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Suicide Bombers, The LAPD, “Mad Dog” Mattis, Hillary & The Deep State

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This article, the first of a seroes is why Freedom Outpost exists.

This is such a convoluted story as it includes the Deep State of Hillary Clinton, “Mad Dog” Mattis, the LAPD Counter-Terrorism commander Michael Downing and the Muslim Brotherhood School of Theology in Claremont, California and our suicide bombed son, that I’ll do this in 5 proofs, which will be laid out in articles.

Here’s the first proof.

A donkey speaks.  I believe it.  If God created the Heavens and Earth ex nihilo, and He can place the blueprint of life, DNA, in a zygote, (I believe this is as incredible as creating the Heavens and Earth ex nihilo) I believe our God can make a donkey talk: Just listen to Joe Biden.

I like the Bible and I enjoy this story of Balaam’s ass in Numbers 22.

I do not like the story of the Democrats and their Deep State.  I’m not tired of the party of the braying ass Democrats and their Deep State that is destroying our beloved America.  In point of fact, it makes me righteously angry and motivates me to action as I did openly oppose the Deep State assault on the Bundy family.  I saw the 20 or more guns pointed at me there by the minions of the Deep State and it just motivated me to counteract them and force them to flee.  (See, Freedom Outpost article: Remembering The Bundy Ranch Standoff 5 Years Later: We Didn’t Back Down in Freedom Outpost)

I found it amusing – and I’m ready to do it again against this evil cabal of the Deep State looking to destroy America with their evil actions, lies and intimidation.

The Deep State looks like the story of a talking ass right out of the Bible.  Bible stories sometimes appear pretty convoluted and hard to understand as most of them flow from Chaucer’s famous ditty: “Oh what a terrible web we do weave when at first we practice to deceive.”

Well, this is a convoluted, seemingly disjointed story that involves our son being suicide bombed and shot up.

It flows to “Mad Dog” Mattis and the LAPD Counterterrorism commander linking up and supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, along with the sanctuary city of Los Angeles and ends with Hillary Clinton.

Where oh where to begin?

Let’s start with the braying ass LAPD Counter Terrorism Commander Michael Downing who loves the Muslim Brotherhood – and in his own interview, he admits it.

He admits it at the 2:30 mark.

At 4:00 he tries to convince us that the Muslim Brotherhood has evolved into a benevolent group, and at 4:52 he gloats about a $50,000,000 grant.

At 5:15 he says Islam can co-exist with democracy.

The school that Downing refers to is the Claremont School of Theology.  It’s the Bayan School of Theology campus.

The teachers are all 100% Muslim Brotherhood and their goal is to infiltrate Muslim terrorists into the Chaplaincy corps throughout America in every police department, sheriff’s office and military unit in America.

Don’t give up, it’s a lot more interesting than a fake series on Prime or Netflix.

If you really want to be informed, link up with us as we work to save America from the Deep State.

This is why Freedom Outpost exists.

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