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Trump Praises UN “Potential” – Ignores Its Propensity Towards Despotism

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Editor’s Note:  Nothing good can come from an international body that has been led only by Socialists and Communists since its inception and seeks to usurp the sovereignty of every nation on the planet.

Next time you at a gathering of friends and family, mention “The United Nations” then listen to their reactions.

If you already know their reaction and it’s extremely passionate, either against the organization or for it, there is no need to stir up more discontent.

The point here is that American citizens have strong emotions directed at this world organization dominated by non-democracy countries.

Since these non-democracy countries consists of dictatorships, Islamic and Islamic Shar’ia Law domination, and ruling families, it is by the very nature of these types of governments to attempt to dominate other nations, as these entities do their people, while sitting at a place of representation at the United Nations (UN).

With the past history of the UN failing to achieve its “mission” contained in Chapter 1, Article I of its charter, it is rather surprising to hear President Donald J. Trump “lauding” the organization claiming it has “great potential” and “he expects it to soon start operating in a brand-new manner.”

The Washington Times reported:

“I have to say the United Nations has tremendous potential. It hasn’t been used over the years nearly as it should be,” Mr. Trump told reporters at an Oval Office meeting with U.N. Secretary General António Guterres.

The president described the U.N. as “a power to bring people together, like nothing else.” He added that he has “a feeling that things are going to happen with the United Nations that we haven’t seen before.”

Mr. Trump was highly critical of the U.N. during the campaign and called it “obsolete.”

However, in an address the U.N. General Assembly last month, he made similar remarks about reforms taking shape and the institution’s potential as a force of good in the world.

“You need talent, and he’s got the talent,” Mr. Trump said, gesturing to Mr. Guterres, who took over the U.N. job this year. “We’ll see what happens. I’ll report back to you in about seven years.”

Mr. Guterres said that he was a “true believer that we live in a messy world but need a strong, reformed and modernized U.N.

“We need a strong United States engaged, based on its traditional values — freedom, democracy, human rights,” he said.

Founded and chartered in 1945, after the end of World War II, the UN has had 72 years to develop its “potential as a force of good in the world.”  Yet, it has repeatedly failed.  Anyone taking a hard look at this “world organization” would say it suffers from “failure to launch.”  Despite having their purpose outlined in Chapter 1, Article I, and its principles of operation covered in Article II, the UN has not followed its own charter in, … probably never.  Moreover, the member states of the UN are majority “non-democratic” nations.  Out of 193 nations,  only 86 or roughly 45% of the member states are “full-fledged” democracies.  It is the quintessential example of foxes guarding the chicken coop.  Nothing noteworthy has come from this entity.  Yet, it still stands, on American soil, 80% supported monetarily by the taxpayers of the united States, and attempts to control other nations, interfere in the sovereignty of the people of those nations, and exert a measure of “control” through inane “policies” using skewed data to support encroachments.

The majority of its nation members violate the human rights of their people while the UN turns a blind eye.  However, the UN has little difficulty calling out “human rights violations” against democracies, choosing to take up the fraudulent causes brought forth by disreputable groups.  Never has the UN supported individuals in all nations keeping and bearing arms – the UN only supports governments in that regard.  Moreover, there are more conflicts worldwide since its inception than before.  Granted, there has not been a world war since the organization was chartered.  However, does anyone actually believe this “world body” could prevent a world war today?

Truthfully, what has the UN contributed to the world;  or better yet, what CAN the organization contribute to the world?  Basically, nothing since it has no authority over the sovereign governments of member states.

Just as this republic threw off the chains of establishment political party elites, electing Donald Trump as president to turn our republic back toward the Constitution, the election of Antonio Guterres to be Secretary General of the UN will not “transform” the organization to follow and uphold its charter. The member nations of the UN, comprised of 45% democratic governments, function like the establishment members of the Republican and Democrat parties here in the US, undermining the new head of the entity.  Unless dictatorships and fanatic Islamic-ruling nations change their philosophy, the status quo will continue.

The 72-year “failure to launch” is staggering considering that most businesses that cannot “launch” within five years close their doors.

Mr. Guterres said that he was a “true believer that we live in a messy world but need a strong, reformed and modernized U.N.”  Anyone with half a brain can “see” this world we live in is “messy.”  However, a “strong, reformed, and modernized UN” will make no difference whatsoever.  As a side note, that word – ”reformed” – should be enough to send shivers down one’s spine.  While Mr. Guterres may think a “modernized” UN would be best, modernization cannot occur until the entire people of the world are brought out of slavery and Sixth-century practices of some of the world’s governments are eradicated.

“We need a strong United States engaged, based on its traditional values — freedom, democracy, human rights,” he said.  Excuse me?  The entire focus of the UN has been to weaken the united States, disarm its people, instill dictatorial/communist/Socialist/Marxist tyrannical government, and destroy the self-evident truths contained in the Declaration of Independence applicable to all people while trying to eradicate its traditional values – one being the rule of law.  What a crock of “bull patties”!  And for the love of Greenlee’s Best Cinnamon Bread, the united States is not a democracy;  it is a republic!

It’s incredulous that President Trump would praise an organization that has accomplished nothing, has the power to accomplish nothing, refused to follow its own charter purposes and principles;  sought to infringe on the God-given unalienable individual rights of the people of this republic;  attempted to coerce world governments/nations to participate in a world wealth redistribution scheme through the farcical issue of climate change;  and embraced an anti-firearm stance regarding citizens keeping and bearing arms, attempting to disarm the populace of the united States jeopardizing our safety and enforcement of all other God-given unalienable individual rights.

Sometimes “the art of the deal” needs to mean “no deal” when it comes to outside entities attempting to influence our creature government to support violation of individual God-given unalienable rights.  As it stands, our government does a fantastic job of violating the Constitution and the rights of the people without any outside help.  Moreover, the UN has done nothing to stem sixth-century barbarism, slavery, violations of women and children, or promote harmony between nations.  All it does is make policy and institute programs that nations will agree to abide by as long as it suits the nation.

The United Nations has established an outstanding program to balkanize western nations – refugee resettlement.  In fact, a war or conflict doesn’t need to exist for the mass movement of individuals to other nations to be considered “refugees.”  Not once has this body considered the economic, social or political strain it places on nations accepting refugees.  It contributes not one penny, as it doesn’t generate funds, only siphons it from other nations, mainly the united States, to refugee-hosting nations.  It seeks to make our children “property” of the world, eradicating pride in nation, ethnicity, and ancestry, that leads to selling out of national sovereignty and citizenship in favor of “world citizenship”.  Too many times this body of nations has marginalized Christianity in favor of barbaric despotism hiding behind a religious mantra.

This world body is utterly useless and needs to go the way of the Do-Do bird.  It has repeatedly demonstrated its worthlessness.  There is nothing “good” that can come from the UN since it has zero authority to do squat.  To even praise it for “its good potential” is like praising Fidel Castro for the revolution that brought oppression and tyranny to the people of Cuba.  If the UN cannot be dismantled, the organization, at the very least, needs to be removed from US soil and its funding from the united States ceased.  Moreover, the united States needs to withdraw from the organization and criticize its attempts to coerce world nations to relinquish their sovereignty and the people to relinquish their God-given unalienable rights.

Sorry, Mr. Trump.  You tripped over the bathroom rug on this one.

Article by Suzanne Hamner

The Washington Standard

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