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The Human Rat Trap: Resisting Our Natural Inclinations

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It is hard to argue that some of the cultural rot we are witnessing today is not the same as Calhoun’s mouse utopia. For example, we are living out the consequences of a radical feminist movement, led by women who believe they are oppressed victims of societal patriarchy. Social roles have been reversed, and a large segment of America’s female population has set aside motherhood for high-paying corporate careers.

This movement has also argued that abortion is an absolute right, and in the most extreme cases, some argue that abortion up to the moment of birth is acceptable. America’s male population has become emasculated as women are increasingly filling the role of provider. Seventy years ago, young men under the age of eighteen were willing to storm the beaches of Normandy in defense of an ideal.

Today, many of them hide behind a cloth mask, shaking in their boots over a virus. Men have also abandoned their role as providers and protectors, leaving many vulnerable women to raise their families alone. Instead, they wander aimlessly, wondering what their purpose is, as terms like toxic masculinity, and the #metoo movements have targeted the very essence of what it means to be a man.

We are also witnessing a slow, but definite spiritual death, as the ideals many of us grew up believing in have been targeted and destroyed by deliberate lies and fabricated misperceptions, which bring discredit upon our culture. Finally, America’s welfare system has created generations of people completely dependent on the system, not knowing how to earn a living on their own, their wills are completely broken by not having to do so.

Calhoun’s experiment started from the premise that everything the mice needed was provided for them. There is plenty of evidence that shows people lose the desire to work if their basic needs are met. If people are making more through government welfare programs than through working, they will probably opt for welfare. We see this happening with the COVID-19 payouts today.

One of America’s greatest welfare expansions started under President Johnson’s (D) Great Society program. This program deliberately paid benefits to families in need that were more than they could earn working. This created generations of dependency. Many people attribute Johnson’s welfare programs to high rates of poverty and fatherless homes found in the Black community today, as they were considered a high priority in the program. Whether the creation of dependency was deliberate, or an unanticipated consequence is unsure.

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David Risselada

David Risselada earned his Master's degree in professional writing from Liberty University and has a Bachelor's degree in social work. David is the author of two books. Psychopolitics in America: A Nation Under Conquest and Not on My Watch: Exposing the Marxist Agenda in Education.
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