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Soap Opera TV Decorum Plagues Political Process

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I will admit to experiencing mild annoyance at the prospect of featuring billionaire TV personality and Republican presidential contender Donald Trump here two weeks in a row, but I believe that doing so will serve us well in illustrating both the abject corruption that has overtaken our party system and the press, and their brazen (as opposed to subtle) attempts to manipulate the electorate.

Last week, during the Republican candidates’ debate, it became apparent that elements of the Republican Party brass had enrolled Fox News as a proxy in their efforts to drive Trump out of the running. Given the sentiments expressed by GOP contenders in recent weeks, it is obvious that this is one of their higher priorities. During the last election cycle, they used a good old-fashioned bimbo eruption to eliminate Herman Cain; at the time, he was perceived as a credible threat by the GOP establishment, as is Trump at present.

Such action may not be necessary with regard to Trump; it is altogether possible that he’s only interested in the business objective of increasing his visibility, which he did successfully the last time around. I know some may not appreciate hearing this, since the tycoon is articulating America’s current problems quite well and consequently has ingratiated himself to a lot of people.

That said, I do not know Trump’s real objectives; what’s important is that the RNC believes he is a danger to their plans for the nomination (which probably involve ramming Jeb Bush down the throats of rank-and-file Republicans as the nominee).

All right, so Fox News proved once and for all that it is the “GOP Leadership Channel” of sorts – but we’d pretty much come to that realization already, hadn’t we? Like the GOP leadership, it appears that Fox has been offering token resistance to the far left and big-government progressives to lull mainstream America into a false sense of security – the belief that communists and big-government progressives don’t really control the press in its entirety.

When it comes to advancing conservatism, or even balancing the scales away from the inordinate influence the far left has gained over the last several years under Obama, however, Fox has come up far short. We may identify with one or two of their hosts, but no matter how outraged they get, the network isn’t going to change its overall policy, and it isn’t going to countenance discussion of the most glaring instances of criminality and corruption at the highest levels of our government. They’ll continue to trot out Karl Rove and other establishment GOP hacks who claim they’re conservatives, so that by default that’s where the bar for conservatism will rest for those gullible enough to believe them.

In addressing such manipulation, we come full circle – back to Donald Trump. The antipathy evidenced by the Fox anchors (yes, Megyn Kelly in particular) toward Trump during the debate was painfully evident and had the GOP’s fingerprints all over it – but let me pose this question: A week later, don’t you think we have bigger fish to fry than the Donald Trump-Megyn Kelly feud?

Well, of course we do – but Kelly’s inane “War on Women” debate questions, how Trump responded, his serial excoriation of Kelly on Twitter, how Kelly responded, the wrath of the pundits, what each and every one of the other GOP presidential wannabes opined, and whether Trump ought to apologize is nothing but bread and circuses – distracting bafflegab calculated to keep Americans operating in a superficial, Daytime-TV modality.

Instead, how about applying a little critical analysis to the fact that a few of those rock-ribbed conservative heroes over whom some folks are all a-twitter supported Premier Obama’s amnesty for illegal aliens?

How about examining why, a year after a double-Y chromosome psycho teen thug robbed a store, attacked a cop and got killed for his efforts, the community of propagandized, community-organized residents where it occurred have nothing better to do than hold protracted demonstrations in honor of the double-Y chromosome psycho teen thug?

Or how about we engage a little gray matter in considering the orange water sluggishly churning down the Animas River in Colorado after a 3 million gallon toxic waste spill perpetrated not by some shadowy, money-grubbing corporation, but by President Obama’s out-of-control Environmental Protection Agency?

Anyone want to consult the guys in Vegas on the odds of the EPA, with all of their scientific acumen and technological resources, bringing about something on that scale accidentally?

While we’re at it, should we discuss how the EPA and other federal agencies, like the Bureau of Land Management, have unilaterally and unconstitutionally exercised unwarranted authority over citizens and the private sector, and armed their personnel with military-grade firepower?

If we get bored with that, we could always talk about the growing influence of al-Qaida and ISIS in the Middle East thanks to our Islamist-in-Chief, or the implications of the Iran nuke deal the weasels in the GOP leadership will never address despite their macho bluster, or we might confer over the indictable offenses with which Hillary Clinton hasn’t been charged.

But why bother with all that rubbish when we could have so much more fun talking about the effect of the lunar cycle on Megyn Kelly’s professional deportment, The Donald’s hair, or whether they’ll sign
Jerry Springer and
Kim Kardashian to moderate the next round of debates?

*Article by Erik Rush

The Washington Standard

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