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Rockin’ The Cradle: New Ways Government Is Expanding Data Rape Of Kids Via “In Home Visits” To Align With Workforce Traced Education

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Anti Fed Ed Warriors, as parents and taxpayers, we know that there are times the ‘bear’ in us needs to rise up and roar. Since ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) is firmly in place, we know the grab for our littlest children is upon us. As you know, I’ve written many articles about these overreaches, especially into our homes.

So, imagine my disgust as the State I live in (NC) was almost gleeful over new ways to EXPAND the data rape of our children via ‘in home visits’ to align those children from birth to 8 years of age to a workforce traced education system.

Why ‘data rape’? Not ‘data collection’? Because the amount of personal private information harvested WITHOUT proper consent is THAT bad.


I also use that particular data term in relation to the recent webinar I attended.  I asked about the need for parental consent with minor’s data, I was assured that all the expansion was protected under the existing FERPA (Family Educational Rights to Privacy Act) and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).

Not one word about the recent impacts of FEPA (Foundations for Evidence-based Policy-making Act). Why would these be of concern?

Warriors, the existing FERPA was gutted by an Obama era Executive Order and has NEVER been restored to fully protect the privacy of the family in educational matters.

HIPAA is also not bulletproof in protecting your personal private data as it stands. FEPA makes the Patriot Act, FERPA, and, HIPPA look like child’s play compared to all that the data rape being unleashed on EVERY American.


*I’ve no clue if the presenting ‘experts’ realize FERPA is gutted/that FEPA will definitely be relevant/ or that/HIPAA is a joke for privacy, or, if they are being misled (or just don’t care).  Anyway a parent and taxpayer looks at it, this is all terrible news.


**In asking some tough questions after the webinar, I was able to learn that NC’s expansion for data tracking alignment between existing trails and in-home visits is being paid for out of ‘our’ PreK Development ‘award’.

The Webinar:

1) While our subject so far has been on in-home visits and data tracking/alignment, the webinar was a bit confusing to me, at first. As you see, the title suggests grade level reading. Then you see in home visiting. It wasn’t until the ‘meat’ of the presentation that 3 different programs are being intertwined became clearer.

The CGLR (Campaign for Grade-Level Reading), the SSI (Sustainability Scale Pilot Initiative), and, SHINE (State-level Home Integration with Early Childhood Data Systems). (*Note: The SSI is a part of the CGLR. As seen in this link, a Feb. 2019, AZ presentation has the same opening slide as you see below.)


If you wish to see all the slides from the NC webinar, find them below (53 in all).

May 21 Sustainable Scale Webinar Slides by Tim Brown on Scribd

Take an hour and listen to the Webinar in its entirety. If you live in any of the States in these 2 initiatives, you’ll find key information. If your State isn’t listed, be a step ahead of the agenda and learn what to watch for.

From my raw notes on the Webinar:

a) Home visits will be the expansion of the data trails already in place. (In NC, those trails date back to 1990. The current data system dates back to 2015.) Current system is NCEIDS (NC Early Childhood Integrated Data System).

The expansion will increase this to the single most powerful longitudinal source on our children. The ‘outcomes’expected of the children will not be for their benefit, but the State’s. Combines Ed/HHS/Social Services. (In the home visits portion, ‘best practices’ will be part of the outcomes.)

b) Target ages: birth to 8 yrs (part of the NC vision: All NC children, not simply public school children; will keep family and children in the center of all alignment)

c) Tied to the Reading Campaign: 60 data points are on reading. The expansion will encompass SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) and early intervention programs.

The “whole child” approach is being used to expand the data trails. Ten goals and their sub-goals are divided in 3 ‘buckets’:
i) healthy children/ ii) ready to succeed/ iii) safe and nurtured

d) The NC Governor ‘inspired’ Action Plan for our little ones:nccradledata
e) Sources cited during the webinar (use these as pointers for where in your State similar plans may be found.)

NC Early Childhood Foundation (web address is ‘buildthefoundation.org‘)
Link:  https://buildthefoundation.org/

Think Babies NC (part of the NC Early Ed Coalition)


You can see their home visit expansion plans:


MyfutureNC (where the goal is to have 2 million NC citizens attain ‘high quality’ post-secondary ed or credentials by 2030):


Pathways to Read (part of the Build the Foundation and a huge disaster in our State due to the overreaches of the business community, CCSS and ESSA)


The Governor’s Action Plan:


Pew Charitable Trust Home Visit Data Indicators (from 2015):

(NC’s data expansion will work with current data experts on the alignment)

This document is one Georgetown Univ. has published to guide States into how to use Medicaid for home visit funding:


Related Resources:

1) Back in Jan. 2019, I shared with you some grave concerns about the abusiveness in the CCSS Machine’s plans for in-home visits from across the nation. One of the States featured (MN) is finding that there are massive amounts of financial fraud associated with all this. MN is also one of the 5 States along with NC, working to expand the data tracking of our babies toward a workforce based life.

2) In February 2019, the follow-up to #1. More evidence from across the nation. Why the increase? Because as America becomes more global citizen-based, our children are seen as not ours, but the State’s.

3) From April 2019, the plans to expand the Social Security Act (Medicaid funds are used in education from the SSA). Since fraud is already in place in education funding, think what throwing more money and power at us will do.

4) When the Preschool Development Grants were awarded in early 2019, I showed you where each of the States was going to find their funding. I showed you then, what ties to the CCSS Machine and globalism existed in the funding and planned use of them. NC citizens, this was the first taste of the pie the recent webinar focused upon.

5) From a couple of days ago, the ‘teaser’ article where I first told you about SHINE.

6) If you’d like to see how colorful your county dresses up the P3 (public private partnerships) involved in early childhood/in-home alignment, use the county I live in as an example.


Warriors, make NO mistake, this has little to do with reading sustainability or grade levels. This is largely one of the most back door ways to align our States from free ones to nanny managed ones. The future for our little learners is bleak, at best. Especially when you consider how easily and ‘slick’ the data tracking is being manipulated.

“Cradle to Grave” is the fastest growing danger to us all.


Article posted with permission from Lynne Taylor

The Washington Standard

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