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Senator Rand Paul Declares The Tea Party Dead – And He’s Right – Here’s Why

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“Can you hear it? Can you hear the somber notes, the feet shuffling, the solemn tones? Can you hear it? It’s a dirge a funeral march, the death of a movement.”

“… The Tea Party is no more.” Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), Senate Floor Speech, July 31, 2019.

The Tea Party is dead? If it’s not, it might as well be; but, wasn’t that expected to be the case all along? With the Tea Party’s main concern being a fiscally responsible government, the recent passage of the notorious “budget deal” (a complete misnomer since there is no budget at all) saw debt and spending limits lifted, providing both chambers of Congress with a virtual “blank check” when it comes to incurring debt.  The “budget deal” signed by President Donald J. Trump after negotiating with Democratic leadership that spells disaster for the nation, contrasted sharply the president’s campaign platform, as has numerous omnibus spending bills. Yet, the majority of Republicans voted for the deal. It certainly is the death of the Tea Party on the fiscal front.

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If history is recalled correctly, the prediction that the Tea Party would not last surfaced not long after the “movement” decided to work within the Republican Party. Isn’t the best way to control any opposition to lead it yourself? While it may be fantastical to think the establishment Republicans embraced the Tea Party movement on its face, it isn’t fantastical to think these Republicans embraced the movement with the covert intent to “dilute” its influence. All the establishment Republican Party had to do was outlast the Hussein Soetoro regime. In fact, the Republican Party caved time and again during that regime on whatever Democrats and the boy king wannabe put before both chambers of Congress.

Let’s not forget, the Tea Party never embraced a full return to constitutional government, which would hold the government to its enumerated powers listed in the Constitution for the united States of America. One cannot hold government to fiscal responsibility until government is held to its limited power, which would mean spending money it received through constitutional means on constitutional authority. And, when the federal government exceeded their “budgeted” amount, it would request additional funds from the States. Moreover, it would mean the end of paying unconstitutional taxes on wages and salaries to the federal government via the Internal Revenue Service.

But, alas, there had to be “compromise”. This “compromise”, particularly too much of it, is what Sen. Rand Paul declared a problem in Washington.  First, here is Sen. Paul’s epitaph presented on the Senate Floor.

Can you hear it? Can you hear the somber notes, the feet shuffling, the solemn tones? Can you hear it? It’s a dirge a funeral march, the death of a movement.

A once-proud movement with hundreds of thousands of people gathered on the National Mall. It’s the death, it’s the last-gasp of a movement in America that was concerned with our national debt. Today is the final nail in the coffin. The Tea Party is no more.

The budget deal today allows unlimited borrowing for nearly two years, unlimited. No limits. The government will borrow what they wish without limit for two years. It abolishes all spending caps. Adoption of this deal marks the death of the Tea party movement in America.

Fiscal conservatives, those who remain, should be in mourning.  Both parties in Congress have deserted you. The national debt now stands at $22 trillion. This year, we will add over $1.2 trillion. We’re approaching record deficits, and neither party cares.

Both parties have deserted, have absolutely and utterly deserted America, and show no care and no understanding and no sympathy for the burden of debt they are leaving the taxpayers, the young, the next generation, and the future of our country. The very underpinnings of our country are being eroded and threatened by this debt. The interest on this debt will be over $400 billion next year — precisely $455 billion.

Interest will surpass all welfare spending in the next two years. Interest on the debt will surpass defense spending by 2025. Social Security is $7 trillion in debt. Medicare is over $30 trillion in debt. And yet, a parade of candidates on national television last night says they want to double and triple the government’s expenditures where the government is already trillions of dollars short.

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Whose fault is this? Both parties.

It can’t be said any clearer. While die-hard “party clingers” rale against each other, the truth is neither party cares about you, the American taxpayer, your children or your posterity when it comes to saddling the entire population with debt. As average American Republicans cling to the ruse “we have to keep Democrats out of office”, and average American Democrats cling to keeping Republicans out of office, both are on the losing end of a corrupt system that benefits only the system.

Sen. Paul claimed the only compromise occurring in Washington, DC is the compromise to spend more money. From the recent passage of this disastrous non”budget” spending deal, it is true. While many cling to the hope that President Trump will “drain the swamp” and is “playing 4-D chess” with the system, the time has passed to cling to such fantasies and look at reality. This president has no qualm about increasing spending, as has previous predecessors.

Sen. Paul suggested a look at military spending. While Republicans claimed the “military is hollowed out”, he stated the problem may be the mission is too big.

“Well perhaps the mission’s too big for the budget. Maybe it’s not a problem of not having enough money. Maybe it’s a problem of making our mission to be everything to everyone around the world — to spend $50 billion a year building roads and bridges in Afghanistan for the last 20 years and to continue that forever,” Sen. Paul said.

He further indicated that the united States did not need to send military troops to 55 African nations or interfere in civil wars around the world.

“Maybe we need to discuss the mission of our military. We are piling more debt on, some in the nation of national security, and yet I think it weakens us with every moment.”

To put this in perspective, the United Nations recognizes 54 countries in Africa, with two nations whose independence is disputed. So, there are 56 nations in Africa and the US sends military troops to 55. Are we trying to colonize Africa? If the past is any indication, it didn’t work out so well for France and Great Britain.  But, I digress.

Sen. Paul went on to state that all fiscal conservatives thought debt was bad under Hussein Soetoro; however, with the election of Republican president, no one is interested in debt since it is Republicans driving the debt mobile. He claimed that Democrats were at least honest when not caring about the US debt since all Democratic candidates for the party nomination for president graced the debate stage offering “free stuff” that ultimately increases the debt, particularly the “Medicare for All” proposal. Sen. Paul stated that Medicare for some cannot even be afforded much less offering Medicare for everyone inside the US borders.

Sen. Paul, claiming Republicans don’t care about the debt, which appears to be an accurate assessment, stated Republicans only wanted to put off voting for any raising of the debt limit until after the election.

In other words, Republicans were hoping for a sweeping win overall, hopefully taking back control of the House and keeping control of the Senate and the Oval Office, to then vote on raising debt limits. It’s a clever scheme to be sure. But, with the Democrats, it’s always, “never put off damage tomorrow that you can inflict today.”

Sen. Paul offered up another little tidbit that many know to be true. He said, “You can’t drain the swamp unless you are willing to cut the size and scope of government.”

Democrats are all about the welfare state. Republicans are all about the warfare state. Neither are going to be fiscally responsible or conservative because they are pushing their establishment agenda. Either way you slice it and dice it, neither party cares one iota about the debt just as long as Democrats get to expand those on the government teat and Republicans can use our men and women as fodder in foreign military conflicts and “nation building”, whatever that means. All the while, these two parties are playing the American people like a fine Stradivarius violin. Sadly, the American people are falling for it – hook, line and sinker.

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While the subject of debt, spending and budget is being put forth, everyone should remember the call for a constitutional convention (con-con) for a balanced budget amendment to “control” federal government spending. Well, this is what would happen under that atrocity, proving no words on a piece of paper will stop the corruption of this corrupt system.  But, this latest spending atrocity could see the resurgence of this call with a vengeance, which is what many in government may want in order to frame a new government that would suit their needs.

Sen. Paul offered a “Cut, Cap, and Balance” amendment that would have introduced a “Balanced Budget” amendment to the Constitution; however, it has not been accepted. Imagine that. But, without reducing the size and scope of the federal government to its constitutional enumerated powers, any amendment offered is like any other “movement” in history.

So, back to the death of the Tea Party movement. This movement was not established to succeed since it did not address the entire unconstitutional scope and size of government. If you recall the movie, Under Siege, the character played by Tommy Lee Jones told a government official on a call, “Yes, of course! Hence the name: movement. It moves a certain distance, then it stops, you see? A revolution gets its name by always coming back around in your face.” The reference was in recall of living the 60s and the movement it brought about being dead. However, this same reference can be applied to the Tea Party movement. Yes, the Tea Party is still around.  Its movement was and has been hijacked by the Republican establishment because the grassroots “movement” chose to function within the Republican Party.

The question now is, “what has replaced the Tea Party movement?” It’s called “Trump-mania”. Rale if you must, but remember all the “celebrity” of Ted Cruz? He was the “darling of the Tea Party”. His status quickly devolved when he chose to twist and turn the Constitution in order to bid for the presidency when failing to meet the natural-born citizen requirement. Trump has now abandoned his platform and his base, shifting the focus to defeating Democrats at all costs as he negotiates increasing spending and debt with Democrats, while the majority of Republicans in both chambers support it.

Ask yourself this: As Democrats put forth 20 or so potentials for the party nomination for president, what are Republicans doing? They are cashing in on Trump-mania. For all intents and purposes, Democrats are too, at this moment, while they stroke the “movements” of Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and other subversive, violent groups. With an individual like Trump in the White House, neither establishment stands to lose should he be re-elected. For that matter, neither establishment would lose should a Democrat be elected.

Simply put: the establishment and corrupt federal government continues to win no matter which party darling occupies the White House or which party dominates both chambers of Congress while the American people continue to lose.  Americans continue to dance to the government Stadivarius violin tune played perfectly by the orchestrators of corruption.

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

Suzanne Hamner

Suzanne Hamner (pen name) is a registered nurse, grandmother of 4, and a political independent residing in the state of Georgia, who is trying to mobilize the Christian community in her area to stand up and speak out against tyrannical government, invasion by totalitarian political systems masquerading as religion and get back to the basics of education.
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