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The Only Reason the Media Turned on Cuomo is Because it Wants to Replace Him With Someone More Radical

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“The @nytimes is covering an exploding scandal of a liberal icon. The reporter/paper isn’t pulling any punches. I only wish right-wing media outlets covered Mr. Trump with as much journalistic independence as the Times is covering the Cuomo scandal,” Pete Wehner tweeted.

It’s covering a scandal for the same politician that it spent years covering up for. Why is it doing that, read about it in the New York Times.

Andrew Cuomo Is Under Fire. Can He Be Defeated? – New York Times

The New York City public advocate, Jumaane D. Williams, has had conversations with allies in recent weeks about the possibility of seeking higher office. Party insiders hang on every public utterance of the New York attorney general, Letitia James, searching for signs of her future ambitions.

Progressive activists and operatives are trading a flurry of texts, calls and tweets, glued to each fresh controversy unfolding around the governor, and speculating about what the political landscape would look like if he ultimately does not seek a fourth term in 2022.

Those “progressive” activists fed the scandal in the first place.

As I noted, back when Lindsey Boylan first came forward, she’s a hard lefty who’s running for public office.  Assemblyman Ron Kim, the other face of the resistance to Cuomo, is a Bernie Sanders supporter.

The media’s allegiances are ideological. It doesn’t permanently commit to any politician. Cuomo was useful, but he was ultimately expendable when the media saw an opportunity to elect someone further to the Left.

That’s it.

The media isn’t covering Cuomo with journalistic independence. It’s covering Cuomo the way Pravda covered Politburo members, going from fawning adoration to vicious hit pieces in an instant based on political agendas.

Don’t fall for it.

Article posted with permission from Daniel Greenfield

The Washington Standard

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