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Trump Should Answer A Few Questions The Media Refuses To Ask

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Yesterday was a big day for President Donald J. Trump.  He “signed a stop-gap bill” that will postpone a partial government shut down until just before Congress breaks for Christmas.  The still burgeoning issue for Congress is Trump’s promise of a border wall and increased security for the southern border.  With Democrats set to control the House in January, future House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has already refused to fund the border wall;  but, offered a “token” amount of funding for border security.

In a speech at the 2018 Project Safe Neighborhoods Conference in Kansas City, Missouri, Trump stated, “American politicians should protect American citizens, not criminal aliens. Not one more American life should be stolen because of radical politicians pursuing their open borders agenda.”  He said that Americans are rejecting the sanctuary city policy that protects criminal illegal alien invaders from deportation.  What Trump didn’t say were these radical politicians pursuing an open border agenda falls in line with the UN Intergovernmental Conference on Global Migration despite the united States withdrawing from participation.

Trump added, “We’re here today to restore one of the most effective crime prevention strategies in America – Project Safe Neighborhoods. This initiative brings law enforcement, community groups, and local leaders together to get the most violent criminals in the most dangerous areas off the streets and behind bars. After many years of neglect, we are bringing back this lifesaving program stronger than ever before.”

There are several questions that should be asked of Trump that all media seems loathe to ask.  First, if local leaders and law enforcement are to come together with community groups to participate in “Project Safe Neighborhoods,” how is that supposed to work with local charlatan politicians declaring cities and in some cases entire States as “sanctuaries” for criminal illegal alien invaders?  Some law enforcement officials are cooperating with the wishes of the local charlatan politicians, which would put a wrench in the works when trying to get violent criminals off the streets and behind bars.  This includes criminal illegal alien invaders that commit additional crimes than just crossing the border illegally.

Second, Trump declared that not one more American life should be stolen because of the open border policy of “radical politicians.”  If American life is precious, worthy and has value, why is it that not one politician or president addresses the millions of Americans who have been murdered in the womb?  With the UN proposing “repopulation migration” because of low repopulation rates in western civilized nations, wouldn’t a good solution be to stop the premeditated murder of the unborn?  It would mean the US would have an additional 60 million Americans today since the deception of the Supreme Court decision in “Roe V. Wade” being “settled law.”

Third, why does Congress, federal government agencies, and often the president become reluctant to “shut down” government when the only agencies that shut down are non-essential ones?  The truthful answer is that American citizens would see how wasteful government really is when only 15% of the federal government is shuttered closed, but no visible notice of interruption is apparent to American citizens.  If it means getting the funding for the wall on the southern border and increased security to thwart illegal alien invasion, then shut down the government.

While Trump may be taking the issues to the people, it boils down to the House and Senate creating legislation to get the job done.  As it stands, both chambers of Congress fight Trump at every turn, ignore Americans’ concerns regarding issues important to the average citizens, and seem bent on following what the UN proposes without having signed on to the devastating proposal on “global migration,” dragging much of the American public kicking and screaming toward destruction.

Another question that the American people would like to see answered is why are politicians who violate the law and engage in criminal activity immune from prosecution to the fullest extent of the law?  “Lock her up”, the Trump campaign phrase used to highlight the many crimes of Hillary Rodham Clinton, was nothing more than a political stunt for winning an election.  Numerous former and current federal officials remain “free” from prosecution despite laws requiring these people to be charged and tried for their open and documented crimes.

Even Tucker Carlson stated in an interview that Trump has “succeeded as a conversation starter,” but has done next to nothing to address important campaign promises.  The Fox News host cited the repeal of Obamacare, the building of the border wall, and the defunding of the baby murder mill, known as Planned Parenthood, as the campaign promises Trump has failed to complete.  Carlson proposed why Trump has been unsuccessful.

“I don’t think he’s capable. I don’t think he’s capable of sustained focus. I don’t think he understands the system.  I don’t think the Congress is on his side.  I don’t think his own agencies support him.”

And, this is the rub isn’t it – Congress, his own agencies and possibly department heads, and lack of understanding the system?

The outspoken Fox News host did highlight a problem that the average American citizen knows but American politicians remain ignorant in recognizing – “the elite in our country is physically separated in a way that’s very unhealthy for a democracy, very unhealthy.”  A correction here is this physical separation is unhealthy for a republic.  The wealthy politicians, their donors, and entertainment backers and friends are totally removed from the average people producing a very real gap on what is affecting the American public in a very real way.  In fact, Carlson stated he realized the problem when during the 2008 financial crisis, the affluent in Washington, DC barely felt the crisis while the crisis devastated a town only three and a half hours away from the capitol, which still has not recovered.  One can add illegal alien invaders to that devastation.

All in all, America has a very critical governing crisis on its hands with elected officials so out of touch they are addressing fantasies instead of realities.  This goes for both parties.

Of course, it is unrealistic to expect one man to solve the issues of an entire republic;  however, it is not unrealistic to expect both chambers of Congress to work with the president to solve the issues important to the majority of Americans.  Employment for Americans is only one issue but is intertwined with illegal alien invasion, legal immigration, the economy and the return of American industries back into our borders.  While Trump may have started the conversation Americans wanted on issues adversely affecting the republic, neither the House or the Senate are willing to participate with Americans or Trump for that matter.  Moreover, no one asks the questions that should be asked, meaning no one in government has to address them.

And, with everything seeming to be at a stalemate, or more appropriately, a standoff, Americans are the ones who are losing and stand to lose more in the political three-ring circus.  Unless this elite oligarchy can connect with the people, our republic will be nothing more than a memory as the political oligarchy chase the fantasy of social equality, aka socialism, since it neither effects them or their backing on whose behalf they pass legislation.

Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost. Article by Suzanne Hamner.

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