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Sensitive Leftists Criticize Melania Trump for Attire – Ignore Ridiculousness of Michelle Obama

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What is it with left liberal progressive communist/socialist/Marxist Democrats that causes these individuals to “trigger” over anything and everything?

In their “land of the ‘triggered’ and home of the ‘sensitives’,” these hyper-sensitive bat guano crazy triggerees criticized First Lady Melania Trump for wearing heels when boarding Marine One on the way to the airport where Air Force One was waiting to fly the President and First Lady of the United States (FLOTUS) to flood devastated areas of Texas.

Once there, First Lady Melania Trump donned a baseball cap with the acronym “FLOTUS” across the front, which immediately caused a “Twitter-storm” claiming the designation was insensitive to flood victims.


The acronym sounded like “float us.”

Infowars reported:

Claiming the “float” in “FLOTUS” was a subtle dig at hurricane victims, leftists pounced on yet another inane reason to attack the Trump family. 

Bit insensitive Melania wearing that hat in a flood stricken region. FLOTUS. ..”float us”. And why does she feel the need to be labeled?




This individual has no idea what onomatopoeia means.

Only hyper-sensitive pacifier needing left liberal bat guano crazy liberals would focus on a minute detail of the attire of the First Lady during a severe national disaster.

It must be beyond their comprehension that someone can change shoes and clothes on Air Force One before arriving in Texas.

And, who would recognize the First Lady in sunglasses, hair in a ponytail, and dressed casually?

What was so wrong with the baseball cap containing the acronym “FLOTUS?”

It boils down to a bunch of jealous people that need to criticize the immaculate classy dress of Mrs. Trump after the sloppy tranny dress of Michelle Obama.

How many of these individuals criticized Moochie when she was first lady and sent out requests for campaign donations to the homosexual Muslim fraud’s re-election right after Hurricane Sandy?

That little move by Moochie was not only insensitive – it was tacky and lacked class.

What people fail to realize is the strength that comes from one’s leaders to show respect for the people by dressing well to visit those ravaged by tragedy.

During World War II, King George VI and his wife, Queen Elizabeth (Queen Mother), visited victims in London after the Germans bombed the city.

The Queen dressed well and wore heels to the damaged areas of the city.

Granted, she received plenty of criticism for it – wearing expensive clothes when the people of Britain were under rationing, with people at times throwing rubbish at her.

Ever the strong woman she was, the Queen stated that if any of the public came to visit her, they would wear their best clothing; so, she felt it appropriate to reciprocate in kind.

Now, pray tell, what is wrong with that?

Would anyone have any confidence or respect for leaders who visited the people wearing clothing one or two steps above “rags?”  Not hardly.

In this situation, it is almost a lose-lose.

Leftist, progressive, liberal socialist/communist/Marxist Democrats would have complained if Mrs. Trump had dressed in the attire she wore in Texas when boarding Marine One and Air Force One, just as she did wearing the heels.

She would have received criticism had she worn a ponytail without a hat.

If she had worn any hat with any acronym on it, people would criticize her.

There was no way she could have avoided any criticism whatsoever, due to the extreme jealousy these people possess of a classy woman residing in the White House now instead of another sloppy, Sasquatch tranny.

It has to be difficult for these “snowflakes” to deal with a First Lady who exhibits refinement, elegance and class after eight years of the “rock star” Sasquatch tranny slinging its junk on TV while dancing to “Uptown Funk” with Ellen DeGeneres, aka Ellen DeGenerate.

The cognitive dissonance is enormous because of the differences in “body” between the two.

These “sensitives” are totally taken aback at having an actual woman with a woman’s body as the First Lady.

Moreover, they have difficulty dealing with a woman who actually knows how to dress for the position she holds.

If one didn’t know better, one would think these people were being bigots.

More than likely, they had become accustomed to the sloppy dress of the former FLOTUS and the “unisex” Mao suits worn by Hillary Clinton, along with the “moo-moo” she wore to a wedding recently.

It appears there is a theme running along the “women” of the socialist/communist/Marxist Democrat ideology – they dress the part of oppressors.

Let’s tackle the complaints.

The hat did not say “Float Us,” but FLOTUS – the acronym for First Lady of the united States, which is not offensive or insensitive to Texas victims.

No one but jealous leftist progressive liberal socialist/communist/Marxist Democrat “sensitives” found irony in Mrs. Trump wearing the hat.

And, what is ridiculous is the former FLOTUS dancing the “Uptown Funk” on TV slinging its junk around when trying to be a woman.

There was nothing ridiculous about Mrs. Trump’s attire.

If there were people “floating in refrigerators” in Texas flood waters, this writer missed those pictures.

And, no one should have depended on government to direct the safety of their self or their family – just saying.

For those criticizing Mrs. Trump about not speaking to flood victims, look in your own backyard.

Moochie spoke to no one who was a victim of Hurricane Sandy and had no problem “begging” for contributions for Hussein Soetoro’s re-election campaign in the aftermath.

Talk about insensitive and tacky!

As bad as the situation is in Texas, which the Democrat mayor did not lessen by calling for evacuation and people did not leave on their own for safety reasons, people focusing on the dress of Mrs. Trump is petty, small, and dripping with jealousy.

Maybe they should make sure their preferred FLOTUS is exemplary before criticizing the current woman holding the position.

Article by Suzanne Hamner

The Washington Standard

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