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Putin Offers Cease-Fire in Ukraine Under Specific Conditions; Kyiv Rejects Proposal as Manipulative

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The Ukrainians will do whatever the Deep State wants. And they want war. They need to hide the facts of Biden’s bribery, and the bio-labs. The amount of corruption in this nation is considered to be far worse than any other nation.

Russian President Vladimir Putin recently stated that he would “immediately” cease military actions in Ukraine and start peace talks if Ukraine began to pull its troops from the regions annexed by Moscow in 2022 and abandoned its aspirations to join NATO. Ukraine dismissed these terms as “manipulative” and “absurd.”

This proposal was articulated as world leaders, excluding representatives from Moscow, were set to meet in Switzerland to explore preliminary steps towards resolving the Ukrainian crisis. At the same time, leaders from the Group of Seven major industrial nations were gathering in Italy. Additionally, the U.S. and Ukraine had just ratified a 10-year security pact, which Russian authorities have declared “null and void.”

Putin criticized the Swiss conference as a mere distraction, intended to mislead about the origins and solutions of the Ukrainian situation. He expressed his readiness for a “final resolution” to the conflict, emphasizing that the Kremlin was prepared to initiate negotiations immediately.

In his address to the Russian Foreign Ministry, Putin reiterated demands for Ukraine to recognize Crimea as Russian, maintain its non-nuclear status, limit its military capabilities, and safeguard the rights of Russian-speaking citizens. He called for the removal of all Western sanctions against Russia and emphasized the need to restore unity between Russia and Ukraine, and in Europe broadly.

Ukraine’s response underscored its rejection of Putin’s conditions, branding them as a strategy to deceive the global community and disrupt diplomatic efforts. Ukraine insists on Russia’s full withdrawal from its territories, including Crimea, accountability for war crimes, and reparations.

Since Russia’s full-scale invasion in February 2022, the conflict has largely concentrated in the south and east of Ukraine. Russian control over the annexed eastern and southern regions remains incomplete.

Mykhailo Podolyak, an adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, critiqued Putin’s proposal as repetitive and insincere, asserting it contained no genuine peace initiatives and reflected a continued willingness to pursue the conflict under different pretexts.

U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin also dismissed Putin’s demands, stating from NATO headquarters in Brussels that Putin, having initiated the war unjustly, is not in a position to impose terms on Ukraine. Austin reiterated that Putin could end the conflict immediately if he chose to.

Putin’s insistence on Kyiv’s full withdrawal from the annexed regions underlines his firm stance. Although Russia retracted its forces from some key regional capitals due to Ukrainian resistance, Putin suggested that the troop deployments near Kyiv were intended to coerce Ukraine into negotiations.

Despite Moscow’s formal annexation of additional Ukrainian territories following dubious referendums, Putin indicated that these matters were conclusively settled and not open for further discussion, although he claimed openness to peaceful resolutions in other respects.

What may very well come next, is a defense pact between China and Russia. What else can go wrong with Biden in office? Well, these two nations already organized the coming doom of the dollar as the world’s currency. This will put an economic dagger into the U.S.  Biden and the Democrats, along with the Deep State, did it all…

Major Points

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed an immediate cease-fire in Ukraine contingent on Kyiv withdrawing troops from annexed regions and dropping NATO membership plans.
  • Ukraine dismissed Putin’s proposal as manipulative and absurd, emphasizing it as a ploy to mislead and undermine diplomatic peace efforts.
  • The proposal coincided with a major security agreement between the U.S. and Ukraine and discussions among G7 leaders and a peace conference in Switzerland, which excluded Moscow.
  • Putin’s demands included Ukraine recognizing Crimea as Russian territory, maintaining non-nuclear status, and lifting all Western sanctions against Russia.
  • The ongoing conflict has centered mainly in Ukraine’s south and east, with significant resistance from Ukrainian forces despite Russia’s annexation claims.

Al Santana – Reprinted with permission of Whatfinger News

The Washington Standard

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