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The Conservative Talker at War With Himself

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It was last Friday, the 14th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks on America by Islamists, and the third anniversary of the attack on the American compound in Benghazi, Libya. I was listening to a conservative talking head whom I once respected rail about Senate Republicans telegraphing their intention to allow President Obama’s Iran deal to go through, and how weak the GOP leadership has been in their failure to hold Obama in abeyance. He went on to characterize Obama’s Iran policy as naïve and foolish.

That same day, I also read a post by another conservative media personality that wound up being featured by some prominent online news sources. The post, as well as some bizarre, incongruent statements this person made in the days leading up to it were of a decidedly dismal tone.

I’m not trying to pick a fight, nor am I irrevocably condemning these individuals, because they’ve done more good than a lot of people. In the latter case, we’re looking at a man who did things in his industry no one should have been expected nor able to do, especially these days. He started a streaming video network that gained enough momentum to become a cable television network, woke many Americans up to the machinations of our enemies and to the spiritual foundation of this nation, and did it all while battling some pretty serious health problems.

One of the most significant things he has articulated is that Americans must humble themselves before God if we wish to preserve this nation. With that I cannot agree more strongly, and I wish more prominent conservatives would do likewise.

Yet, by this man’s own testimony, he’s terribly disillusioned with where he is. Not with where the nation is, not with where his industry is – at this point, it’s a given that those are in the crapper – but where he is.

Now, why might that be..?

I’ll take a stab at it, and wager a lot that this assessment is correct: It’s because he’s not telling the truth anymore, and he knows it.

I don’t mean that he’s lying. What I mean is that his passion for setting America straight has become largely theoretical in that he appears to have become just another corporate media guy with a corporate media guy’s agenda. This may seem out of character, but it’s his out of character behavior of late (such as openly insulting certain individuals a lot of his fans respect and then apologizing, publishing disheartening posts, and intimating that he should withdraw from public life) that’s disturbing. For someone who had been a model of consistency, I imagine it has given some of his fans pause.

For someone who had been at the forefront of saying what needed to be said despite the risks, I found it disconcerting that whenever the topic of our odious chief executive’s true origins or eligibility arose on his show, this fellow and his on-air sidekicks would spend the next five minutes giggling – giggling – over the absurdity of anyone even considering the issues.

I don’t intend to drag us down the eligibility rabbit-hole right now, but it has been incontrovertibly established that Obama provided fraudulent identity documents to the Democratic National Committee in 2008, that high-level individuals in the DNC abetted the fraud, and that the long-form birth certificate released in 2011 is a forgery.

It is also indisputable that Obama’s allegiance is not to this nation, but to an amalgam of Marxist and Islamist ideologies and interests, including big-money Muslim concerns here and overseas who contributed in no small way to his ascendancy. Barack Obama catalyzed the Arab Spring and established ISIS as surely as John F. Kennedy launched the Peace Corps.

It has become equally clear that many high-ranking Republicans have been complicit – not weak and ineffectual, but complicit – with regard to Obama’s crimes.

But the commentator and the media mogul I mentioned aren’t talking about any of that.

It’s one thing to discuss how Obama hung out with radicals and had a black militant pastor, and how the GOP leadership has been wholly inadequate in dealing with him. But if one has a fan base of millions and they’re not discussing Obama’s serial acts of treason, then what’s the point?

If such persons can’t grasp and articulate that Obama wants a nuclear Iran in order to further destabilize the region – destabilization being an effort to which he has been steadfastly dedicated – then they’re utterly useless.

If commentators whine about what weaklings Mitch McConnell and John Boehner are, but they’re not openly discussing the complicity of high-ranking Republicans in facilitating the Benghazi attack and ongoing coverup, aiding Obama in financing, arming, and training ISIS and other terrorist groups, as well as advancing hardcore socialism whilst wearing conservative’s clothing, then they’re just as superficial and dishonest as every other so-called conservative who won’t go there.

If a conservative news outlet runs stories on the White House cooking the books on estimations of the ISIS terror group’s military strength from the viewpoint of the administration attempting to frame their efforts against ISIS more favorably, rather than their deliberately deceiving the international community to allow ISIS time to gain the strength of an army – which we now know has occurred – then they’re worse than the establishment press.

Yes… I guess I can see how someone with a conscience might consider withdrawing from public life if some factor or factors arose that, in their estimation, precluded their speaking the truth any longer – especially with the stakes as high as they are.

*Article by Erik Rush

The Washington Standard

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