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Tribal Treason Part II: Turkey, the CSKT and Spreading Islam on the Reservation

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What we are seeing happen in America is nothing short of an occupation by Islam. You can use whatever euphemism you choose to describe it, but let’s all act like adults and just call it what it is…an invasion. However, this assault on America seems to be operating on multiple fronts. And, as usual, what those in power want you to see rarely encompasses the entire truth, and, in most cases, contains very little truth.

As I mentioned, there are multiple fronts to the Islam assault. They have their media arm working hand-in-hand with the alleged terror sponsoring organization, CAIR, while Muslim Brotherhood operatives provide cover from the very halls of The White House in D.C. And let’s not forget the very public display of the absolute disregard for our national borders, as “refugees” continue to flood into the United States by the thousands each day. However, while all this activity is openly exposed and being used as a distraction, the real dangers we face on a national security level are not being reported.

Attorney Lawrence Kogan is a friend to liberty, the Constitution of the United States, and the state of Montana. He has worked tirelessly to expose all of the deeds done in darkness by those who would like nothing better than to own all of Montana’s resources; basically relegating everyone to serfs who will need permission for basic needs like water. The battle for Montana resources is not the only thing Larry Kogan is fighting for, as he is keenly interested in the national security implications of the sovereign nature of the Native American tribes, as outlined by the excerpt I have republished below.

The Obama administration policy promoted the dam transfer as furthering greater tribal self-governance and sovereignty. Our lawsuit alleged that said transfer had been deceptively achieved via a public hearing-free process and procedure, a series of Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (“FERC”)-approved nonpublic U.S. Department of Interior amendments of the Kerr Dam operating license,8 and key FERC regulatory waivers. These included waivers of dam acquisition, license transfer, safety inspection and public reporting and transparency-related regulatory requirements which arguably endangered the public welfare and safety of northwestern Montana residents.9 The lawsuit also questioned the sensitive national security clearances granted to the CSKT to assist the U.S. military services in undertaking uranium mill tailing spill cleanups and rendering software-based logistical support in procuring parts for the Saudi Arabia and other foreign air forces.10

The Obama administration policy promoted foreign entity leasing and investment transactions on Native American reservations to promote economic development pursuant to a law (the HEARTH Act) the president had signed in 2012. This law had been introduced in the U.S. Congress in 2011 as the result of extensive Turkish Government Native American community outreach and congressional lobbying. Our lawsuit alleged that the CSKT and other HEARTH Act-approving Native American tribes were naively supportive of Turkey doing business on their reservations.11 Further, the Obama administration subsequently portrayed the Government of the Republic of Turkey as a cooperative and reliable NATO ally in the Middle East willing to stand beside the United States and NATO to battle ISIS (IS) and Islamic radicals in Syria. Our lawsuit alleged that Turkey could have intentions inconsistent with U.S. national interests.

Our lawsuit questioned why Turkey had selected 17 federally recognized tribes to host in Istanbul in 2010, and 2 others for Turkish government officials to visit when on travel in the United States in 2009, especially considering there are 566 federally recognized tribes and 326 Indian reservations. It also alleged that 14 of these tribes, including the CSKT, had reservations located within 100 miles of uranium deposits, nuclear power plants or nuclear fuel facilities, and we have since focused, as discussed below, on how 4 of these reservations are located on or near U.S. borders. Our pleadings logically surmised that Turkey could be pursuing materiel for nuclear weapons.12 In raising this issue, our pleadings were supported by exhibits setting forth actual evidence of uranium mines and deposits surrounding the Flathead Indian Reservation of northwest, Montana substantiated by federal, state and local government reports. Our exhibits even contained Google satellite images based on the longitude and latitude coordinates provided in a federal Los Alamos Laboratory report.13

Our pleadings and exhibits also alleged that, from 2008-2011, multiple Turkish nonprofit enterprises had been seeking greater business and cultural exchanges with Native American tribes to conduct questionable activities on their sovereign unmonitored reservations.14 These activities potentially included inter alia the building of madrassas and spreading Islam among tribal members portrayed as being culturally close and similarly oppressed by the “European settlers,” and for smuggling across unprotected U.S. borders putative Turkish nationals (i.e., Turkish-harbored international terrorists) who pose potentially significant national, state and local security risks and threats.15

In support of these allegations, our pleadings and supporting exhibits provided evidence of Turkey’s known harboring of terrorist organizations such as the Muslim Brotherhood, which had long planned to embed themselves within the U.S.16 They also contained evidence of the related national security risk posed by the Turkish government’s previous lobbying for and the U.S. Congress’ subsequent passage of legislation signed into law by President Obama in 2012. This legislation permits the leasing of federally recognized tribal lands (held by the USG in beneficial trust for the tribes) to foreign entities, including those based in Turkey, for up to 75 years for business, agricultural, educational, cultural and religious purposes; all without USG oversight if the BIA first approved tribal leasing regulations generally.17

Please keep an eye out for the next part in this series, which will provide an update to the above information.

Article reposted with permission from NorthWest Liberty News, the opinions and views shared do not necessarily reflect the views of The Washington Standard.

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