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Turkey Demands Russia Stop Operations As Russia Strengthens Air Defense in Wake of Downed Jet

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Many times, when international incidents occur, there are unseen motives involved. So, as one side takes actions against another in one area, they really want something done in another. This happens because the first country does not want all the world to know how much they are invested. And this seems the case with the downing by Turkey of a Russian jet.

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Fox reports:

Davutoglu also said Russia is an “important partner and tops the list of countries with which we have shown great sensitivity in building ties.”

The Turkish prime minister, however, also criticized Russian and Syrian operations in Syria’s Turkmen region, saying there is “not one single” presence of the Islamic State group there. Davutoglu demanded that operations there stop immediately.

While the world is waiting on Russia to produce the “objective proof” that they had not violated Turkish airspace, the Prime Minister of Turkey might have let the proverbial cat out of the bag. You see, as I reported yesterday, Turkey and Russia both have interests in the region. They both claim to be fighting ISIS. But they disagree with what they see as a successful end to the Syrian civil war.

Most people think that the coalition just wants peace. In reality, they both have a stake in what happens. The Russians are backing the pro-Iranian/Shia Syrian government. The Sunni Turks are backing the Sunni/Turkman rebels operating in Northern Syria. This means that though both governments are fighting ISIS, they are working for very different outcomes.

And this means that Turkey’s shooting down of the Russian fighter/bomber might have more to do with who they have been bombing and less to do with where they were flying.

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But this might not have been the best move. And it sure may be their last free shot at Russia.

The BBC reports:

A cruiser has been dispatched to help bolster air defenses around the Russian base.

The sophisticated S400 anti-aircraft system is also being deployed and Russian planes will now be protected on bombing raids by fighter jets.

The message to Turkey and its allies is clear: don’t dare try it again.
As for the rescued co-pilot, he says he is impatient to return to the skies.

“I want to stay here,” he said, referring to the Russian airbase. “I want payback for my commander.”

The Russians seem very determined and focused on what they want to happen in Syria. They have yet to be deterred from their operations and have not failed to do what they wished; and this may well be the pretext for the downing of their jet. However, now they are beginning to make their own allegations.

The BBC continued:

Russia’s foreign minister has called the decision to shoot down the plane a “planned provocation”, without speculating on Turkey’s supposed motive.

But President Putin has already accused Ankara of siding with Islamic State (IS) by hitting the Russian jet; he also claimed some in Turkey are benefitting from the illicit sale of IS oil exports.

The world has begun to pay close attention to what these two neighbors are doing and saying. They are both speaking words of peace, but are making actions toward war. And Russia bombarded the region of Syria where their pilot was killed, attacking the very people Turkey demanded they not bomb.

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What will the next move be?

*Article by Michael Ware

The Washington Standard

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