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The Truth Will Set You Free: Contract Law, Individual Liberty and Land Patent Titles!

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And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.  John 8:32 (KJV)

To determine who we are, we first need to determine from whom our rights originate. Do we have God-given rights, or do we have government-given rights? The question would seem self-evident since God was present before any form of government, but there is no way to convince a statist of that fact; for those on the other side rarely let the facts get in the way of their agenda. The truth is out there regarding who we really are, and it’s the goal of this 5-part article/video series to expose you to those truths.

Ron Gibson is a very smart fellow, and one of the leading experts in the United States on contract law, individual sovereignty and Land Patent Titles. Ron made his way through Kalispell, Montana, for a conference some months back, and I was fortunate enough to be asked to record and produce a DVD collection for the event. The conference was an all-day event, and is broken down into 5 videos of roughly 70 – 90 minutes each. I encourage you to view all 5 videos, for it will be equivalent to a college education regarding who we really are.

Disk 2:

On disk 2 of ‘The Truth Will Set You Free’, Ron Gibson dives right into the finer points of the Land Patent and explains how powerful it is to bring yours forward. It is a little known fact that there are a total of 11 different land patents; including mineral patents, homestead patents and railroad patents, to name a few. Continuing with land patents, Ron points out that the Warranty Deed that you have for your house, although official looking, DOES NOT grant you ownership. Further illustrating the criminality of modern government, Ron drives home the point that a foreclosure has no basis in law, and how words and intent have been twisted by the banks to further enslave the population.


*Article by Jim White

The Washington Standard

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