

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This kind of derision and ridicule from world leaders did not happen under President Trump. Under President Trump America was treated with respect. It was treated like the world’s preeminent superpower. Those days are long gone. And you ain’t seen nothing yet. Just wait until the interactions between the Biden Administration and China begin. Pray for America.

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The world is laughing at hijacked America. We have never been more vulnerable.

Vladimir Putin Calls Out Joe Biden In Debate Challenge: ‘Live, Online, Without Any Delays’

By The Federalist Papers, March 18, 2021

Thursday just got a lot more interesting.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has dominated the headlines today after he clapped back at President Joe Biden after the American president accused Putin of being a “killer” earlier this week. Aside from a number of witty responses, Putin laid out the ultimate challenge for the frail, 78-year-old U.S. president who can’t string together more than a few coherent sentences: a live, online debate.

Reuters has the story: (it should be noted to our readers that Reuters apparently wasn’t fond of using the word “debate” and in their headline, suggested instead that Putin “offered Biden online talks,” which is hilarious.)

President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday that he and U.S. President Joe Biden should hold live online talks in coming days after Biden said he thought the Russian leader was a killer and diplomatic ties sank to a new post-Cold War low.

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Putin, speaking on television, cited a Russian children’s playground chant to scathingly respond to Biden’s accusation with the comment that “he who said it, did it.”

In an ABC News interview broadcast on Wednesday that prompted Russia to recall its Washington ambassador for consultations, Biden said “I do” when asked if he believed Putin was a killer.

Biden was quick to extend a nuclear arms pact with Russia after he took office. But his administration has said it will take a tougher line with Moscow than Washington did during Donald Trump’s term in office, and engage only when there is a tangible benefit for the United States.

Article posted with permission from Pamela Geller

The Washington Standard

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