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“Rule The School”: The James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal & Their Influence On You Child’s “Education”

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Anti Fed Ed Warriors, in my last article, I updated you on the latest information concerning the HEA (Higher Education Act). Just before that, I broke down the FY 2020 Presidential Budget. Woven into the Budget were items concerning higher education and accreditation.

If you recall, where I left off was, there was more to share about an NC Center influencing higher education across the nation. This group acts as sort of a ‘ruler’ of schools. To put a humorous spin on this, I found this on Pintrest from the movie Grease (1978). The entire line is, “But, this year we’re Seniors and we’re gonna rule the school!”

Warriors, as we know, the reality is anything but humorous… Does this NC based group have ties to the CCSS Machine? Yes, it’s a ‘given’ this group will also have some sort of ‘rule’where the new HEA is concerned.


Meet The James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal:

Based in Raleigh, NC (the State Capitol), this Center was formerly called the John W. Pope Center. Mr. Martin is a former Governor of NC and is on the Board. Mr. Pope was an iconic Southern businessman who turned his fortune into a foundation focusing on public policy, education, humanitarian efforts, and, the arts. The James G. Martin Center, however, focuses on ‘improving’ higher education.

So, where are the CCSS/globalism ties? Mainly on the Center’s Board and the Academic Advisory Committee. The Board Chair has ties to environmentalism (with the US sellout to environmentalism of the UN (United Nations) SGDs (Sustainable Development Goals, this is our first sign of warning), the Heritage Foundation (sellout to ‘school choice’vouchers, tax credits, and ESAs (Education Savings Accounts), and, the Association of Private Enterprise Education (APEE). APEE has a mission to use private enterprise in higher education to groom students to be economic game changers in policy, government, and our national economy.

(*Note: by pushing ‘school choice’ in K-12th grades via vouchers, ESAs, or tax credits, we’re setting up a false notion that somehow our ‘choice’ matters by the time it’s college entrance time. ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) was 100% crystal clear that ALL education must be aligned to post-secondary readiness standards of WIOA (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act)Hence, NO choice really gets a ‘school rule’ foundation for the students!)

APEE’s 2019 Conference (to be held in the Bahamas) will include Cato Institute (pushes school choice), Heritage Foundation (pushes ESAs), Hillsdale Foundation (has charter schools), the Wall Street Journal, international economic groups, and, the Institute for Global Economic Growth.

(*Note: by pushing privatization of charters (which are private schools using public money, regardless of the label the charter has; or international economies, how will this improve US higher education?! Since the entire goal of WIOA and ESSA is breeding workers to feed a global economy, not just a US economy, we KNOW the new HEA will embed this ‘rule’ of those schools, too!)

Other CCSS Machine ties within the Martin Board and Academic Advisory Board are the Koch FoundationPhilanthropy Roundtable*, Clemson University, Rep. Virginia Foxx, National Assoc. of Scholars, Rockefeller Foundation, Harvard University, Oxford University, National Science Foundation, Procter and Gamble, American Bar Association, Fulbright Scholars, Rhodes Scholars, University of NC, Guggenheim Fellowship, U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD, also in the FY 2020 educratic budget), Center for Advanced Study of Behavior Science (SEL, social and emotional learning), National Endowment for the Humanities, MIT, George Mason University, and, Duke University’s experimental psychobiology (which ties back to Harvard). Warriors, be sure to look at the special interests of these members.

(*Note: Philanthropy Roundtable (PR) has a HUGE overreach into K-12th grade education in the U. S.. How does this connect to higher education? The Career Paths and College Paths of Common Core! PR also is heavily involved in community colleges, which have been called “Camelot” by the CCSS Machine)


The educratic overreaches of PR are SO bad, an entire article could be written about them!

 CDOs For Community Colleges:

Warriors, what’s a CDO? It’s short for “Chief Diversity Officer”. The Martin Center has quite a bit to say about CDOs. Since the Center is all for improving higher education, diversity certainly is one of the biggest education ‘rules’ for schools theses days.

Diversity isn’t a bad thing, but the way the CCSS Machine is embedding it has been a huge problem. Why? The shift is not so much about different people gaining education, it’s about molding attitudes, values, and, beliefs to fit a collective mindset.

WarriorsCDOs are part of 4 year colleges and universities administration staff. However, the Martin Center pointed out (in 2018), that 2 year community colleges have jumped on board. When you factor in the CSSS Machine’s education alignment from cradle to grave, having CDOs in ALL higher education is a ‘natural’ step. CDOs are a ‘ruler of the schools’and as such, are in a key position to steer the shift from people to attitudes. The biggest way? Mentoring.

Mentoring is not a bad thing, but the way the CCSS Machine has steered it away from people to career tracks for a future life and earning potential, that’s a huge problem!

The Latest Higher Education Cheating “Scandal”:

Warriors, while we’re seeing the federal government try to ‘rule the schools’ from ‘cradle to grave’, we see the CCSS Machine unfairly pushing students to self-harm, to commit suicide because they can’t measure up or don’t ‘test’ well, teachers to fudge grades so students and the schools look great. Now, we see parents have been busted for bribes so their kids look great.

Don’t misunderstand me, I am not supportive of parents who bribe. I’m not supportive of teachers who cheat and rig the system, but most of all I am not supportive of the CCSS Machine’s grasp which has brought this all about!! From my research, this isn’t so much a scandal, as it’s a well played move BY the CCSS Machine.

Why am I upset? Because, one more time, kids who had no clue what/who was harming them, they have been let down. We should all be upset how badly these innocent victims have been harmed.

Why, on Earth, would I propose such a thing?! Again, research and time. Look at the picture below and then I’ll explain:


, when I posted that original message on Facebook and Twitter, only the ABC article had been released. Since then, several have surfaced.

So, why do I believe it’s not really a scandal?
From the research side:
1) The CCSS Machine is in D.C. Administration, present and previous.
2) It’s from Republicans AND Democrats, not just one party, as most of the parent cheating articles want to point out.
3) We know Hollywood is a part of the CCSS Machine as well.
4) Counselors and college and career ready assessments have been geared to tip the scales. AP courses/dual enrollment have been used to tip the scales.

From past episodes of breaking news in education:

So, when you have two sides of the same Machine (agenda)

1) Break a budget one day with changes in accountability requested and
2)The following day show how test scores, college admissions,  and money have been manipulated
3)You have the ‘perfect storm’ for the government to come in and save the day by ‘ruling’the parameters of the HEA’s re-authorization.
4) Any other time we’ve seen massive news to distract us, the CCSS Machine has used it to strike a blow to us in education.

Remember, it’s going to ‘kitchen sink’ law with all kinds of overreaches and special interests involved.

Also remember, the ‘birth to death’, “cradle to grave” alignment depends on rushing our kids through education; it depends on counselors who advise more for the system than the individual; this system the CCSS Machine has set up thrives on chaos, upheaval, and lies so it can control us. This ‘scandal’ is proof positive!

Which is why I stated in my post, we need to watch.

a) Will this ‘scandal’  be used by both or either political party to force changes which will impact everyone instead of punishing the few who deserve it?
b) Will these parents be as punished as the Atlanta teachers who went to jail for cheating? Or, will the CCSS Machine use it’s media presence to spin it the system to blame, not the parents?
c) If the cheating is spun, will the fact of privilege AND race be used to somehow also impact the CDOs in higher education?
d) How will the fact that once more, harm has been visited on students, and that the harm will be used as CCSS Machine fodder to force accountability changes?
e) As far as ‘elite’ schools at any level of education, that’s a lie, Warriors. There are none, now when they are ALL under the direction and command of the CCSS Machine.

f) With the privatization in cradle to grave education, we need to watch if and when an ‘elitist’ card is ‘played’. The CCSS Machine certainly has tried to ‘rule the nation’ with this before.


We cannot fall for the hype about the higher education realities, Warriors!

We must look at the research, the past track record in the education shift.

We know mainstream media, as well as the D.C. Administration, will have much more to throw at us about the HEA re-authorization. We know many statements will be made concerning the recent events.

We also need to keep in mind, all this isn’t about quality education, it’s about qualified workers.


Article posted with permission from Lynne Taylor

The Washington Standard

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