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Starbucks & Police Cater To Black Anger

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Over the past week, a non-story has exploded in the mainstream media: Two black young men were arrested on suspicion of trespassing and loitering after refusing to leave a Philadelphia Starbucks coffee shop. According to the police report, they’d allegedly cursed at the store manager when she disallowed them from using the restroom, which was for paying customers only.

The adult black males also allegedly gave nasty attitude and insults to the police and refused to comply with repeated requests to leave the premises.

Seeing police arrest the black men, white liberals at the store spoke out in the black men’s defense, immediately suggesting their treatment was due to the color of their skin. Cell phone video of the incident went viral on social media among Black Lives Matter supporters. The leftist activist “news” media impulsively took the side of the angry blacks and white so-called social justice warriors (or SJWs), who began protesting and making a scene inside and outside the store in the following days.

In response to the controversy, on Saturday, April 14, Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross recorded a Facebook video detailing what happened and saying the police did nothing wrong. He said the officers were professional and followed policy, but that they were met with hostility. He also noted that all officers receive “implicit bias” training and visit the “African American” and Holocaust museums to learn what police have done wrong in past history. But in an act of total cowardice, Commissioner Ross came out in a press conference the following week to acknowledge our “racial” problem and to apologize for telling the truth.

The Starbucks manager, Holly, who called police on the black guys, “is a SJW feminist of the highest order,” according to one purported customer who said, “I highly doubt that she saw the two men and decided to call the police based solely on the fact that they are black.” But by the time the controversy exploded, she was no longer working at that location.

The CEO of Starbucks threw the store manager under the bus, calling the situation “reprehensible” and groveling with a pathetic “I’m sorry.” A black woman on the Starbucks board of directors provided an emotional act to media, pretending the situation was about “racism” and was deadly serious. The company announced they’d close 800,000 stores on May 29 to give “implicit bias” training to employees – an unprecedented move to appease the leftist media, their liberal customer base and the black activist mob.

Video of a prior incident in Torrance, California, went viral riding the coattails of the Philadelphia controversy. Black Lives Matter supporters and “journalists” spread a recording from January of a black man catching a “white” man coming out of a Starbucks bathroom before he bought anything. The black guy was refused bathroom access without buying anything, and he immediately assumed the different treatment was because of his skin color. The manager told him to turn off his camera and leave. She called police, but the black guy left instead of being arrested.

I realized that I’m about the only one who loves black people. Nobody likes blacks’ bad attitude, not even other blacks – but most can’t see that it’s because of their anger, and not the phony illusion of “racism.” “Racism” does not exist, and never has; it’s only a spiritual problem of judgment. Most blacks suffer because they’re immoral. Liberals pretend to care about blacks, but do not love them enough to demand they be morally upright. Instead, blacks’ supposed “allies” demand everyone else get more training and re-education – police, Starbucks employees and white people.

One thing I love about President Trump, whom I call “The Great White Hope,” is that he does not pander to the worst in people – not black radicals, liberal women, illegal aliens or others lost in a mindset of victimhood.

Catering to the anger of these people is like a man trying to please a woman. She will never respect him because she sees he will follow her whims and mood swings, instead of following God. He won’t stand on what’s right, despite her complaints and accusations of him supposedly not loving her. By him rewarding her bad behavior, she’ll only get worse. If they marry, it won’t last. If he ever has children, they’ll turn away from him toward an evil world. This immorality, the weakness of men, will destroy the freedoms of a country.

On my daily show on Newsmax TV, I took a call from a black man in his mid-twenties who was living at home, calling in to criticize me for the things I say about black people. Parents of any race who allow their adult sons to remain living at home after age 18 do not love them – they’re stunting their growth. I asked him why he didn’t move out. He answered that he didn’t have a job. I asked him why he didn’t have a job. He said, “Because I’m a black man living in America.”

It’s time out for blacks holding to the phony excuse of “racism,” defending their moral failure and falsely justifying their immoral anger.

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Article posted with permission from Jesse Lee Peterson

The Washington Standard

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