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School Board Tyrant Gets What He Deserves After Pushing Parent At Meeting (Video)

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School boards around the country are facing angry parents who continue to issue mask mandates and all sorts of liberty restricting policies, as well as criminal curriculum and books being placed in front of US children. Well, this isn’t about that. At a meeting to confront school board members over a politically correct change of mascot, one of the school board members, who is also a cop, took it upon himself to go confront an angry parent and when he did, he pushed the parent, leaving himself wide open to a right hook to the face, sending him to the floor.

Take a look.

FOX 61 covered the story, but it was definitely to make the parent out to be the bad guy. Remember, the “cop” school board member put his hands on the parent first, which justified the punch.

GLASTONBURY, Conn. — A fractious public meeting of the Glastonbury Board of Education was ended early on Tuesday night after heated words turned into physical violence, with a resident who came to speak coming to blows with a member of the board during a recess in the meeting. That altercation is now under police investigation.

The Glastonbury Board of Education was holding a special hearing to discuss a petition asking the board to reverse its decision to replace the Tomahawk mascot.

“The processes to be reviewed and the whole issue needs to be reviewed before the Guardians become a permanent logo or symbol or mascot for our town,” said a Glastonbury resident during public comment.

“I commend you for your actions and I ask everyone to please move on, let’s support our students, let’s educate them the best we possibly can, and let’s treat everyone with the respect that they deserve,” said another Glastonbury resident.

Of the nearly 40 residents that spoke during the public comment portion of the meeting, only one got into a contentious back and forth with the board members.

A board member told resident Mark Finocchiaro “your time is up” to which he responded, “This is the history of our town,” referring to the Tomahawks name.

The Board member shot back, “You’re not paying attention.”

“You’re not paying attention, but they are,” said an angry Finocchiaro, pointing to the audience, before dropping an expletive.

That ended the public comments.

During a recess, when the Board was supposed to be voting on the request to restore the Tomahawks name, those in attendance said Board member Ray McFall came off the stage to confront Finocchiaro.

The entire incident was recorded on a cell phone, showing the two men, face-to-face, with Finocchiaro yelling directly into the board member’s face.

On a cell phone video provided to FOX61, by Miranda Beach, a resident can be heard saying to McFall, “That’s unprofessional, why are you swearing at a citizen?”

Finocchiaro said to McFall, “You’re in my face?”

“Yeah, I’m in your face,” McFall responded.

However, Finocchiaro pushed McFall into the seats and that’s when McFall landed a punch to Finocchiaro’s face that put him on the floor.

Dazed and humiliated, Finocchiaro was led out of the room wobbling.

Take a look at the full report.

It’s clear that all across the country, parents are enraged at the condescending attitudes of their school board representatives.

While the criminal and illegitimate Biden administration has threatened and intimidated parents who are standing up for their children, the parents are not going to be intimidated. Since this incident is not like the others, it doesn’t mean that tempers had not been flaring before this incident.

For myself, I say good for Mr. McFall to speak the truth and to call the tyrants out and then to defend himself when the tyrant wanted a piece of him.

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

Tim Brown

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