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We Need To Secure Our Elections Against The Left, Not The Russians

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California elections are chock full of insane ballot measures.

Who could possibly sign petitions to raise the price of eggs or billions in bond measures for the homeless? Well… the homeless. For $1 a vote.

Using cash and cigarettes as lures, the defendants approached homeless people on skid row and asked them to forge signatures on state ballot measure petitions and voter registration forms, the district attorney’s office said. The defendants — some of whom were scheduled to be arraigned Tuesday — face several criminal charges, including circulating a petition with fake names, voter fraud and registering a fictitious person.

The charges, which were filed three weeks ago but made public Tuesday, followed a Los Angeles Police Department crackdown on suspected election fraud on skid row earlier in the year.

All the stuff that doesn’t happen.

The Left claims that we need to secure our elections against the Russians. We need to secure our elections against the Left.

“Democrats in California continue to pretend voter fraud doesn’t exist,” Matt Fleming, spokesman for the Republican Party of California, said via email. “However, this incident highlights the need for more investigation of claims.”

But I bet the suspects are probably Russians. Maybe deep undercover?

Defendants were identified as Kirkland Kauzava Washington, 38; Harold Bennett, 53; Louis Thomas Wise, 36; Richard Howard, 62; Rose Makeda Sweeney, 42; Christopher Joseph Williams, 59; Jakara Fati Mardis, 35; Norman Hall, 61; and Nickey Demelvin Huntley, 44.

And yes, it was all about pushing the left’s causes.

The initiatives promoted by the suspected fraudsters included statewide measures to reduce the number of felons considered non-violent and to increase income tax on millionaires and property tax on business owners.

How appropriate.

Article posted with permission from Daniel Greenfield

The Washington Standard

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