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Propagandist NY Times Caught Changing Tulsi Gabbard Article: No Longer Working For Russians – She’s Working For Republicans

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Fake News has taken over almost every major news source in America, and the New York Times has just been busted changing an article without notice of update or a retraction.

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They have just associated Tulsi Gabbard with Republicans, instead of Russians as the article originally read.

First, look at a screenshot from the original.

Russia was grooming Tulsi, according to NYT.

For those who do not know, you can find original versions by using The Wayback Machine, which is exactly how I obtained the original version.

Now, here is the new version which has an obvious change and no notice of correction/retraction.

Oh, I see.

It’s not the Russians.

It’s the Republicans!

Simple mistake?


But The New York Times has no business making edits that significant without posting a notice of correction/retraction.

That “minor” change made a huge difference in the story.

Here’s more from Timcast:

What do you think?

Was it a simple mistake?

If so, why no retraction?

I think it’s just more evidence of Fake News overtaking our country.

The New York Times usually gets their FAKE NEWS right the first time without having to edit it.

Maybe they rushed to print this and some government officials suggested the edit. 🙂

Keep your eyes open, America.

The entire corporate media establishment is now a scam.

There was no actual proof that the above poll was fake news, but look what happened in their next poll.

I’m sure that was a total accident. 😉

You can’t trust any of them.

Don’t believe the corporate fake news.

Watch what is happening with Trump’s rallies if you want to know what is really going on in America.

Of course, they don’t report the truth about those in the mainstream either.

If you think small independent blogs, like mine, are not your style then I’d suggest Breitbart.

But for the love of all that’s good, turn off the TV news.

Article posted with permission from Dean Garrison

The Washington Standard

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