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Syrian Peace Talks Take Place – US Left Out

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For over half a century the U.S. has been the major peace broker in the world. We were always stepping in to bring two warring factions to the peace table. This was because the U.S. had both the money and the power to make people listen.

Those days have ended. The power and influence to broker peace are no longer ours. It is now left to regional powers to work for the end of the conflict. The U.S. is now not even asked to sit in on the discussion.

The Telegraph reports:

Russia, Iran and Turkey have agreed to try to broker peace talks between Syrian rebels and the Assad regime and to expand the fragile ceasefire in Aleppo to other parts of the country, Moscow said Tuesday.

The three regional powers most deeply involved in Syria’s war met for an unprecedented summit in Moscow and Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov said they had reached significant agreements.

“Iran, Russia and Turkey are ready to assist in preparing the agreement in the making between the Syrian government and the opposition and to become its guarantor,” Mr Lavrov said.

This widens the influence of our rival in the region, Russia. They are no longer at odds with their other rival, Turkey. Rather, it seems that Turkey and Russia are moving to make things better without the assistance of America.

This is the continued display of the loss of our nation’s influence in the world. Obama wanted America to be less involved, feeling that we were acting as colonialists. Wait until he sees what Russia and Iran does.

Article posted with permission from Constitution.com. Article by Michael Ware.

The Washington Standard

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