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Republic, Republic, REPUBLIC!

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Over a decade ago, 30-year veteran New York City school teacher John Taylor Gatto published a trenchant indictment of government schools entitled Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling. But that scholar omitted one crucial point of government programming that I will bring to your attention.

Americans are ignorant of civics. We don’t know how our system of government works or even what form of government we have.

I’m not referring to those ditzy high school and college kids that Mark Dice interviews, who don’t know third grade material. I’m talking about most of our presidents, members of Congress, university professors, journalists and others who should know better. Like most adults trained in government schools, they believe that Abe Lincoln was our greatest president, a preposterous ‘fact’ of propaganda on which Washington D.C. has relied for 150 years. In this previous blog article, we offered six books and one website that put that destructive lie to rest once and for all.

But they also cannot comprehend the stipulations set out by We The People in our U.S. Constitution; the most basic fact of civics, that these united States of America are a republic, a form of government guaranteed by We The People to each of the States in Article IV, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution.

You see, country can mean many things; if I say that I live in the country, I do not live in the city. So using the word ‘country’ does not settle the matter.

We use common terms of civics. In political economy, nation refers to a population living under a unitary government. On the other hand, republic refers to a confederation of sovereign states each with its own government but unified for only limited and specified purposes. Read the Constitution; that’s us. It isn’t rocket science. In fact, the average fourth grade homeschooler has no problem grasping and remembering it. But senators and presidents apparently do.

These united States of America have been a republic for 227 years. America has never been a nation, even if many past presidents – and even Founding Fathers – have used the word because it was handy. If you think this American republic is no big deal, you have no idea. Watch Europe over the coming year or two, and you will begin to appreciate the value of our Christian civilization, our constitutional rule of law, and the republic that we guaranteed to all the sovereign states, in perpetuity.

But our ignorance of civics is not limited to the fact that most Americans do not know what form of government we have by law. They also do not know that We The People are the highest level of government, standing over our U.S. Constitution as its creators, interpreters, and enforcers.

For many generations, government schools have taught Americans to demote ourselves with silly words like ‘voter’ and ‘grassroots’. Having never read our own Constitution, which is written at a 5th grade comprehension level, we are clueless. We are not only unworthy of self-government; we are incapable of it, too.

Once you recognize our duty and power as America’s collective sovereign, you will never again use the word ‘nation’ to refer to our republic. You also will stop using the propaganda phrases such as ‘elected leaders’ and ‘elected officials’ to refer to arrogant criminals.

These people are elected to represent and serve us, and to scrupulously obey the Constitution. Instead, they serve themselves and the elite, and violate America’s highest law, all day, every day, many times per day. And just listen to them; they are proud of it!

If a clueless employer referred to his employees or servants as “my elected leaders” (since he does have to hire them from a pool of candidates), how long would it take for the hired help to start a mutiny and take the employer captive?

Mr. Gatto and many others have pointed out the seminal part played by the government schools, in destroying our republic and civilization. We have swallowed and regurgitated a great deal of destructive foolishness. The ruins are four generations deep, and there is work to be done. Over 40 years, America’s growing army of homeschoolers have been training a remnant of three generations to take up our duties and powers that our ancestors abdicated.

Those ‘elected leaders’ decide their own working conditions, staffing, salary, benefits, luxury travel arrangements – and send their IRS thugs after the poor taxpayers to pay for it all.

As Europe flies apart under this same curse of corruption, America is pushed to the gates of Hell, with the Millennial generation smiling all the way, courtesy of the government schools.

It is time to repent, fellow American. It is time to reform not only our vocabulary but our way of life. Unlike the complaining ‘save America’ groups and websites that do nothing but quote Founding Fathers and ask for your donations, AmericaAgain! is in 115 American communities and growing toward a set of written action milestones to kick down the gates of D.C. organized crime.

By the time Trump takes office, we have to give him political cover, then offer up our 22 reform laws for him to sign, and the AmericaAgain! Indictment Engine™ to put the fear of God back into our elected SERVANTS. To learn about each of these aspects of our mission, read my free book Fear The People, available for download here. Our new, interactive website and action community goes live on July 28.

Join us today, to help rebuild the fallen walls of our REPUBLIC.

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