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The Left’s Motive for Importing Terrorists

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Since the Nov. 13 terror attacks in Paris, we have seen a distinct spike in the vociferous defense of Islam on the part of the left. Along with patent denials that Islam and Muslims have anything to do with terrorism, those on the left have been shilling for the Obama administration’s desire to admit thousands of potential jihadis from war-torn areas of the Middle East into the United States.

Despite the reticence of the American press to report on the chaos being wrought by Muslim refugees entering Europe, world press reports are replete with the evidence of same. Additionally, such trifles as the recent Paris terror attacks and the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing having been executed by Muslim “refugees” give clear indication that it is impossible to discern whom among any population of Muslim refugees to America will become chain store franchisees versus becoming terrorists.

Barack Hussein Obama and his co-conspirators continue to advance the narrative of benign Muslim refugees and the existence of sound vetting processes for their admission. Obama ridicules those in America who urge caution, labeling them as ninnies who are afraid of “widows and orphans” despite women and children being a clear minority among the European refugees.

Through all of this, the leftist press and politicos alike parrot Obama’s talking points verbatim.

On an average day, leftist media operative and activist Sally Kohn (against whom I’ve faced off publicly once or twice) engages in some of the most odious subversive activity against the American people, the rule of law, and Liberty itself. Recently, her social media has exhibited an incomprehensibly craven defense of Islam and its adherents.

Here, Kohn employs the most decrepit illogic imaginable in opposing American prudence in considering Muslim refugees for admission into the United States.

This feeble emotional blackmail extrapolates Americans’ characteristic generosity to suicidal proportions, and is the same raison d’être liberals have used to keep us awash in illegal aliens from Latin America. That aside, the premeditation of people who slithered into Europe expressly to abuse Europeans’ generosity (not to mention maiming and killing them) apparently doesn’t raise a red flag for Kohn. Nor apparently does she take into account the 1400-year history of Muslims celebrating their patron demon Allah having “clouded the minds” of enemies who showed compassion toward Muslim populations, only to be cruelly subjugated by the same Muslim populations later on.

CNN’s Elise Labott was recently suspended for two weeks by her network after tweeting her low opinion of the House of Representatives’ vote to tighten the screening process for Syrian refugees. The measure’s intent was not to refuse admission to any, nor to admit only ten per year – it was simply to reinforce the vetting process, which Obama’s own FBI director says is a futile pursuit anyway.

Again, we have someone who apparently advocates pretty much nothing in the way of requirements for admitting these refugees.

The correlation between the rise in Muslim violence and liberals rushing to their defense is undeniable: The more that Muslims themselves affirm our need for vigilance against Islam, the more their advocates on the left engage in damage control through disinformation calculated to placate native populations whilst Islamists advance their agenda.

The liberal narrative concerning these refugees has been beyond Orwellian, and to the rational mind, it all appears quite surreal. This widespread, toadying defense of Muslim brutality by liberals is an exquisite example of mind control via all of the methods of propaganda brought to bear against a population.

Take Hillary Clinton’s Nov. 19 tweet, for example…

To give an idea of how deeply narcissistic leftists are, consider this: The Clinton campaign was so proud of Hillary’s remark that they concocted a hard-hitting graphic for their social media which actually showcased the treasonous tweet.

It is widely known among those who do not get their news from the alphabet TV networks that Obama has been clandestinely importing Muslims from Syria, Iraq, Somalia, and other destabilized Muslim nations for several years. Now, on the pretext of humanitarianism, he intends to prey upon Americans’ sympathy in order to import tens of thousands more.

Why do leftists advocate for a policy that will domestically destabilize America? As with so many harmful policies they’ve supported, they do so that they may later offer a statist, liberty-killing remedy. In this case, the cure will be a more well-developed surveillance and police state, which they surmise Americans will welcome when we’re being hacked to death on our streets by Muslims.

The bipartisan legislation upon which the House voted last week to augment screening procedures for Syrian refugees passed 289-137. Although Obama said he would veto this measure if it got to his desk, the upside is that we now have a list of 137 members of Congress who should be stripped of their citizenship and exiled to Syria.

*Article by Erik Rush

The Washington Standard

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