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The Climate Mob: Government Needs Brainwashed Minions To Demand Change

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The climate hysteria is reaching its peak as more and more we are seeing what a government-controlled education system is doing to the minds of our younger generations. Millions of school-aged children are being bombarded daily with climate propaganda designed to frighten them into becoming political activists.

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As Dr. Stephen Jackstadt writes in “Environmental Education: Turning Kids into Political Activists”, the environmental movement is largely dead and discredited in the eyes of the public, but one place that it is still going strong is public education. While this paper is from 1995, it presents a clear picture of the indoctrination taking place in the classroom concerning environmental issues.

After decades of constant fear-mongering, is it any wonder we see children demanding an end to life as we know it to save the planet?

The federal government has been in control of public schooling since the Department of Education was created under Jimmy Carter in 1979. If the schools are teaching climate activism and pushing global warming alarmism, it is because the government has a vested interest in students believing it.

Students allegedly organizing climate strikes, and lobbying Congress to take action to save their futures is the culmination of an education agenda that goes back more than thirty years.

According to Jackstadt, the textbook “Environmental Science: The Way the World Works,” was encouraging school-aged children as early as 1993, to call their congressman and senators and demand further regulations on automobile fuel standards. Furthermore, the textbook went on to suggest that any further delays would be “intolerable.”

These days, the climate change agenda is woven into the fabric of all educational programs from math to English.

What interest would the government have in indoctrinating our children into believing human beings are destroying the planet?

The United Nations has a sustainable development agenda which was once known as Agenda 21. It has now become known as Agenda 2030 and the goal is to destroy capitalism and institute global government on the basis of trying to save the planet while eradicating inequality.

While the goals may seem noble enough, they would be accomplished through government dictate, meaning a complete end of freedom. While many people would argue that the United States should leave the U.N., the fact is our involvement has been mandated by law since 1945 with The United Nations Participation Act.

This law committed the United States to full participation in the U.N. while authorizing the president to appoint representatives and commit the United States military to conflicts based on U.N. objectives.

To be more specific, congress would retain the power to determine the size and terms of military deployments, but the power to determine what would constitute the type of crisis warranting their use would be solely up to the United Nations Security Council.

That is a complete loss of American sovereignty in and of itself because the power to wage war, according to the U.S. Constitution, rests with the United States Congress alone.

It was because of the provisions of this law that President Truman was able to commit troops to the Korean War without the consent of congress and instead, the vote of the U.N. Security Council on the pretext of an international emergency.

The same could be said for many of the wars and police actions that would soon follow.

In 1973, President Richard Nixon committed the United States further to the goals of the U.N. and the push for global government by signing HR 6768, the United Nations Environment Program Participation Act.

This act, Public Law 93-188 made it U.S. policy to contribute funds to the United Nations in a coordinated, international effort to protect and improve the environment.

The basic premise behind the sustainable development agenda is that the United States and the world’s wealthy owe the rest of the world a climate debt for destroying the environment and raping third world countries of their natural resources.

While there is a concentrated effort to indoctrinate American students into believing their own country is solely responsible for the destruction of the planet, the fact remains that China produces more carbon dioxide than America and the European Union combined.

No one is demanding China reduce its emissions.

If the United States government committed to assisting the United Nations in achieving their environmental goals, then it would stand to reason to assume that the Department of Education is helping smooth the transition from freedom and capitalism to global government.

Students, after all, are being taught that capitalism is responsible for catastrophic climate change.

While many Americans reveled in the fact that President Trump backed away from the Paris Accords, education secretary Betsy Devos did not hesitate to commit U.S. schools to promoting the U.N. agenda.

While the public perception is that the president is protecting America’s interest, the education system continues to indoctrinate our children right under our noses.

Thousands of scientists have debunked the man-made climate change myth, and despite the fact that no clear evidence exists which supports the claim, children will continue to believe it as long as the schools teach it.

This is because our education system now revolves around the use of stimulus-response conditioning techniques, and the push to create the ideal citizen that will fall in compliance with government dictates.

In 1969, The then-named U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare released a report entitled Reducing Behavior Problems: An Operant Conditioning Guide for Children where operant conditioning was defined as the following.

In its simplest form, operant conditioning involves the systematic use of consequences to strengthen and weaken behaviors under specified stimulus conditions.

Operant behavior is strengthened by some consequences called reinforcers and weakened by other consequences called punishers. Withdrawal of reducing consequences will also weaken behavior.

This process is called extinction.

What this essentially means is that our children are being rewarded for expressing views favorable to government interests and punished for not.

This is how children are brainwashed into advocating for policies that go against their own interests.

Article posted with permission from David Risselada

The Washington Standard

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