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The Science Cult

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No amount of experimentation can prove me right;
a single experiment can prove me wrong.

—Albert Einstein

For some reasons difficult to understand, American “progressive” (I rather call them “regressive”) leftists love science, that is, what they seemingly believe science is all about. This explains why they are absolutely sure they own the truth and are convinced that the rest of us are microbrained troglodytes incapable of understanding the basic truths of science.

In their unabashed love for what they think science is, “progressive” cultists feel they have the divine right to deny anything that doesn’t follow their “scientific” explanation of phenomena, particularly of phenomena they can use to advance their hidden politico-social-cultural agenda. They apparently ignore, or rather don’t want to know, that the only truth about science is that it doesn’t deal with truth. Actually, a scientific theory is nothing but the best guess, based on observable evidence confirmed by independent sources, to explain a phenomenon until it is overturned by a better guess.

When several scientists, working independently, have accepted a temporary explanation of a phenomenon, some of them write a document explaining it. It is called a theory.

Now, there are several rules that a scientific theory must follow in order to be accepted as such, but the main rule, which cannot be omitted, is that the theory can be falsifiable, that is, it can be proven false. A well postulated theory must include the way it can be proven false. A theory that cannot be proven false could be either a literary, philosophic, politic, aesthetic or religious belief, but it cannot be properly called scientific.
The only truth about science is that the belief on scientific truth is very unscientific.

Nevertheless, our current science cultists, apparently convinced that their true hidden goals of depopulation and deindustrialisation are good and noble because they will save Gaia from human destruction, have resorted to a very unscientific tool to impose their ideas. It is a very old tool and has worked relatively well, particularly in both fascist and communist totalitarian societies. Is is called censorship.

The belief in ideological theories disguised as science is not new. The Nazis believed the theories of Hans Horbiger, a crazy guy who wrote books proving that the Earth was hollow and we were living inside it. The Soviets believed the theories of Trofim Lysenko, a self-taught “geneticist” whose theories, once widely applied to agriculture, had disastrous results. Nevertheless, while they were were backed by Hitler and Stalin most people didn’t dare to criticize them. The bold ones who did suffered the end of their careers and jobs, or worse.

In the same fashion, in the new Amerika we have our Al Gore, frantically advocating for draconian measures to stop global warming and now Anthony Fauci, whose weird theories, happily enforced by totalitarian-minded politicians of both the Left and the Right allegedly to protect our health, have made Horbiger, Lysenko and Gore pale in comparison. Even worse, Fauci’s theories, with full support of the New World Order globalist conspirators, are destroying not only America and its people but most of the world, particularly the industrialized nations of the world. And this destruction is not only economic, but also moral, cultural and social.

The current Coronavirus PsyOp, thinly disguised as true science, is a new phenomenon. Never before in the history of mankind has an evident lie been forced as true science down the throats of the people of the world. Never before in the history of mankind have qualified dissenters and critics been maligned and censored the way they currently are.
Some gullible Americans keep blaming the Covid19 virus for the current calamity we are suffering. But the Coronavirus may not only prove to be just as lethal, or maybe even less lethal, than the flu virus that hits us almost every year and makes us miserable for a week or two,[1] but it may not even exist.[2]

So, these gullible Americans are wrong. The Coronavirus, even if it truly existed, is not destroying our economy, our mental and physical health, our institutions, our lives. We cannot blame the Coronavirus for the cancellation, seemingly forever, of the freedoms we wrongly believed were protected by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.
No. The real culprit is not the virus but the draconian measures forced upon us under the pretext of protecting our health. And these counterproductive measures —wearing face masks, maintaining social distancing, disinfecting all surfaces, lockdowns— are not enforced to protect us from the virus but to make us more vulnerable to it.
The true purpose of this worldwide ongoing PsyOp is depopulation. The so-called Great Reset they are talking about is actually the final phase of the implementation of the globalists’ New World Order.

It is not a coincidence that the same people who love eugenics are the ones pushing the draconian measures enforced allegedly to protect our health. These are the same people who have publicly advanced the theory that the Earth is overpopulated and it is necessary to kill no less than 85 percent of the current population and reduce the survivors to preindustrial levels of consumption. Currently they are working hard creating a vaccine that will help them change their depopulation dream into a reality.

A long time ago the globalist conspirators and their friends in the international banks and the military discovered that terror was a very effective tool to keep Americans in line, with their mouths shut and their pockets open.
In 1962, during the Cuban missile crisis, the CIA produced bogus reports of nuclear missiles on Cuban soil. That was the key element of a PsyOp whose true goal was terrorizing the American people. It worked nicely. The military-industrial-banking-complex, threatened by Khrushchev’s new doctrine of Peaceful Coexistence and his willingness to end the Cold War, was happy again. Nelson Rockefeller made a lot of money selling nuclear shelters. A few months later, David traveled to Russia and scolded Khrushchev. Soon after, David’s agents in the Kremlin overthrew the Russian leader.[3]

In 2001 CFR agents Bush and Cheney, following orders from their globalist masters, created the War on Terror, a makeshift substitute for the sudden disappearance of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War.[4] But, despite the efforts of CFR agents in the CIA to push terrorists to terrorize, the War on Terror was never a good tool to accomplish it. Would be terrorists had to be recruited, trained, given the tools of their trade and pushed to commit terrorist acts.

Even more difficult, terrorists need to be captured and photographed as proof of their existence. The result of their terrorist acts need to be documented to convince the people of their existence. Not an easy easy task, particularly when would be terrorists would rather watch Netflix than place bombs in planes.

Finally, the globalist conspirators found the best terrorist money can buy: an invisible virus they don’t need to train, pay, or need to be pushed to terrorize. It is impossible to photograph it. Its terrorist actions don’t need to be shown. Just its mention by the globalist conspirators and their agents in the old and new mainstream press is enough proof of its devastating effects. They are using this notional[5] virus as the perfect terrorist whose actions are terrorizing us into accepting their New World Order as the lesser of two evils.

Moreover, under the guise of preventing contagion, they plan to force us to carry at all times proof of vaccination. With a stroke of the pen the globalist conspirators have turned on its head the legal principle that everybody is innocent until proven guilty. Welcome to precrime Amerika![6]

The Coronavirus pandemic is just a cover to hide a very dangerous real virus threatening our lives, but it is not the Coronavirus. This extremely dangerous virus, responsible for 5.3 million deaths in Germany, 30 million deaths in Russia and 60 million deaths in China, is the virus of totalitarianism. Ignore it at your own risk.

No masks, social distancing or lockdowns can protect us from the deadly totalitarian virus.[7] As of today, the only remedy proven to work to eradicate this virus is small doses of plumbum administered subcutaneously to the vectors propagating it . . . if you catch my drift!


1. Catte Black, “Watch: UK Chief Medic Confirms (again) Covid19 harmless to Vast Majority,” Off-Guardian, May 15, 2020.

2. John Rappoport, “Covid: The Virus That Isn’t There: The Root Fraud Exposed,” NoMoreFakeNews, October 9, 2020. See also, “The Infectious Myth: Andrew Kaufman, Coronavirus is not a Virus,” YouTube, May 5, 20202.

3. The presence of nuclear warheads on Cuban soil was never confirmed, and the missiles most likely were dummies. See Servando Gonzalez, The Nuclear Deception: Nikita Khrushchev and the Cuban Missile Crisis. Also, Servando Gonzalez, “12 Unanswered Questions about the Cuban Missile Crisis.”

4. If you still believe Bush’s version of the 9/11 events, just take a look at this website: Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

5. Notional, a term used by medieval philosophers to denote entities that exist only in your imagination.

6. The concept of precrime was introduced in 1956 by science fiction writer Philip K. Dick in his short story The Minority Report, recreated in the 2002 film Minority Report starring Tom Cruise.

7. See Servando Gonzalez, Coronavirus for Dunces.

Article posted with permission from Servando Gonzalez

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